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Buying Crystals for Manifestation

Are you looking for crystals for manifestation? We've got what you need to ensure you have the best crystals possible for your needs.

Have you ever thought about using crystals for manifestation?

Crystals are believed to have many properties that can help to heal and transform your life. They’re natural deposits of minerals that contain many different qualities. In the past few years, people have begun to use crystals more to enhance various areas of their lives.

One of the ways you can use them is to manifest your deepest desires. Wish fulfillment is something that crystals work best at, although it’s more about the power of your thinking, and may not be from the actual crystal itself.

If you’re interested in spiritual solutions for attracting abundance in your life, keep reading this guide. Here’s everything you need to know about buying crystals for manifestation.

crystals for manifestation
Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

What Is Manifestation?

Have you ever truly desired something then focused on it so intensely that it seems like it just walked into your life─ like magic? If you can recall a thing, person, or situation in your life that fits this description then you already have a good idea of what manifestation is.

In the dictionary, manifestation is defined as an event, action, that has clear indications of showing or embodying something (especially an idea or theory). This might sound a little different than what we described earlier but it’s not. Think of the scenario again and consider this─ something embodies a thought or an idea that shows up physically in your life.

Spiritualists use the word “manifestation” to refer to using the power of belief to bring something tangible into your life. Manifesting involves setting intentions for something you want to call something into your life. Then you use various attraction methods to bring it to fruition.

Before we get into the realm of crystals and manifestation, it’s important to understand what manifestation means and the science, or theory, behind it.

Manifestation and Science

Manifesting may sound good in theory but some people are still skeptical about the validity of the theory. This is understandable because there are so many different sources that have their own perspective on how to explain the phenomenon. But one reliable source everybody still counts on also had something to say about it─ science.

Studies have shown that when people implemented common manifestation techniques, they saw actual results. For instance, participants in one research experienced a decrease in anxiety and an increase in happiness when using positive visualizations. Another study found a correlation between an improved likelihood of people’s desires becoming their reality when they visualized them.

As you can see, even science supports the act of intentionally directing your life. The great thing about manifestation is that there are a lot of practical methods you can apply to your everyday life. You can use some of these same techniques for tracking results.

Here are some powerful manifestation tools to try:

  • Visualization
  • Journaling
  • Crystals for manifestation (of course!)
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Positive affirmations
  • Gratitude exercises
  • Shadow work 
  • Vision boards
  • Scripting

One key factor to remember when you want to start using crystals for manifestation is to make sure you address limiting thoughts and beliefs. This will help to create a clear path for you to create the reality that you want.

The Law of Attraction

If you’re ever seen The Secret then you’d know that changing your thoughts can shift the trajectory of your entire life. Researchers believe that our subconscious mind controls around 95% of what we do. It deals with all the “background” noise that creates our daily habits and behaviors such as breathing, eating, and making memories. So why would crystals for manifestation be any different?

Since the subconscious mind manages so much brainpower that goes into structuring our daily lives, it’s safe to say that it creates our realities. And this is what the law of attraction aims to interrupt. The law of attraction is a universal law that helps to structure many spiritual belief systems. It claims that whatever you focus most on will show up in your life.

If you think a lot of positivity and peaceful thoughts, you’ll experience this more. On the other hand, if your mind is filled with negative thinking then your reality will reflect this. Whatever you give your attention to and desire most will pour into your life.

The great part about this is that you can always change your mind! Our subconscious has a lot of limiting belief systems and sometimes traumatic memories that we store there which can affect how we consciously think and feel (without us knowing). Start to become more aware of your beliefs, reactions, and emotions to begin to retrain your subconscious programming.

As your awareness is becoming heightened on a whole new level, we can start digging into crystals for manifestation!

Why Use Crystals for Manifestation?

woman using crystals bring manifestation

Now that you understand what manifesting is all about, you may be wondering how you can incorporate crystals for manifestation. Many people believe in the healing properties of crystals and use them in their daily lives.

