Libra Crystals: A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide to Libra Crystals

Have you ever wondered which crystals best pair with your personality type? If you're a libra and love gemstones, this Libra Crystals guide is for you.

Just like ketchup and fries, some healing crystals supposedly pair best with your astrological sign.

Read on to learn all about crystal healing and specific crystals that are believed to represent the manifestation of the Libra sign in this complete guide.

libra crystals guide

Intro to Libra Crystals and Healing Stones

Libra crystals are known to have healing properties that align with the Libra astrological sign. This sign is associated with balance, harmony, and justice. Libra crystals are believed to help promote these qualities in your life. Some of the most popular Libra crystals include Rose Quartz, Kunzite, and Emerald.

If you’re looking for a way to bring more balance into your life, you might consider using one of these crystals. They are believed to contain energies and vibrations of the Libra sign.

Here you will learn about the foundation of crystal healing and about some of the best crystals that contain the positive and balanced energies that those born under the Libra sun are known to possess.

If you belong to the Libra sign or you are someone hoping to channel Libra energies, then this information will serve you well.

What Is Crystal Healing for Libras?

Crystal healing is a practice of healing that has gained popularity in recent years. It is believed that crystals or gemstones have the ability to offer physical, mental, and emotional relief or healing to people. Those who practice it believe that crystals have powerful properties that can offer non-invasive healing and transformation.

The practitioners of this healing have various claims about the supposed power that these stones possess. There are thousands of crystals and they are all believed to have different properties that individuals can use for healing or growth purposes. Those who use crystals for healing often wear crystals as jewelry, carry them, or place them around their sacred spaces. 

Crystal healing is not going anywhere anytime soon as this practice is becoming widespread all over the world. As a practice, crystal healing can be traced back to different cultures and regions including India, Egypt, Rome and Greece. Historically, crystals were used to ward off evil spirits, diseases, tragedies, and negative occurrences. Crystals were known to heal many ailments and offer people good luck as well. Although there is no scientific proof to these claims, there are many testimonies of individuals throughout history who attest to the healing energies of crystals.

Scientific Facts and Evidence of Crystal Healing

Understanding crystals as healing tools is a pseudoscientific approach to healing and is considered to be a form alternative medicine.

Many scientists claim that those who believe they are healed through crystals and gemstones are in fact experiencing a placebo affect, in that their healing is not coming from the crystals themselves but from the belief that the crystals do in fact work as healing tools.

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New Age Spirituality and Crystal Healing Beliefs 

The new age movement started back in the 1970s. New age spirituality supports the idea that crystals hold power and energy that can be used to heal the spirit, body, and mind. Those who adhere to the ideals of new age spirituality hold the belief that they can channel the energies and vibrations of crystals to best suit their endeavours and desires.

New age spiritualists also claim that crystals can be used to heal trauma, physical pain, and mental and emotional trauma. New-age believers also claim that they can contact spiritual (non-material) world with these stones.

Crystal healing practitioners have different uses for their crystals. The stones are used for yoga, meditating, home decorations, charm bracelets, mala necklaces, accessories, etc. No matter how they are used, crystals are said to bring forth healing, growth and desires to those who use them in any of these capacities.

Many celebrities have also endorsed the use of crystals as a healing modality and it has fuelled interest in current generations. People like Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Adele, Heidi Pratt, Victoria Beckham, and many more have all at one time or another talked about using crystals for positivity and healing purposes.

Non-Duality in Crystal Healing

If you’re interested in exploring the spiritual side of crystal healing, you may be curious about non-duality. Non-duality is the belief that everything is connected, and that there is no separation between mind, body, and spirit.

This principle can be applied to crystal healing in a number of ways. For example, when you work with crystals, you are working with the energy of the universe. This energy is also within you, and so by connecting with the crystals, you are also connecting with yourself on a deeper level.

In addition, all of the different colors of crystals correspond to different chakras in the body. By using crystals of different colors, you can balance the energy in your body and achieve a state of harmony.

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Christianity and Crystal Healing Beliefs

Even though Christians believe that everything created by God is for the highest good, they have no belief that crystals have any healing power. Christians have faith that miraculous healing comes from God and the belief in crystals seems to challenge this.

There are instances in the Holy book where stones were mentioned. This can be found in Ezekiel 28:13 and Exodus 28:15 – 21. These verses talked about precious stones being used for positive things. Even with these examples, the use of crystals is moving towards object worshipping which Christianity frowns upon. It is unbiblical and against the practice of the religion.

However, there are no rules against using crystals as accessories. Crystals are stunning and beautiful objects that can be used as adornments. Apart from this, Christianity does not have a belief in using gemstones for healing.

What are Libra Crystals?

