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Blue Crystals: A Complete Guide

Finding the right crystals to help you heal requires knowing your options. This guide explains the best blue crystals to use for healing.

Using crystals for healing has become one of the top go-to tools for people around the world. Crystals have an extensive history of being incorporated in spiritual practices that have enough overall well-being. There’s plenty of evidence that tons of cultures around the world harnessed their powers to navigate life better.

We should quickly mention, crystals should never be depended on for deep healing in any area of life. What worked for others may not necessarily work for you, and dependence on anything is a road that leads to destruction.

If you’ve done just a quick search online, you’ll see that there is a huge variety of blue crystals to choose from. This can be confusing for anyone wanting to incorporate them. But if you’re looking for a great selection for enhancing your life, blue crystals are a great choice.

So which ones should you choose? Keep reading this guide on the best blue crystals to use for healing! 

Blue crystals for healing.

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

What Are Healing Crystals?

Some people see crystals and think that they are just regular rocks that you pick up from the ground. But crystals for healing are a little more than that. Healing crystals are powerful stones that are composed of different mineral compounds. 

Crystals are widely used in an alternative healing technique in which they help to treat, relieve, and protect against ailments, disease, and even spiritual blockages. There is a very large selection of crystal shapes and sizes as well as colors. The differences in the characteristics of a crystal determine the qualities and abilities it has.

Knowing which crystal to use for a certain goal or focus area of your life can get confusing because there are so many. However, blue crystals have a lot of universal usages that allow you to use them in numerous ways. 

Why You Should Use Blue Crystals for Healing

Every living thing in life has a natural frequency which means it’s always vibrating and in motion. Crystals are no exception to this rule and neither are humans. The theory behind healing crystals is that when they emit certain frequencies, they affect us in different ways. 

Blue crystals are great for balancing different mental, emotional and physical conditions. Every crystal does have its own unique powers and capabilities. However, in general, there are a few themes and circumstances that incorporating blue crystals are ideal in.

What Are Blue Stones Good For?

Sometimes in life, we feel like our peace has been disrupted. Other times we struggle to effectively communicate our needs, wants, and emotions. In both of these scenarios, a blue crystal stone is a natural solution for bringing about healing and balance.

Blue crystals are great for attracting and enhancing peace, tranquility, and calmness in our lives. They alleviate emotional blockages that cause a lot of tension and chaos. Another thing that blue crystals are widely associated with is the throat chakra.

If you’re familiar with the chakra system, then you may know that the fifth chakra (Vishuddha) is located at the center of the larynx. It’s associated with the color blue and rules over themes like communication, self-expression, peace, listening, and speaking our truth. When it’s blocked or out of balance, you may experience feelings of shyness, being a poor listener, habitual lying, arrogance, and throat or hearing problems (also thyroid issues).

Many people use blue crystals to focus on healing and recentering the throat chakra. This can help you feel more confident, honest, empowered, and skilled in your interactions with others.

You might need assistance in multiple areas that blue stones can help with. Here’s another run-through of what those areas include:

  • Communication
  • Peace and serenity
  • Tranquility and calmness
  • Self-expression, honesty, and authenticity
  • Gaining clarity
  • Compassion
  • Complications with throat or hearing
  • Improving speech and listening
  • Being non-confrontational

Have you identified some of these problems as things you are experiencing? If so, then it’s a wise decision to start learning more about how blue crystals can positively affect your life. 

The Power of Colors

If you ask any marketer why they’ve chosen a certain color for a logo or an ad, they’ll more than likely give you a very strategic response. That’s because they are well aware of the effect that colors can have on our moods and emotions─ which can affect our choices.

For instance, McDonald’s didn’t just choose golden arches and bright red hues at random. They know that red is stimulating and could increase heart rates and appetite while yellow invoked happiness. Both of these colors represented something that they wanted their customers to associate with their brand and products.

This is just one example of how the power of colors has been implemented and leveraged throughout society. Besides mainstream companies using colors for their own profitable purposes, there are other ways that you can utilize colors to help manage and alter your life.