To some folks, they may just look like regular stones. But crystals actually have an extensive history that shows it is an ancient spiritual tool. Here’s a brief look at the journey that crystals for manifestation have taken in the past.

A Brief History of Crystals

Humans were using talismans and amulets made with gemstones and crystals that date back to as early as 4000 BC. Some of the earliest signs of use of crystals are found in ancient Sumerian culture. They included crystals in different magic and medicinal rituals.

Ancient Egyptians were also found to use crystals for manifestation, abundance and protection against evil spirits. Over in Ancient Greece, they figured out the best crystals for things like enhancing their physical bodies during battle, keeping them safe at sea, and even preventing hangovers. 

There is evidence all throughout history that shows different civilizations, religious groups, occult leaders, etc utilizing the powers of precious stones for healing. Many of those practices are still alive and bring people miraculous results. Success leaves clues and those that came before us have shown time and time again that using crystals for manifestation works.

Benefits of Using Crystals

Although it seems like we’ve only been addressing the metaphysical aspects of crystals, they actually have physical properties that could potentially enhance your overall wellbeing. Not only are crystals great for improving your spiritual health, but they could also be beneficial for your body and emotions.

Crystals are minerals and they emit specific vibrational frequencies that have could affect us in different ways. Our bodies are made of molecules that are constantly in movement (vibrating) so when we interact with other vibrations, it may have an effect on our energy fields. The frequency we vibrate on can determine our mental, emotional and physical states.

To note, there is still no scientific evidence of crystals having healing powers for sure. However, scientists have made correlations between the qualities of crystals and humans that could suggest in the future that they are doing exactly what we believe.

Ultimate List of the Best Crystals for Manifestation

Learning about crystals for manifestation can put you on the path of enriching your life. Including crystals in your daily living, rituals, and wellness practices is a great choice. But before you start going on a shopping haul, you’ll want to know which are the best crystals for the areas you’re focusing on.

We’ve broken this down for you to make it easier. Here’s your ultimate guide to crystals and crystal meanings.

Crystals for Love

Let’s start off with an area of life that most people focus on─ love. Crystals can help you manifest better relationships, new love, or even heighten self-love. The following are some top picks.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystals bring manifestation

Even if you’re new to the world of crystals, you may recognize this one. Rose quartz is a fan favorite amongst crystal lovers. Whether raw or tumbled, the warm pink hues make these beautiful stones winners in the love department.

Rose quartz is great for attracting unconditional love, fostering compassion and sensitivity, and creating harmony in relationships. It’s also helpful with bringing about more self-love and forgiveness.

Not only are they excellent crystals for manifestation, but they are incredibly pretty to gawk at too.


rhodonite crystals bring manifestation

Rhodonite is often seen as an emotional balancer. It’s believed to open up the heart center to help grow empathy and objectivity. 

This stone is often found in a pink and black blended color. Rhodonite can help improve feelings of self-worth by fighting off destructive thoughts and old trauma wounds that lead to poor self-esteem.


garnet for manifesting love

Many people may recognize garnet as the national birthday gemstone for the month of January. But this deep reddish healing tool is also equipped with some properties that are believed to help you through getting closer to love.

Garnet is good for sparking devotion and determination. Some use it for strengthening love between partners, fertility and even reuniting separated partners. Garnet is fiery and passionate but it can bring these qualities to a union looking to reignite.

Green Aventurine

green aventurine for manifesting love

If you’re familiar with the chakra system, then you know that the Anahata is located in the center of our spine at the same level as the heart. This chakra rules our love, empathy, compassion, and openness to forgiveness. When this space is blocked, we may run into issues with concepts of love, relationships, and romance.

Green aventurine is often used to help heal the heart space and bring more understanding into our lives. This crystal also balances masculine and feminine energy, promotes growth in empathy, and assists with attracting soul connections.

These green crystals for manifestation can be found in any pocket of crystal enthusiasts.

