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Top 10 Crystals For Prosperity and Money

Crystals for prosperity are believed to bring you financial luck and abundance in life. See our top 10 list of the best crystals for prosperity.

Crystals for prosperity are believed to bring you financial luck and abundance in life. Some of these crystals include green aventurine, citrine and pyrite.

Some believe that crystal powers are made up hoopla to sell pretty rocks. Although there may be natural minerals that can aid with physical ailments, they may not directly bring you wealth.

Take this guide with a grain of salt… or crystal 😉

Here are the Top 10 Crystals For Prosperity and Money:

best crystal for prosperity

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

1. Tiger’s Eye

crystals for prosperity

The first on our list of best crystals for prosperity is Tiger’s Eye.

They are beautiful crystals with incredible brown and yellow nuances that brings luck, health, energy and bravery. They activate one’s inner flame and channels your energy outwards.

If you need confidence and want to attract money and prosperity, the tiger’s eye is a great crystal to pick up.

It is also a great protection crystal which the Roman soldiers used for defence in battle.

2. Sunstone

sunstone for prosperity

Sunstone is one of those crystals predominantly associated with optimism and good energy. They guide your energy to success and happiness.

It can help you find new opportunities and fill you with confidence in your path towards prosperity. The sunstone’s colors are vibrant and warm.

They are a good combination with lighter clothes and are associated with youth, love and the spring.

Once you reclaim peace within your inner self, the sunstone can be an excellent companion to bring in prosperity and abundance.

3. Clear Quartz

The clear quartz is regarded as an ’emphasizing’ stone which means it increases the power of the other crystals you own.

It’s also an excellent crystal that provides clarity in your life which is essential to know which paths you choose take. Without clarity, it’d be hard to manifest prosperity and abundance.

Clear quartz also connects your energy to the universe, making it a great stone on your path to prosperity.

In summary, if you are making plans for your work or personal finances, the clear quartz will help you choose the right path. It’s one of those must-have crystals for prosperity.

4. Citrine

citrine crystal brings prosperity

Citrine is yellow, making it the stone of willpower, determination, and creative output.

If you struggle to manifest financial prosperity or are looking for inspiration, citrine is a gem that can warm you up and lift you into creative success.

It also brings good spirits and can cheer up a sad mind.

Citrine is also referred to as ‘The Merchant’s Stone’ as it can change your outlook on money completely.

If you have a money block that is deeply hidden, citrine can help surface it and bring you onto a path of prosperity.

5. Malachite

This crystal is charged up with an intense green color which can boost your energy for moving forward in life.

It is known as an intuition amplifier and a stone that brings good luck.

Malachite can also help you let go of worries related to different factors in life, including money.

Some people put malachite in their pockets or wallets to attract money and prosperity. These are crystals for prosperity that one must always have handy.

6. Pyrite

Pyrite is often described as a stone similar to gold. It’s color and nuances sure make it look like gold!

This crystal attracts good fortune and wisdom.

Also, if you need confidence and want to believe in yourself more, pyrite has the qualities to allow for that – it makes you take a good look at yourself and appreciate the qualities you already posses.

7. Labradorite

labrodite crystal provides prosperity

Labradorite is one of the less known crystals which can bring tons of prosperity in your life by cleansing your aura.

It also protects you with transforming your negative thoughts into positive.

The labradorite’s protective elements also can prevent you from making bad decisions when it comes to money.

Your path to prosperity can be protected with labradorite, but only if you are clear in your mind and vision of what you want to manifest.

8. Green Jade

green jade provides prosperity

Green Jade is the good luck stone of the century. It attracts good fortune and money, has a calming vibrations and stabilizes your aura.

In the long term, green jade can make you prosper financially and at work.

They are not only tremendous manifestation stones, but phenomenal crystals for prosperity too.

9. Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is one of those stones that are specifically related to luck and money.

It’s a highly sought after gem for gamblers and bankers. Many investors, entrepreneurs, and business people also swear by it!

It attracts prosperity and chases away bad luck which is what makes these gems some of the best crystals for prosperity.

10. Amethyst

amethyst crystal brings prosperity

An incredibly powerful stone, the amethyst protects both your body and your spirit.

It unlocks and enhances your inner wisdom and improves the senses and ability to comprehend and tackle new challenges.

The amethyst is rightfully considered an excellent choice to own before buying a new house or expanding your business, as it is a powerful ally when dealing with financial matters.

It’s one of the best and most widely used healing crystals in the world, which is why it constantly appears in our top 10 lists like this one.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for prosperity in life and need a boost in creativity or productivity, having fun with crystals is a great activity to nudge your mind into the right direction.

However, you shouldn’t depend on crystals to bring you money for these important reasons.

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