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231 Angel Number Meaning: A Complete Guide

The appearance of the 231 angel number is most likely not a coincidence. There are many reasons as to why you keep seeing this powerful number.

The appearance of the 231 angel number in random places can be more than just a coincidence. It is probably announcing something related to your life. At least, that’s what popular beliefs are in regards to seeing repeated numbers.

The 231 angel number possibly encourages you to trust your inherent qualities to make a new beginning. It might also be a reminder to be confident and optimistic as you can enhance the chances of positive manifestations by staying positive.

Further, the 231 angel number might be guidance to have clarity about your true focus in life. It may be helping you to avoid distractions caused by unwanted things. 

But where do these meanings come from? We will have to explore various realms which attribute powerful energies and features to this number.

231 angel number guide

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Angel Number 231: Why Does it Occur to You Repeatedly? 

Psychologist Carl Jung came up with the concept of Synchronicity which tells that when two or more events coincide, they may not be born for the same reason, but can be interlinked and meaningful. Going by this concept, we can say that the repeated occurrences of the 231 angel number have some meaning.

Even the preachings of Lord Buddha tell us that we attract what we feel, and we can create what we imagine.  Reflection of the same idea can be found in more empirical concepts which we will get into later on.

Most likely, the occurrence of the 231 angel number is a depiction of the thoughts and ideas you are having right now. 

The 231 angel number can be perceived as communication for focussing on the possibilities or potential you have. It may also help you to get rid of self-doubts that are holding you back from making a new beginning.

The 231 angel number is also associated with inspiration to be dynamic and enterprising. Having these qualities are essential to move ahead in life and achieve success. 

Let’s try to unearth various meanings related to the 231 angel number to understand its implications on your life. 

231 Angel Number Meaning

How do we see the random appearances of the 231 angel number? We have already mentioned that they are not isolated occurrences, and there are high chances of having common links between them. Then, is it a miracle or truly a divine message?

With an open mind, we can perceive a miracle as an uncommon incident with a special consequence. And as Littlewood’s Law suggests, every person can be witness to an incident with special effect every 30 days.

Thus, by being receptive to possibilities, we can agree that the appearance of this angel number, again and again, does have some significance in our lives. What we can do here is analyze the broad spectrum of meaning associated with the 231 angel number. It will be easier if we begin with being familiar with the attributes of the numbers 2, 3, and 1 individually. 

231 angel number meaning

What Does the Number 2 Mean in the 231 Angel Number?

The number 231 opens with the number 2, indicating a perfect balance of two things/qualities. This balance probably comes from your quality of being adaptable to various conditions and open to different ideas. These gathered ideas, often not similar in nature, may give birth to better insight, making one cooperative and sensitive

According to the Pythagorean School, the number 2 represents a line that works as a link between two points placed on opposite sides. In Sacred Geometry, the number 2 means the Vesica Piscis. This symbol also signifies the unification of opposite forces for giving birth to more potent energy

Even if we look at Alchemy, the Earth is the number 2 element. And the Earth is related to qualities like diligence, alertness, practicality, and determination

What Does the Number 3 Mean in the 231 Angel Number? 

The Pythagorean School has a special veneration for the number 3 as it is deemed as a spiritual number. It is also believed to have masculine energy, which perfectly complements the feminine attributes of the number 2, seated at the beginning of 231. 

Also, the number 3 encompasses the instinctive qualities of the number 1 with the insight of the number 2 as 1+2 = 3. That is probably why the number 3 is associated with enlightenment. Even if we look at the Chinese Buddhist concept of the “third truth,” it tells us how two truths get merged into a non-dual or greater truth

 Further, in Alchemy, the number 3 represents the element of water that symbolizes the search for the inner-self, and being familiar with your subconscious mind. However, in Platonic Solids, the number 3 corresponds to the tetrahedron, denoting the element of fire, and fire means the passion or power for creation

The number 3 also symbolizes a triangle, which stands for enlightenment, or having a greater perspective about everything

What Does the Number 1 Mean in the 231 Angel Number? 

It is we who have to ultimately discover the true purpose of our lives and encounter our sincere desires. These will further help us to create our own reality based on our thoughts, behaviors, and actions. The number 1 resonates with the power or ability that helps us to look inside and find the sanctity of everything on our own. 

Even in Alchemy, the number 1 element is fire, which symbolizes free will, individuality, and valor. No wonder that in Vedic Astrology, it is said to be the number associated with the planet Sun. 

In Geometry, the number 1 means a point, and in Sacred Geometry, it is seen as a circle, the originator of all other shapes. That is why the number 1 means new beginnings.

Understanding the Deeper Meaning of the 231 Angel Number

Combining the energies of the numbers in the 231 angel number, it can be called the number of self-discovery, assertion, confidence in inherent qualities, wisdom, and new beginnings. 

Now, if we add the numbers in the 231 angel number, we will get the number 6. In mathematics, it is the smallest perfect number as it is the addition and multiplication of the same numbers (2+3+1 = 6 and 2*3*1 = 6). So, the number 6 is often seen as the equilibrium of the creative elements, which are diverse in nature. 