More crystals for love- Emerald, Ruby, Moonstone, Carnelian, Amethyst, Pink sapphire, Unakite, Green jade, Red jasper

Crystals for Money, Prosperity & Success

Looking to enhance a financial situation or attract abundance in the form of material wealth and success? Here are the best crystals for money and prosperity.


citrine crystals for manifesting money

Citrine is a powerful tool for energizing and invigorating. But it also helps to attract prosperity, happiness, and abundance. 

It’s commonly a pale yellow stone but also has a range of colors that go as deep as bright amber. Citrine is great for improving self-esteem, self-expression, and creativity.


pyrite for manifesting money

Pyrite is often affectionately called “the money stone”. Pyrite is a wealth magnet that is used for attracting income and increasing financial gains.

It’s historically known as “fool’s gold” because of its metallic shine that often made people think it was actual gold. Although it isn’t real gold, pyrite is still valuable for uses of yielding power and bringing success.

They are highly sought after crystals for manifestation and not just because they look like gold.


malachite manifesting crystals

This crystal comes in bright and deep mixed shades of green which is a perfect hue for attracting money. Malachite can give you a boost of energy and motivation to move forward in life.

People often place malachite in their pockets or wallets to attract more prosperity into their lives. Malachite is the perfect pick for creating change in oneself and manifesting desires.

Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye manifesting money

Tiger’s eye is known for good luck and prosperity. The beautiful yellow, brown, and black combination creates a stripe-like effect throughout the stone, helping it earn its name.

Tiger’s eye is great for enhancing willpower, determination, integrity, and inner strength. It’s also useful for helping to relieve anxiety and fear. All the right ingredients for success! 

More crystals for money, prosperity & success- Peridot, Topaz, Green jade, Green aventurine, Amethyst, Moss agate, Sunstone

Crystals for Cleansing & Protection

Sometimes we just need a reset in our lives. This might mean we need to clear up some bad energy and take preventative measures to make sure it doesn’t seep back in. If this sounds like something you need, check out these picks for crystals that aid with cleansing and protection.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystals help with manifesting

Clear quartz is another great universal, beginner-friendly, popular crystal. Clear stones are often great for cleansing, resetting, and rebalancing energies. 

This crystal is known as the “Master Healer” because it stores, absorbs, and releases energy. It’s also used for amplifying thoughts, intentions, and energy which makes it one of the best crystals for manifestation.

The powerful balancer stimulates the immune system and can clear the body of any harmful toxins. You can use this crystal for clarity and for realigning all of your chakras. Clear quartz can also be used to recharge other stones.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline provides protection

Black tourmaline is an intense protector that shields you from negative energies. It’s good for safety, reducing fear, and it can also help you feel more grounded. Many people consider black tourmaline to be a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Aside from being incredible crystals for manifestation, they are also used widely for motivation and patience.


jet crystals provide protection

Black stones are usually seen as powerful defenders for people and places. Jet is amongst those crystals that help draw out and repel negative energies near your aura (or energy field). It’s related to the root chakra and can help bring grounding and protection.

Jet is a purifier that can help with good luck and even pain relief for headaches and migraines. Some people believe that wearing jet can help you break negative behavioral patterns and provide you with clarity.

Black obsidian

black obsidian crystal help with protection

Black obsidian has properties that come in as a triple threat. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking to ground, protect, or cleanse.

Using black obsidian helps to absorb negative energy. It can also assist with removing limiting beliefs and healing old wounds. 

This stone is a powerful guardian that creates a protective shield to keep out negative energies. You can use black obsidian to help harness self-control and overcome fears.

More crystals for cleansing and protection- Selenite, Onyx, Amethyst, Hematite, Flourite, Smokey quartz, Labradorite

Crystals for Intuition & Spirituality

Since crystals are known for their spiritual properties, it makes sense that they should be used in enhancing spirituality. Some stones can even be used for enhancing psychic abilities. Here’s a list of the best crystals for strengthening intuition and spirituality.


amethyst crystals best for intuition

Amethyst is another well-known and popular pick amongst crystal enthusiasts. Covered in radiant shades of purple and violet, this stone has a magical look to it. The third eye chakra is believed to be activated and strengthened by using this crystal.

