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Are Crystals Witchcraft?

Crystals have been historically regarded as items of divination by many cultures, but are crystals witchcraft? Here is a complete overview.

Crystals have fascinated cultures since ancient times. They have also been historically regarded as items of divination and sorcery which have been frowned upon or completely banned altogether.

So, are crystals witchcraft? They were used by people around the world not only as beautiful accessories and symbols of power and wealth but also as bearers of magical feats and healing capabilities.

However, that does not necessarily make them witchcraft.

Even though each ancient culture had a different approach to crystals and their powers, the belief that they could channel natural energy was universal.

Crystals were associated with zodiac signs, different months, different feelings, and various phenomena.

Does all of this make crystals witchcraft, and what were the actual practices real witches used in exploiting crystals and their energy? Let’s look at the facts history holds for us.

crystal witchcraft complete overview

Magic, Witches, and Crystals

It is widely known that witches and mages (magicians) have crystals on their workbenches, with different practitioners choosing different approaches in their methods.

Some of them actually choose to openly display their crystals while working and researching, and others choose to hide them or put them away in secluded corners.

They choose crystals mainly based on their subconscious urges – they would find crystals in nature and use them as their minds ordered them to.

Very mystical indeed…

Why Witches Use Crystals

The reason witches resort to using crystals in their magic is related mainly to the facts mentioned at the beginning of this overview – crystals have always been containers of natural powers that can be unlocked if used correctly.

Witches believe that crystals are just like any other living and non-living thing on Earth – they have their own character and energy that can be used according to the crystal’s purpose.

Are crystals witchcraft?

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A mere human would be able to use a gemstone effectively only by accident or if the stone was previously prepared to work for them.

But a witch can use their subconscious powers to best use the energy flow that moves throughout the crystals.

Moreover, witches have a much more profound knowledge of each crystal and carefully choose the stones based on their goals.

Purpose of Crystals

The powers of crystals vary vastly, and it is hard to pinpoint a single purpose.

A witch resorts to tourmaline to defend themselves from internal urges such as jealousy and anger and external influences such as magical attacks.

The amethyst is also a defensive crystal protecting the witch from inner worries.

However, witches also use offensive crystals, such as the morion, to increase their powers of manipulation and control over other people.

Remember, witches and magicians are not the only ones who practise the use of crystals. Spiritual seekers and healers alike use an array of crystals to benefit from their unique healing properties.

For example, citrine is a widely popular healing crystal that helps bring in positive thinking and heal emotional trauma from the past.

You can read about more examples in our guide for the Top 10 Best Crystals For Emotional Healing.

Ancient Healing Powers

crystals witchcraft history

It would not be fair to continue this overview if we do not mention the healing powers of crystals – and this is by far not a belief held only by witches and magicians.

Crystals have been used by people for their healings powers since time began.

Arguably the first accounts of crystals being used for healing date back to Ancient Egypt, where people used the magical stones for protecting their health.

They would also bury lapis lazuli in tombs as protection for the deceased.

Ancient Greeks, Native Americans, Indians, and Mesopotamians all had their own beliefs in the healings powers of crystals.

Crystals in the Bible

Mentioning the Bible is interesting in this overview because one would rarely associate Christianity with witchcraft in any context.

In fact, witches were fiercely persecuted by Christian inquisitors in the Medieval Age. It is worth noting that crystals were mentioned in the Bible’s Exodus as mandatory elements of the garments worn by high priests.

Currently, due to the many different translations of the Bible, it is pretty hard to say with certainty what those crystals actually were, but the fact that they are mentioned there is worth noting.

There are many other mentions of gemstones and their usage, which greatly emphasizes people’s fascination with these stones.

Crystals in Christianity

crystals witchcraft christianity
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They would also embody the purity of the Virgin Mary, and that is why they decorate various religious relics such as crosses and altars.

Crystals are all works of God, and that makes them holy – they were used to build sacred cities, bind clothes, and symbolize faith.

It is probably no coincidence that God himself is often referred to as a rock, a fortress, and a wall behind which believers can feel safe and strong.

Science and Crystals

However, it is not surprising that science is outright denying the power of crystals as any type of energy bearers or healing items.

Science has never proven any relationship between human health and crystals and thus does not find crystals responsible for any supernatural phenomenon.

As mentioned, crystals are often believed to have healing powers, but science dismisses those as a placebo effect.

Studies on crystals and their abilities all reach the same conclusion – there is no such thing as an energy flow between humans and crystals.

So perhaps it takes a mystical approach to truly understand the power and connection to crystals.

Conclusion on Crystals and Witchcraft

crystal witchcraft items

While crystals were and still are indeed widely used by ancient and contemporary witches, mages, druids, shamans, and priests, labeling them “witchcraft” would be an unfair statement.

Crystals have been part of human beliefs for thousands of years, no matter which culture or religion we use for evidence.

They have always been associated with magical powers and hold ancient energies that work differently for everyone. Science, on the other hand, has always denied that. 

If you consider witchcraft to be magical divination, then the answer for you would be yes – crystals are indeed witchcraft or mere superstition.

However, that is a fairly broad explanation, and it would certainly be unfair to use it for our conclusion.

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