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122 Angel Number Meanings: A Complete Guide

Are you seeing the 122 angel number on repeat? Is there a hidden significance and meaning of it for you? Let's explore it in this complete guide.

Numbers are obvious aspects of reality. They attribute form, meaning, and structure to your life.

For instance, your age, height, weight, and address, are all numbers. Furthermore, what are years, months, and dates? You guessed it. They are numbers. However, can numbers have mystical meanings? 

You might be seeing the 122 angel number on repeat. It pops up at places you least expect and seem to carry some sort of significance. Why is this happening?

Is it a call from a parallel reality? Can you define such recurrence scientifically? Is it a reason for alarm? 

Let your soul be at peace. The 122 angel number implies the need for balancing your emotions. It also signifies that you might be ready for a spiritual ascension. Besides, its meaning adheres to positive qualities such as progress, courage, love, and faith.

Enjoy this complete guide to angel number 122.

122 angel number meanings

Are Angel Numbers Real? 

The introduction to angel numbers can be an overwhelming experience. To believe in the mystique of angels, one needs a solid grounding of faith. It is nothing short of a holy revelation that will test the boundaries of reason and logic. 

The Holy Bible, for instance, has several references to angels, most notably in the final Book of Revelations. Also, the Holy Book speaks of practical wisdom, wealth management, politics, and day-to-day affairs.

So, by corollary, if you are to believe the more realistic aspects of the Bible, then you must also try and believe the surreal, right?

Nevertheless, one needs to rely on wisdom always for a factual interpretation of the deeper meanings of Bible verses or divine interpretations.

Rest your faith in God, and believing in mysteries will be easier. Even our everyday lives encounter many mysterious feelings, such as deja vu, presque vu, and jamais vu. No one can explain coincidences, dreams, and telepathic communique!

Also, philosophy is an established branch of studies where it is natural to open your mind to wonders and mysteries. This discipline often deals with the enigma of angels, life & death, and the strangest of thoughts. 

Science itself often treads the boundaries of the unreal. For instance, the String Theory is a scientific principle trying to explain parallel realities. Also, modern science has made many such things commonplace that would have been perceived as magical even forty years ago. Who knew telephones could be wireless and computers could create virtual reality?

Even if you are a very scientific person, it’s practical to keep an open mind about everything. It’s not uncommon for totally practical people to notice the recurrence of the 122 angel number in their lives. 

Ask Tom. He is a stock market analyst at the Wall Street. He has a highly calculative mind and used to think of angel numbers as irrelevant. Then, he started noticing the recurrence of 122.

At first, it was not so obvious. However, soon, he could not neglect the coincidences anymore. The 122 angel number seems to watch him and follow him everywhere. The number even started to appear randomly on his computer screen all the time. 

If you are like Tom, don’t freak out! Instead, you may want to know the hidden meanings of angel numbers so you can decipher it all for yourself.

Is it angels? Is there a scientific explanation for the phenomena of angel numbers? Can you explain them with philosophy?

Let’s find out.

122 angel number meaning

Where Do Angel Number Meanings Come From?

You may want to refer to numerology to unravel the mystery of the 122 angel number. Numerology is an ancient discipline of explaining the world by numbers. Perhaps, the most ancient instance of numerology derives from the Samkhya school of thought in ancient India.

This great philosophy explains creation as a communion between consciousness (Purusha) and matter (Prakriti). The masculine Purusha explains the nature of the world by numbers, whereby the feminine Prakriti manifests.

Also relevant is the Advaita (non-dual) philosophy from India, which propounds the Purusha and Prakriti to be One. A manifestation of this non-duality is the Ardhnarishwara.

The Holy Bible also relies on numbers to explain the myth of creation, spirituality and resurrection. God creates the world in Six days. Jesus resurrects from the dead in three days, and so on. 

Numerology simplifies a big number into a single digit at its basic form. This simplification is achieved primarily by the process of simple addition (yoga).

However, one can use other basic functions. For instance, multiplication is but a system of repeated addition. Again, subtraction refers to negative addition, and division is nothing but repeated subtraction.  