Amethyst is great for many uses including spiritual awareness, deepening divine connections, and fighting against psychic attacks and negative energies. You can also boost your immune system and relieve headaches.

Amethyst is also a great stone for beginners since it is looked at as an all-purpose crystal. They are incredibly powerful crystals for manifestation as well as for better sleep and emotional healing.


labradorite crystals help with intuition

While labradorite is often used for protection, it also has another prominent usage that can help bring you closer to your intuition─ magic. Labradorite is perfect for enhancing psychic abilities, sharpening intuition, and diminishing illusions to bring out the truth of a situation.

This crystal can help you awaken awareness and remember forgotten memories. It has a multi-color surface with hints of blue, green, orange, and black streaks that change as light hits. Labradorite is a potent healer that can aid in getting unstuck and connecting with spirit guides.


selenite crystals help with intuition

If you’re looking for mental clarity then this is the crystal for you. Selenite is another clear stone and can help with decision-making and unblocking stagnant energy. These are lovely little crystals for manifestation.

Selenite helps with balancing the third eye and crown chakra. It aids in decreasing confusion and removing negative energy. It radiates purity, honesty, and peace. You can also use selenite to connect with angelic guides and to charge other stones.


amazonite crystals provide intuition

Amazonite is known as the stone of hope or truth. It can help to control and soothe the nervous system during tense situations to bring peace and calmness.

People use Amazonite for empowerment throughout journeys of self-discovery. This crystal is a good aid in boosting communication, intuition and creating balance. Amazonite is also good for balancing moods and releasing negative emotions.

More crystals for intuition and spirituality- Blue lace agate, Angelite, Celestite, Black tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli

How To Use Crystals for Manifestation

So you’ve gotten a better understanding of how amazing crystals are for manifesting all the things you want in your life. But you’re probably thinking how exactly are you supposed to harness the power of these metaphysical tools. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can do this that don’t take up too much time in your day or disrupt the routines you have in place. 

Here are some practical ways to use crystals for manifestation and abundance:

  • Meditate with your crystals
  • Use them in your rituals
  • Keep them around the house, office, or in your car
  • Wear them on your person (try using them for jewelry or carry them in your wallet or pocket)
  • Include them during breathing exercises
  • Ask the crystal a question while you journal
  • Add them to your water and baths (check to see which are safe for getting wet)
  • Create crystal grids to rebalance your energy
  • Place them on your altar
  • Incorporate them in self-care routines (check out jade rollers and gua sha tools)

You can easily integrate crystals into your life by simply being more intentional. Just having them around can also create a positive effect.

Where to Buy Crystals

Crystals have become very popular in just the last decade. More people are buying them to increase their health and wellness and shift their lives. But all sources for crystals aren’t reliable or legit.

You can typically find crystals in online stores, spiritual and metaphysical shops, or some bookstores. Make sure you do your due diligence and research the seller before you start buying crystals. Here are a few ways to spot a fake crystal:

  • Colors aren’t the right shades (faintness, washed-color, too light or dark)
  • Texture looks too perfect (imperfections on crystals is normal)
  • Doesn’t pass the “scratch” test (most crystals will leave marks if you scratch them against something)
  • It has air bubbles (this shouldn’t happen when processing crystals)
  • Has uncommon or funny-sounding names

If you see some suspicious signs, always ask the seller about the genuineness of the crystal. Trustworthy and authentic sellers will not be hesitant to provide evidence that their crystals are real.

Add Crystals for Manifestation to Your Life

Learning how to use crystals for manifestation might seem a bit strange at first but it can turn out to be one of the best choices for your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health that you’ve ever made. Crystals are often credited for yielding miraculous results and positive changes in people’s lives.

You can start using these spiritual tools by choosing the right ones for what you’d like to focus on in life. Be intentional and open to learning about crystals and then incorporate them into your life.

Crystals for manifestation can become a gateway into a better life, or a gateway to false hope, false idols and disillusionment. It’s important to not depend on crystals which we explain better here.

If you’re looking for more tips on developing your spiritual side, here are 5 essential steps on beginning your spiritual journey.