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Top 10 Best Crystals For Sleep

Crystals for sleep have been used for thousands of years and can provide you with better quality rest. Here's our top 10 list.

Crystals for sleep have been used for thousands of years and can provide you with better quality rest. Some of the best crystals for sleep are amethyst, moonstone, and rose quartz.

Not all gemstones can help with this, though. In fact, many believe that crystals themselves are mere superstition as science has yet proven them to have any healing abilities at all!

We’ve done research for different meanings that crystals hold, so let’s explore the ones that can potentially help with your sleep.

Here are the Top 10 Best Crystals For Sleep.

crystal healing for sleep

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

1. Amethyst

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Amethyst is famous for many things, but one of the lesser-known facts about it is that it can improve the quality of your sleep.

First, as a fantastic protection stone, the amethyst is also good at protecting you from nightmares.

Second, it helps in the process of lucid dreaming and overall sleep quality.

Amethyst’s beautiful violet colors are also an amazing accessory for any bedroom as they perfectly fit into the dreamland.

But beware! Some say that these crystals for sleep are not the greatest. You could be one of the rare few who suffer with amethyst in the bedroom…

2. Moonstone

crystals for sleep

The moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that will help with your sleep after a hard day.

If your job drains your energy and puts you in stressful situations, you might want to look into owning a moonstone.

Its peaceful energy will help you cope with your worries and release you from emotional strain before going to sleep.

It is no coincidence that it is named after the Moon, as this crystal is a loyal companion of the night.

It will shed healing rays of moonlight onto your mind and you will finally be able to relax before bedtime.

3. Rose Quartz

If your lack of sleep is related to a lack of positive energy or love, the rose quartz is a stone for you.

It will actually help you absorb powerful positive vibrations and charge your mind with good emotions.

The rose quartz also calms your sense and inner self which, in turn, can greatly improve your sleep.

Rose Quartz gems do not only bring in positive energy, but they also heal your emotional trauma which is what makes them incredible crystals for sleep.

4. Lepidolite

lepidolite crystal healing for sleep

The lepidolite is quite similar to the rose quartz and it also focused the energy of love into your mind.

The difference is that it can also help you if you are suffering from self-doubt as it is a stone that makes you grateful for the things you have, it is a stone of relaxation, acceptance and trust.

It is also known as a stone of transformation as it reorganizes old bad habits into new, good habits and thoughts.

Lepidolite’s main energy is that of serenity and love which will turn your sleep into a slumber of joy. 

5. Angelite

Angelite’s name speaks for itself – it is used both for connecting to the heavens, and for an internal sense of calm.

If you are suffering from actual physical pain, angelite is a go-to stone. It radiates an energy of light, love and rejuvenation which are key qualities for good sleep.

Angelite also contributes to more symbolic dreams, so if you are looking for a sign in your life, this crystal may be just for you.

It will prepare your mind for sleep and also open up all those important channels that make you part of the universe.

6. Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz crystal healing for sleep

Smoky quartz is great if you are facing depression and anxiety as it removes the negativity in your energy.

It is also well-known for its grounding effect on your mind and this can certainly contribute to better sleep.

Smoky quartz is the stone to turn to when you are feeling disconnected from reality and if you are having thoughts of letting go.

It will allow you to appreciate your true happiness and offer you a different perspective – things are not always as you may think.

That is what this crystal will tell you and you will finally be able to relax and embrace your best sleep.

7. Selenite

selenite crystal healing for sleep

Selenite is a powerful stone of transformation, as it turns negativity into positivity.

It will transcend your mind before a sleep cycle and you can be sure that it can cleanse your energy field.

It makes you feel better, more relaxed and more fulfilled. If your life is full of chaos, get a selenite and it will shed light on that chaos, bringing you peace and calm.

Too often we suffer from an excess of uncertainty in life which destroys our sleep schedule.

That is when selenite will prove useful for you.

8. Fluorite

fluorite crystal healing for sleep

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but objectively speaking, the fluorite is certainly one of the most beautiful crystals on this list.

Its multicolored nature and power are used to cleanse your chakra, and make your mind focus on what is important.

If you find it impossible to disconnect from work and your other worries at night, fluorite will certainly help you sleep.

TIP: You can try wearing crystals subtly as necklaces or bracelets through the night for better sleep too. Try it out!

9. Howlite

If your sleep is impeded by endless streams of thoughts that just do not let you go into the realm of dreams, howlite will help you slow those thoughts down and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

This stone has strong relaxing powers and is used for relaxing the mind for meditation, but it is also useful for sleeping.

Its properties help you enjoy the silence around you and slip into a mode of rejuvenation.

10. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline helps with sleep

Black tourmaline is one of the most popular crystals for sleep because of their defensive nature.

The intense black color carries powerful defensive energy that absorbs negativity and releases a protective field.

It will defeat your insomnia by making you feel relaxed and by combating nightmares.

Most people would put black tourmaline in another room instead of the bedroom so that its aura can offer the best effect.

Final Thoughts

The 21st century is an age of prosperity, technological advancements, and material abundance.

It is also an age of worry, stress, and anxiety, which has many people suffer from a lack of sleep.

That, in turn, leads to even more stress and can be detrimental to one’s health.

It’s important to recognize the deeper meanings as to why you cannot sleep, rather than depending on crystals for a quick fix. Crystal healing is definitely fun, but read this to understand why you should never depend on them.

Now that you know the best crystals for sleep, here is a list of the Top 5 Worst Crystals For Sleep.