A few medical practices have methods such as color therapy which have yielded many positive results.

How Colors Are Used

Color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) is an alternative medicine practice that uses lights and colors to treat energy centers (or chakras) in the body. Researchers at the University of Goldsmiths London found that people with epilepsy were more likely to experience epileptic fits when exposed to certain colors.

Blue light phototherapy is also commonly used to treat babies who are affected by neonatal jaundice (a condition that causes their skin to turn yellow). Individuals who struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) also used light therapy to help stabilize their moods during specific seasons and reduce feelings of depression.

You’ll also see people who might paint their walls certain colors based on the emotions and vibe they want to evoke in a space.

Overall, colors are power tools that can be used for physical, emotional, or spiritual enhancement and progression. And each color has its own special meaning and unique abilities that can bring change to your life. Using blue crystals is a perfect way of harnessing the power of colors for the betterment of your wellness.

Meaning of the Color Blue

The color blue is a beautiful pigment that is often associated with being symbolic of peace, calm, and tranquility. People often go to blue when they want to feel relaxed or to find freedom from chaos. Think of how blue is present in some of the most tranquil scenarios such as soothing ocean views and breathtaking clear skies.

Here are more symbolic associations of the color blue:

  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Sensitivity
  • Wisdom
  • Loyalty and trust
  • Understanding
  • Open spaces

Although blue has some general meanings, we have to remember that there is a variety of shades in just one color that also comes into play.

The following are some differences in types of blue hues.

Light Blue Crystals

Crystals with shades of blue that are lighter to medium tend to point to cool, calm, and collectedness. They bring about restful feelings of relaxation that make people feel comfortable and at ease. Light blue is a soft soother that represents healing and health.

Dark Blue Crystals

Crystals with darker shades of blue often symbolize trustworthiness, confidence, and reliability. Dark blue is commonly used to highlight power, integrity, wisdom and knowledge.

Ultimate List of the Best Blue Crystal Options

Now that you’ve gotten the full scoop on the power of blue crystals and why you should use their qualities, you’ll need to know which are the right ones for aiding you on your journey. 

Keep reading to check out this ultimate list for the best blue crystals to use for healing.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli are excellent blue crystals

Lapis lazuli is a popular choice amongst dark blue crystals that can help bring deep inner peace and harmony. You can use lapis lazuli when you’re feeling suppressed, spiritually disconnected, or ridden by anxiety and fear. It’s also useful for unhealthy communication habits or when you’re holding yourself back.

This blue crystal stone aids in getting you back on track by expanding wisdom, self-awareness, personal expression, and honesty. It also helps with problem-solving, increasing clarity of your dreams, and helping you become more sociable. Some use lapis lazuli for reducing fevers as well as regulating thyroid and blood pressure.

If you want to discover inner truths and even explore past lives, lapis lazuli is the crystal for you.


aquamarine blue crystal for healing

Aquamarine has been known as the stone of letting go or courage. These blue crystals have calming energies that assist with soothing fears and quieting the mind. Aquamarine increases compassion and helps you go with flow more if you’re been feeling anxious or uptight.

When you find yourself in a place of needing to improve interactions or navigate relationships with others better then Aquamarine is a perfect guide. It helps with tolerance for others, giving support, and getting closure. You can use this healing stone for boosting your immune system, regulating hormones, and treating swollen glands.

Blue Kyanite

blue kyanite blue crystal for healing

Raise your vibration and embrace harmony with this amazing clearing stone. Blue kyanite is the perfect meditation companion that can help with channeling, going into altered states of reality, improving dream recall, and making your dreams more vivid.

Blue Kyanite is good for protection and reduces confusion and anger. It brings about honesty, loyalty, and restores the flow of energy throughout the chakras.


sodalite blue crystal for healing

Have you been struggling with self-esteem or confidence issues? Maybe you need a little more willpower or focus. Either way, sodalite can help you achieve what you’re aiming for.