So, where does the 122 angel number stand on a numerological scale? 

You can write 122 as a set of three numbers 1, 2, and 2. This flexibility with numbers is the first premise of understanding numerology. Once you can view each value separately, you can put them in any accepted functions (add, multiply, subtract, and divide).  

Therefore, the value of 122 is 5 by basic numerology. 

1 + 2 + 2 = 5 

Then, you need to understand how the number 5 relates to your emotional state. Five is the number of the perfect balance since it is in the center of the numerological scale of One to Nine. No number can be less than One, or go beyond Nine, by the system of numerology. 

Personally, this may mean that you need to work on the unbalanced aspects of your life. It can be a career thing or a relationship issue. Also, it perhaps implies the need for emotional balancing of your nature’s light and dark aspects.

Scientific Explanation of Seeing Repeated Numbers 

Science relies on data and its interpretation. In that sense, any number should have a scientific base, even angel numbers. Nevertheless, this approach might be a highly generic one. For a more specific explanation, you might want to purview the 122 angel number by the principle of resonance.

Also, you can try and explain this recurrence from the perspective of the string theory. Who knows, the angel numbers might as well be communications from an intelligent parallel dimension, intertwined with our realities! However, the concept of multiverses is still quite nascent and asks for a lot of evidence to be established.

For now, let us try and explain numerical coincidences by resonance. But, first, you will need some background. It is easy to understand that numbers also define every solid shape that you see around. For example, your computer is a solid shape, with a set of fixed dimensions (length, breadth, and height). Your car is a complex geometry, with various solid shapes rolled into one. 

Now, do you know that every object has a natural frequency? This wavelength is determined by constantly vibrating atomic motions inside everything, along with a host of other factors. Also, consider the fact that everything in the Universe is in motion. The earth is revolving around the sun, and the moon revolves around the earth in its orbit. Wherever there is motion, a set of frequencies comes to be. 

Also, our brains emit electromagnetic waves all the time. Science categorizes these as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Theta. These wavelengths depend on your emotional state. For instance, the brain is in Beta mode when you are active. Again, when you concentrate, the brain goes into Gamma mode. 

Now, what is a resonant frequency? It is the frequency with which an object responds by exhibiting an increased amplitude in response to the effect from an external vibrating source. In conclusion, if the vibration from the world matches the frequency of your emotional state, the intelligent Universe (or a parallel reality) may respond through angel numbers. 

Also, the numbers might be specific because your frequency is resonant with certain fixed geometrical shapes in your immediate surrounding. So, you may notice the Angel number 5 frequently if the frequency from five-pointed shapes happens to match your emotional state. 

This theory or resonance may also be the basis of crystal healing. Crystals are beautiful geometric shapes that emit a certain vibration. If your emotional state wants to heal from an affliction, you emit a certain vibration. A resonant crystal can match and amplify this vibration to enhance the healing process. 

Of course, all these are just assumptions. To date, there are no concrete scientific explanations for Angel numbers.

122 Angel Number Meaning

What is the 122 angel number meaning? It primarily influences life with the effects of Five. This number has a deep spiritual significance in ancient traditions of India, China, Japan, and Wicca.

There are five elements of creation and five senses of a human. The number five even appears in cultural narratives, such as in the movie The Fifth Element. Sikhs must observe five practices to uphold their faith, and Islam has five core beliefs. 

Therefore, being in that fifth state needs you to embark on some serious soul-searching.  Such majestic relevances of Five can seem overwhelming at first. However, you may soon find that five is a guidance number that asks you to work on emotional balancing. You must be honest and overcome denial to identify your problem areas. 

For instance, you may be an impulsive person. You make major life decisions on a whim and deal with the consequences later. This might be an unbalanced approach to decision-making. If you can assess the aftermath first, and then decide, balancing can be achieved. 

Again, the 122 angel number may guide you to overcome common vices such as laziness, lying, and bitterness. Unbalanced anger is a major problem for most people. You need to balance it with compassion, empathy, and sometimes, even with indifference.

