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Top 10 Best Crystals for Peace

Crystals for peace contain energy that heals, calms, and encourages you to love yourself and others. Here is our Top 10 Best Crystals For Peace.

Crystals for peace contain energy that heals, calms, and encourages you to love yourself and others. It is believed that the natural vibration of the stones resonate through your body and provide incredible healing in so many ways.

Finding inner peace can be challenging in a world where people have so much to do and are constantly consumed by things.

Every day, our lives become more stressful, guilt-ridden, and depleting. What if crystals can naturally help ease your stress and bring more peace into your life? Some think crystal healing is bogus and for idol worshippers since science has yet proven of their benefits.

They may be right, but we will let you decide for yourself if they are just mere rocks or have mystic powers that can help you in certain areas of life.

Here is our list of the top 10 best crystals for peace that can help transform your life today.

these crystals help with peace

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

1. Tree Agate

Tree agate crystals for peace

Tree Agate is one of the best crystals for peace. It has a stunning green color that keeps the wearer in the sense of calmness.

Tree Agate is best for self-reflection, as it helps you look inside yourself and discover your purpose and unique qualities.

Tree Agate resonates strongly with your heart chakra. It’s one of the best crystals for meditating as it promotes clarity and enhances mental focus.

The best thing about this crystal is that it helps you achieve stability and balance in your life.

It helps improve the relationship between oneself and others by letting go of grudges, allowing you to focus on things that matter.

2. Larimar

Larimar provides you with soothing energy that calms and soothes a troubled mind.

This stunning stone engages with your upper four chakras, leading you into a higher level of consciousness, where wisdom, grace, and inner peace are abundant.

If you are experiencing a stressful period, Larimar can help you regain control of your life by releasing destructive behaviors that might hinder your inner peace.

Use larimar during your mediation as it helps ease all the guilt, fear, and stress, allowing the gentle earth energy to soothe you and bring inner peace!

3. Howlite

howlite for peace

Howlite is a beautiful stone that can effectively help you attain inner peace. It connects with the crown chakra, and its energy absorbs all your stress, anxiety, and tension.

With howlite, you retain permission to acknowledge your feelings with an open-mindedness that permits your ideas and thoughts to manifest without judgment.

You can use your howlite stone during meditation to give you that extra state of bliss. It’s a great stone to have, especially when you’re angry or your emotions are out of control.

Howlite grounds you and helps you set boundaries to protect you from negative energy in life. 

4. Amethyst

amethyst for peace

Amethyst has a deep purple hue and is popular among crystal lovers. They also make exceptional crystals for peace.

Amethyst is one of our favorite crystals for peace as it helps cleanse and calm your mind, allowing you to get in touch with higher energy. It engages with the crown chakra bringing you inner peace.

If you suffer from mental issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, or mood swings, amethyst is your stone as it dissolves all the negativity from your body.

It also shields you from negative energies, leaving you in a sense of serenity.

It’s perfect for practicing mindfulness meditation as it helps enhance your overall wellbeing and ease emotional stress.

5. Celestite

celestite for peace

Celestite is a stunning blue stone that encourages inner peace and harmony. The stone carries calming energy that instills a deep sense of peace by promoting mental clarity and emotional stability.

If you tend to blame yourself when things don’t work out, such as a failed relationship or an accident, this will prevent you from achieving inner peace as you will always be laden by guilt, stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Celestite helps you realize that you cannot control everything that happens in your life.

Celestite helps take charge of your emotions and protects you from experiences like stress, anxiety, and depression.

It can also help you to communicate your feeling by activating the throat chakra.

6. Rose Quartz

rose quartz for peace

Rose Quartz is a known stone of unconditional love and inner peace. This stone engages with the heart and throat chakra and is known to be incredibly nurturing.

Rose Quartz promotes all kinds of love, from healing, forgiveness, communication, and self-care.

So, if you find yourself being harsh, feeling lonely, or unworthy, rose quartz will help restore self-love and encourages you to forgive yourself and others.

This allows you to develop a deeper bond with yourself and everyone you love, giving you peace and happiness.

7. Lepidolite

Lepidolite are one of the best crystals for peace. It’s a healing stone that works on your emotional wounds by helping you steer away from old and harmful habits.

Lepidolite connects with the crown chakra, allowing you to gain mental clarity and a higher level of consciousness.

Lepidolite helps you change your outlook and attitude towards life and yourself by promoting positive thinking.

This enables you to cope better when faced with stressful situations and invites a more peaceful state in your life.

8. Fluorite

fluorite for peace

Fluorite is a stunning crystal with green and purple hues. It helps you heal from your past traumas to gain inner peace.

Fluorite stone is associated with balance and clarity. It activates your throat and heart chakras. 

If you are troubled with past trauma and negative energy, Fluorite will help neutralize the negative energy, letting your light shine.

It also enables you to process your traumatic experiences, leaving you feeling lighter since you have unburdened yourself.

Fluorite lets you stay true to yourself and speak your mind.

9. Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite, also known as Mangano Calcite, fosters peace and serenity. Pink calcite engages your heart and crown chakra activating love and understanding.

The stone has loving energy that is calming and supportive and is usually placed in hospitals and other healing places. 

If you are suffering from grief or emotional stress, this stone assists in healing by releasing all the suffering and anxiety, bringing tranquility and inner peace to your life. They are remarkable crystals for peace!

10. Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate for peace

Blue Lace Agate is a light blue crystal popular for bringing inner peace and tranquility. The crystal connects with your throat chakra encouraging truth and communication.

Blue Lace Agate has a calming energy that keeps your body, mind, and soul-aligned. 

If your mind is distracted by negative thoughts, this stone helps restore calmness, giving you peace of mind to concentrate on your goals without worrying about other people’s judgment.

How to use crystals for healing

Here are some ways to begin using crystals for peace in your life:

  • Wear them as a necklace, amulet, or bracelet
  • Place them in your bag
  • Use them when meditating
  • Use them when journaling
  • Place them in your room
  • Place under the pillow for a calm and peaceful sleep
  • Hold them as you take a walk outside

Final Thoughts

In the often chaotic and busy times in our lives, it is so important to find balance through a state of peace.

Doing so allows us to be kind, forgiving, and loving towards ourselves and others.

Crystals for peace can be a fun practise, but should not be depended on for these reasons.

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