Sodalite is great for increasing intuition and clairvoyance. It’s known for intensifying the truth and aiding you in living life as your authentic self. These are excellent gemstones worth storing in your blue crystals collection.


labrodite blue crystal for healing

Labradorite can technically be seen as blue crystals since they often have prominent beaming bright and dark blue shades accompanied by greens and oranges (sometimes yellow).

Labradorite is a powerful stone for transformation and increasing intuition. It can give you strength, power and help you make the changes you need to grow. 

This incredible stone is also great for protection from negativity. It’s often used for enhancing magical powers and for guidance during journeys of self-discovery. Using labradorite can trigger synchronicity and release karma.


larimar blue crystals for healing

If you’re looking for breathtaking blue crystals that look like they just came out of the sea, then you’ve found them. Larimar may come in a radiant blue, or be covered with streaks that resemble flowing waves in a sea. For this reason, many associate this crystal with having the wisdom of the sea.

Larimar can bring confidence, relaxation, and peace. It’s affectionately known as the “Stone of Atlantis” and is used to remove unhealthy connections to others. Larimar helps to rebalance the thyroid and iodine levels while also reducing stress, depression, and feelings of hurt. 

Lean on larimar for emotional strength as well as increasing compassion. You can use it to overcome fears and get rid of guilt.


azurite blue crystal for healing

Azurite is a great choice for someone looking to open their minds to new possibilities and perspectives. This blue crystal stone has a warrior spirit that is ready to aid you in overcoming emotional trauma, activating the third eye, and gaining a clear understanding.

Some use this stone for treating throat issues as well as problems with joints and arthritis. You can also use azurite to enhance channeling.


amazonite blue crystal for healing

Amazonite is the perfect crystal for healing and balance. It’s an empowering stone that promotes self-love, emotional wellness, and overall success.

Amazonite often comes in a blueish-green shade and is known as the stone of harmony. Incorporate Amazonite for support in personal progress and self-discovery to take control over your life.

Blue Calcite

blue calcite crystal healing

Blue calcite is one of the light blue crystals that promotes healing and purification. Known as the stone of comfort, blue calcite is great for cleansing energy and aiding in recovery from illness.

Blue calcite is used to lower blood pressure and dissolve pain. This tranquil blue healer enhances communication skills and helps you to believe in yourself more.

Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate helps to heal

Upon first seeing a blue lace agate, you’ll notice how stunning and soothing the stone looks. Blue lace agate can be a powerful aid in grounding, promoting stability, and calming your mind. 

Blue lace agate is a gentle provider of support for reducing anxiety and stress. It can boost confidence for public speaking and communication in general. Its also known to be good for pets.


lazulite blue healing crystal

Lazulite may come in mixed shades of rich or dark blues and greens or teal. Lazulite brings peace and is associated with activating the third eye chakra to enhance psychic abilities. 

The name for Lazulite means “heaven” in Arabic which is no wonder this it’s often known as the faith stone. Lazulite can help reach deep states during meditation and amplifies the energy of your affirmations. Use lazulite for internal balance and self-respect. 

Blue Apatite

blue apatite crystals for healing

You may have been trying to harness personal power and achieve goals. If so then you’ll find great support with blue apatite.

Blue apatite is often known as a stone for growth and expansion. This blue crystal is useful for clearing confusion, negative thoughts, or feelings of apathy that may be keeping you stuck. Harnessing the power of blue apatite can enhance intellect, raise spiritual awareness, and bring motivation.

Blue Quartz

blue quartz healing crystals

Quartz stones are a common type for crystal enthusiasts to have in their collection. Blue quartz is a beautiful gentle hued stone that helps with communication, intuition, clarity, and spiritual connections. 

Blue quartz also can help with developing more empathy as well as forgiveness. You can use this crystal to calm your body if you feel stressed and give you a boost when physically tired.