Libra crystals are stones that have deep association with the Libra sun sign. If you are a believer of crystal healing, then you should be aware of the energies that crystals are known to carry. There is a belief that there are crystals that can carry the energies and properties of different zodiac signs.

People with the sign of Libra are surrounded by charm. Those who were born in this zodiac sign are typically nice, easy-going, and diplomatic. If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, your zodiac sign is Libra.

Libra is one of the three air signs in the zodiac. This means they are usually the thought-processers, doers, and communicators of the Zodiac. They’re quick to accept things and never doubt decisions made by others as long as they aren’t harmful.

As the 7th sign in astrology that is ruled by Venus, Libra has the attributes which relate to fairness, balance, thoughtfulness, and equality. People who belong to this zodiac do not do well with injustice. This supposedly makes them one of the best people to have in your corner.

Libras have positive energy and they never run out of love to give. They might even try to help people to their own detriment. This is a weakness of the Libra sign. They love unity and strive to constantly create a balance wherever they meet themselves.

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A Libra Balancing

Attributes Of the Libra Sign

If you are a believer in astrology, you should know that learning about people’s signs can be of great importance. If you know anyone under the Libra sign, then knowing some of their attributes can help you understand them better.

Below are some of the positive traits and attributes that have been associated with the Libra sign:

  • Diplomatic
  • Pleasing
  • Great communicators
  • Indecisive
  • Graceful
  • Extroverted
  • Altruistic
  • Balanced
  • Fair-minded
  • Merciful

Some of the weaknesses associated with this sign are:

  • Self-sacrificing
  • Avoids Confrontation
  • Keeps Grudges
  • Self-Pity/Victimization
  • Toxic positivity

The 10 Powerful Crystals for Libra

Libra crystals are believed to help magnify the traits and attributes of a person born under this sun sign. These stones are known to be the best stones available to channel and balance Libra energy.

The top 10 best crystals for Libra are mentioned below. If you are choosing one, follow your intuition and choose one that is most attractive to you.

libra crystals complete guide

10. Aquamarine

As one of the top Libra crystals out there, this stone is believed to help magnify Libra’s tolerance. This might help you relate to others. Harmony is one of the top Libra qualities and Aquamarine might help in finding the balance needed to be open-minded and be at peace with others

Colour: Greenish blue

Symbolism: Harmony, Tranquility, Loyalty

How to Use: The best way to use this stone is to ensure it is in constant contact with your physical body. You can wear it as a charm bracelet, mala necklace or amulet, or simply keep it in your pocket.

9. Ametrine

This Libra crystal is known to help its user channel peace and balance. Most Libras tend to worry and stress over little things. With this stone, one can channel the peace and release worry. This stone is believed to help in avoiding people pleasing tendencies or self-sacrifice.

Colour: Purple, Yellow

Symbolism: Inner strength, Creativity, Mental stability

How to Use: The best way to wear Ametrine gemstone is as a ring on your finger. You can wear it on your middle finger as you go ahead with your daily activities. It is known to help relieve tension and balance emotions.

8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is reportedly one of the best Libra crystals. This deep blue crystal is believed to work by opening minds and letting them express themselves. As great communicators, Libras are not supposed to have any problems with letting their thoughts flow. However, if there is a need for greater openness or communication, this stone might offer the strength they need to be able to articulate thoughts and beliefs.

Colour: Blue

Symbolism: Power, Royalty, Compassion

How to Use: If you want to channel the deep properties that Lapis Lazuli stone is considered to have, then you might add it into pieces of jewelry. Having direct contact with the crystal might provide you with the protection and the healing power it is said to have.


Kunzite is yet one of the Libra crystals and it is believed to help deal with different kinds of emotions. Libras that might be having difficulties dealing with love, confidence, or trauma might find the healing they need with the kunzite stone. It is believed that this crystal can help heal a broken heart and promote forgiveness. Kunzite might also be able to help with the common libra trait of indecisiveness. It will propel a feeling of confidence, helping its user make choices and decisions that lead to prosperity.

Colour: Pink, Purple

Symbolism: Tolerance, Prosperity, Goodluck

How to Use: Kunzite is best when it is close to you physically. You may wear it or keep it in your purse, pocket or in your commonly used spaces.


This is a stone that crystal healers believe to have calming and positive effects on people. It is a stone that is considered to have the properties to dispel worry, anxiety, and overall negativity. The tranquilizing minerals in this precious gemstone come from lithium, a mineral usually found in medications for depression. Libras might be able to use these stones to illuminate their path while also getting rid of unwanted energies.

Colour: Lilac-Gray

Symbolism: Peace, Harmony, Emotional balance

How to Use: You can place the Lepidolite stone right next to you as you lay down to sleep every night. It is believed to have a calming effect which might help you have a great night’s rest without nightmares or other sleep disturbances.