Also, the “Law of Correspondence” resonates with the number 6. The law says that our internal occurrences manifest in the outer world. So, it probably indicates that you can only experience positive things in your life if you have an optimistic frame of mind

Once again, dividing the 231 angel number into two halves, we will get 23 and 31. The number 23 means versatility and growth. It also balances the child-like enthusiasm of the number 3 with insight associated with the number 2. The number 31 is related to enterprising qualities and determination.

Overall, the 231 angel number means zeal, knowledge, and drive, all of which escalate the chance of success. 

231 Angel Number and Hexagon   

The number 6 is the summation of the numerical elements present in the 231 angel number. In geometry, the number 6 means hexagon. Now, like many other geometrical shapes, a hexagon also has some hidden significance.

It is associated with peace attained through balancing the mind and heart. It can also be seen as the symmetry between the material and spiritual world

In Sacred Geometry, the number 6 corresponds to the Merkaba, in which two oppositely-directed tetrahedrons intersect each other. The ascending one is deemed as masculine and the descending one as feminine, and together they exist in a synergized space in the Merkaba.

The unification of these two opposite energies can pave the path for the creation or the attainment of higher consciousness

Repeated Occurrence of the 231 Angel Number: Scientific Explanation

It is only rational to look for scientific foundations for incidents like repeated occurrences of numbers. There are various scientific theories and concepts with which we can hypothetically relate this incidence. Many may say that hypotheses cannot replace a proper scientific theory, but can science evolve or come up with new concepts/theories in the absence of a hypothesis?

Nevertheless, the sensory gating process helps the brain to let in only the necessary information by filtering out the unwanted ones. Usually, sensory gating works in an automatic manner, but it can also be functional during the attention processing of the brain, or in simple words, when you are focusing on any particular information.

Currently in your life, you may be paying attention to a new and fruitful beginning, or working on your natural qualities. Thus, the 231 angel number, associated with these attributes is appearing in your life.

Even the Reticular Activating System or the bundle of nerves in our brainstem performs similar functions, allowing our brain to absorb only what is important.  

231 Angel Number Love 

The 231 angel number encourages you to know your soul well. When you know the truest desires of your soul, it is possible to find an ideal partner for your love life.

This number also means balance and receptivity. Even if both of you do not agree completely in every aspect, there can always be harmony through mutual understanding and admiration

Further, a peaceful relationship is always based on proper communication. The number 3 at the center of the 231 angel number is associated with the great quality of self-expression. It possibly indicates your ability to manifest your desires to your partner so that both of you are in an agreeable space. 

231 angel number love

231 Angel Number Twin Flame

Balance, enlightenment, and unity are all associated with the 231 angel number and can lay the foundation stone of a successful bonding with your twin flame.

The number begins with the number 2, which encourages an exchange of diverse ideas, and it means cooperation. These qualities can make your journey with your twin flame harmonious and create a prospect for understanding the greater one reality we all co-exist in.

The number 3 sitting at the heart represents water, which can be seen as the mirror of nature. Unperturbed water can reflect anything. Thus, it may indicate that you and your twin flame’s soul will be the perfect mirroring of each other.

Once again, if we add the first and last digit of the 231 angel number, we will get 2+1 = 3. So, in this logic, the number 3, related to spirituality, is being mirrored in the 231 angel number. This may indicate that your bond with your twin flame will help you feel a deeper spiritual connection

Further, the number 231, adding up to the number 6, is seen as the synergy of the inner and outer world. In all probability, this number indicates that your twin flame will help you discover your true self and understand that the outer world is a mere manifestation of your soul

231 Angel Number in the Bible

There is no verse numbered 231 in the Bible. However, we will find some relatable verses when searched with the number 23:1.

1 Chronicles 23:1 verse talks about the declaration of Solomon as the King of Israel after his father became old. This verse indicates a new beginning for the Kingdom of Israel, and it resonates well with the meaning of the 231 angel number, which signifies the beginning of something new

In 23:1 Psalm, David says that the Lord is his shepherd and there is no lack of anything. Going by the Bible itself, we can say that the Lord resides within us.

Knowing the self will be no lesser than knowing God. The 231 angel number tells you to look inside in order to know and respect the soul inside you, and this knowledge can end the dearth of peace, abundance, and success in your life. 

231 angel number bible meaning

231 Angel Number: Fun Facts and Other Meaning

Final Thoughts

The 231 angel number means the possibility of abundant opportunities in your life. It also says that the process toward the optimization of these chances begins with knowing the inner-self.

When you know what your soul is seeking, there will be better clarity in your thoughts, ideas, behaviors, and actions. As a result, the world around you will automatically change for the better

Even if you are confused about the true meaning of the 231 angel number, introspection is always a great method to know where you have gone wrong and where you could have done better. Thus, you can hone up your inherent qualities and take a step forward toward achieving your goal.

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