Blue Sapphire

blue sapphire healing crystal

Blue sapphire is a great stone for when you need support with mental sharpness and gaining clarity. You can use blue sapphire to heighten psychic awareness as well as increase focus and self-discipline. Look into this blue crystal stone if you’re looking for help with emotional outbursts and gaining deeper insights. 


celestite blue healing crystal

Celestite is a gorgeous pale blue crystal that is known for enhancing spirituality, balance, and purity. This cosmic teacher is a gem when it comes to purifying the aura, enhancing psychic abilities, and making contact with the Angelic realm. It’s a gentle and uplifting energy that aids in relieving anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Celestite can help with removing toxins from the body and getting restful sleep. It’s also good for restoring balance amidst complications in relationships. Use celestite to feel surrounded by more love, light, and guidance.

Blue Chalcedony

blue chalcedony blue healing crystal

Blue chalcedony is another amazing pick for miraculous communication stones. Not only can it aid you with navigating hostile situations better and improving public speaking, but it can also help communicate with spirit and enhance psychic abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance.

Blue chalcedony has nurturing energy that promotes creativity and balances the throat chakra. It also enhances enthusiasm, cleanses old wounds, and helps to soothe and restore unsettled energy. Using blue chalcedony during reflection and meditation can bring openness to new possibilities and ideas.

Blue Moonstone

blue moonstone blue healing crystal

Blue moonstone is a gleaming (sometimes cobalt-toned) blue crystal with feminine qualities. If you’ve been extremely busy, overly competitive, or just too immersed in masculine energy, blue moonstone is a great balancer for bringing you back into yin energy.  

Blue moonstone has a “mothering” effect that’s comforting and soothing. It promotes quiet confidence and restores mental balance. Blue moonstone is sometimes used to ease pregnancy symptoms, balance hormones, and enhance fertility.

How to Use Blue Crystals

For newcomers and beginners, using healing crystals might seem confusing. It could even feel a bit strange or awkward at first when you try to add them to your life and practices. But leveraging the power of these spiritual tools is even more simple than you think. 

Check out these practical ways of how to easily incorporate blue crystals for healing in your life:

  • Hold them in your hand during meditation
  • Place them on your throat or third eye chakra for cleansing and rebalancing
  • Leave them around your home, car, or workspace
  • Use while setting intentions or writing in a journal
  • Put them underneath your pillow while you sleep (be sure to research which crystals you shouldn’t sleep with)
  • Wear them on your person (pocket, wallet, jewelry, etc)
  • Add them to drinking water or bath time rituals (check to see which ones are safe to be placed in water)
  • Place them on your altar or meditation space

Working with blue crystals doesn’t have to be complicated at all. These stones are universally known for bringing calm, stillness, peace, and tranquility to your life. Incorporate them in situations that may feel chaotic, tense, or create mental distress.

Where to Buy an Authentic Blue Crystal

If you’re ready to start using blue crystals for healing in your life, then you’ll need to know how to find the best ones to buy. You can start with a quick online search or check local spiritual/occult shops or bookstores. 

One thing to remember when buying crystals is that you should always check the genuineness of the stone. Before you make a purchase, look for some of the clear signs that can tell you whether a crystal is authentic or not.

Here are some quick tips for how to spot a fake crystal:

  • Pay attention to tones of crystal colors
  • Check for imperfections (crystals should have these)
  • Keep an eye out for uncommon and unusual names
  • Watch out for air bubbles 
  • Do a “scratch test” (most genuine crystals will scrap an object when its rubbed against it)

Don’t be hesitant to ask a seller if the crystal is an authentic one. Any honest vendor will be willing and able to prove their products are the real deal.

Start Using the Best Blue Crystals for Healing

Blue crystals can be an amazing tool to aid with healing in your life. You can start off by figuring out areas where you may be struggling and find the right stone to correspond with those pain points.

The healing may not come from the rock itself, and more so come from your way of thinking. That’s why crystals are great stepping stones to a deeper faith with God, but should never be depended on.

Blue crystals can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your life. Start relieving tension and increasing calmness by incorporating blue crystals for healing into your life and daily practices.

If you haven’t already, start your spiritual journey today with these 5 essential steps.