Purple galaxy

Are you lost in life? Confused? Afraid? Read this important message.

An important message for those who are lost in life and keep seeking for answers and guidance.

Are you lost or confused in life and keep looking for answers from the ‘divine’ realm?

Are you constantly seeking angel numbers and tending to crystals for deep spiritual healing and guidance?

Perhaps you anxiously think about what your future holds and are depending on answers from psychics and tarot card readers. 

If any of this sounds like you, please read on.

Angel numbers, crystals, and other spiritual means are all things and meanings created by others that hold no significant power – unless you give them that power. Use these articles as stepping stones, or to bring awareness to certain areas of your life.

If you put anything above yourself, it will start controlling you. That includes substances, relationships, crystals, angel numbers, and so on.

So what should you do?

Put only God above you who created everything.

Once you put your faith and trust only in God, the maker of the entire universe, everything over and under the stars will be revealed to you.

Understand that there is no product, or thing, or person that can guarantee you happiness, abundance, peace, or love in your life. That includes the meanings that you read on this site.

We hope these meanings can bring attention to certain areas in your life that can help you. Not give you false hope.

Unfortunately, many people begin to depend on these meanings that were created by other people and think that love, abundance, wealth and so on will fall in their lap because they were told so. This can lead to more seeking, more dependance, and more disillusionment.

So then, why does this website exist? Shouldn’t we abandon all mystical meanings, angel numbers, crystals, books and movies about schools of witchcraft and wizardry to save people from idolatry and lies? We don’t think so.

This is an educational site with creative writers who may at times allude to stories and meanings from the ‘divine’ realm. We find meanings and inform you on them. It is your choice to use these meanings as tools.

Meanings are wonderful ways that express our innate creativity as humans. Just remember, nothing can have power over you if you do not let it. If a particular meaning doesn’t resonate with you, move on and don’t give power to it!

We are all “meaning making machines” and the stories you believe either move you forward or hold you back.

Marlene Chism

We implore you to not depend on anything in the world, or anyone, for lasting peace and happiness. That includes angel numbers, crystals, magic 8 balls, lucky underwear, or even famous spiritual teachers.

Once you put your faith, trust and understanding only in God, the maker of the entire universe, everything over and under the stars will be revealed to you. And that is the mark of a true mystic.

As always,

May you be with One, mystic one.