This is a very popular stone amongst crystal healers as it is believed to help them with manifestation. These stones are known to help Libras to find a balance to manifest their thoughts and connect to powerful confident energies. The apatite crystal helps users release any negative thoughts and emotions that are standing in the way of achieving their dreams.

Colour: Green, Yellow, Pink

Symbolism: Creativity, Expansion, Manifestation

How to Use: Place apatite stone on your palm or forehead while meditating. This is considered to open your third eye and might help you feel the connection to the crystal’s power. You can also carry it with you as it is said to repel unwanted negative energies.


Emerald is one of the most popular stones out there. It is not only a favorite for practitioners of crystal healing but it is also one that is known for adornments. As one of the best Libra crystals, it is believed to be a stone of intuition and love. Libras might be able to use this stone to connect and manifest the attributes of their signs such as clarity, manifestation, and harmony. Emerald is known to promote the ability to be one’s best self!

Colour: Green

Symbolism: Love, Growth, Balance

How to Use: This stone is believed to be quite effective in helping people get in touch with their psychic abilities. It requires being in direct contact with the third-eye chakra of its user. Emerald will make a great pendant or ring. As a ring, it should be worn on the smallest finger. Making it into a pendant will also ensure it remains close to the heart.

Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline is one of the powerful crystals for this sun sign. It is a crystal that is believed to offer protection against evil entities and bad karma. Black Tourmaline will supposedly offer a shield against the negativity of any kind to people. It is also believed to offer protection that will repel the heart of toxic emotions such as resentment. Libras that are using this crystal might be able to find the peace they need to weather the storm.

Colour: Black

Symbolism: Protection, Positivity, Energetic

How to Use: The powers of Black Tourmaline are believed to radiate over your surroundings and environment. This crystal can be used as a decoration in your house or your office. This will supposedly offer a high level of protection against bad energies and occurrences.

Rose Quartz

quartz libra crystals
Rose Quartz Crystal

This is a feminine Libra crystal that is said to help people connect to love and compassion. Healers use this stone to open the heart to welcome love. Rose quartz also promotes self-love, unconditional love and feelings of nurturance. This might help those that are struggling to connect to people whether in a platonic or romantic relationships. It is a soft and beautiful crystal that supposedly radiates positive energies toward maintaining a stable relationship.

Colour: Pink

Symbolism: Self-love, Harmony, Compassion

How to Use: Rose Quartz is a crystal that is known to have a gentle and calming aura. The best way to use it will be to place it under your pillow. This is believed to ensure you have soothing and gentle dreams. It is believed to emit positive vibrations and gentle loving feelings.


Selenite is one of the top Libra crystals and it is believed to help in developing ideas. This is a stone that people might use to get in touch with their creative side. It is believed to help gain mental clarity for understanding. Crystal healers also reportedly use this stone to connect and stay in touch with the other side.

Colour: Grayish white, Brownish green

Symbolism: Mental Clarity, Purity, Peace

How to Use: If you have Selenite crystals, the best way to use them is through meditation. As a stone that symbolizes peace, healing and clarity, it can be helpful to carry around anywhere and be used anytime to keep thoughts and emotions clear.

How to Activate Libra Crystals

If you are new to crystal healing, you may be aware that activating your crystals is the first step in using them for your highest good. After you have made your choice among the Libra crystals in this post, you may cleanse them of any unwanted energies.

One of the ways to cleanse a crystal is by smudging. This is quite an easy process using incense or sage. This process involves smoke and not everyone is comfortable with that. If you prefer other methods, you can also cleanse your Libra crystals with sage oil or cold water. However before you run water over your crystals, you need to be sure it is not resistant to water. You may also keep them on your window sill and cleanse them in the evening with the light of a full moon.

The process of cleansing your crystals is one that is done to purify them and also to dispel any unwanted presence from it. It does not matter whether the crystal is new or not. Once you start using the crystals, you should find a way to cleanse them regularly.

There is more to using crystals than just putting them on or meditating with them. You need to constantly find ways to maintain them so that you might get the best out of them.

Summary of Libra Crystals

The crystals mentioned in this post are believed to be some of the best for those born under the astrological sign of the Libra, or for anyone who is looking to attract Libra qualities into their lives. You can choose any crystal that naturally attracts you.

There are plenty of stones out there that are suitable for the Libra sun sign. You get to choose the one you will love to channel.

Remember that you do not have to limit yourself to a single crystal. You can pair them and have access to the vibrations and energies that they are believed to have. And if you don’t believe in their healing powers, they would make for excellent accessories!

Here are 5 essential steps on beginning your spiritual journey while using your crystals as accessories.