122 spiritual meaning

122 Angel Number and Hope 

The 122 angel number starts with One. One is the God-number in numerology because it is the first. Of One, all other numbers come to be, and that too, by a progression of One. 

1 + 1 = 2

2 + 1 = 3

3 + 1 = 4, and so on. 

The meaning implied here can be a call to have faith in God. Rely on The Holy Spirit of God with an unadulterated mind. Free your mind of the clutter of confusion, and the spiritual message of the angel number becomes clear.

The hope of deliverance is a potent elixir that can save you from the darkness of guilt. Try to have hope.

122 Angel Number and the Pentacle 

Do you know that the 122 angel number perfectly represents the five-pointed star? The star is a major spiritual symbol as it led the holy men to the scene of the nativity. Also, the five-axis points of the star represent the five elements, earth, air, water, fire, and space. 

Mystics believe that all are made up of these five elements! For instance, blood represents water, body heat is fire, the breath is air, and the bones are made of earth. As for space, it may refer to your consciousness. So, 122 may imply that you enact balance by these essential elements.   

In other words, you may need to identify how your personality traits relate to these elements of nature and find the balance within. For instance, you may be a heavy gym-goer. You love training and being fit. This activity is related to the elements of earth, fire, water, and air. 

However, you have to find the balance within. Does missing the gym makes you cranky? Do you over-exercise and end up with a sore body? Do you follow a regular breathing rhythm? You might want to follow these cues from the 122 angel number to ensure you have a balanced body and mind (the fifth element).  

The gym scenario is only an example. On thinking deeper, you can find the relevance of the 122 Angel number pentacle in anything you do. 

Life Path of Angel Number 122

Angel numbers may also reveal life path readings. You just have to follow the direction of the numbers and decipher what it means.

122 angel number life path begins with One and then continues with double Two’s. This formation might mean that your life path should commence in oneness with God, and continue through double layers of duality. 

The first ‘Two’ indicates the duality of mind and body. Again, the next ‘Two’ represents the duality of the mind and spirit.

In this respect, the life path reading of 122 is very similar to that of the 1220 angel number

What Does 122 Mean in the Bible?

The Holy Bible is a numerical exercise in spirituality. From the beginning to the end, verses with specific numbers define the narrative of the Bible.

Reading about the relevance of the 122 angel number in the Bible can offer amazing insights. It can also reveal the direction that God intends you to take via the message of 122. 

However, there is no verse number 122 in the Bible. So, we referred to verse number 1:22 in various books of the Bible.

Verse 1:22 in the Book of Proverbs admonishes those who foolishly fail to see the wisdom in everyday life. In a similar strain, Romans 1:22 speaks of how a guilty mind may convince itself to be wise.

Surprisingly, Sirach 1:22 also praises the virtue of wisdom. It says that there should be no excuse for unjustified anger, and it can bring a person’s downfall.  

122 Angel Number Interpretations from the New Testament

122 bible meaning

In New Testament Books, verse 1:22 speaks about the life of Jesus.

Matthew 1:22 explains that God has a plan, and everything that happens, does so to herald the birth of Jesus by immaculate conception. 

Mark 1:22 tells of an anecdote from the life of Jesus. It says that when Jesus taught his sermons to the world, the people were amazed because he spoke in the authority of holy power, unlike false prophets.

2 Corinthians 1:22 declares the ownership of God over his followers, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the covenant. 

Philippians 1:22 reveals the spiritual confusion in the heart of the followers. The prophet Paul says that even to die in Christ is acceptable to him, lest he cannot make his life worthwhile.

Colossians 1:22 comforts the believers that the death of Christ on the cross has made them friends with the Lord, so that they can be blameless in His presence. 

The verse in James 1:22 is perhaps the most relevant to the 122 angel number. It says that the followers of Christ should not deceive themselves by merely listening to the word of God. Instead, they must practice the path of Christ in their lives.

122 Angel Number Love

Angel number 122 represents having a strong balance between your relationships in life, including your romantic ones. Although we may see our parter as separate, it’s important to unearth the hidden layers and realize the shared love between each other while maintaining a healthy balance.

First and foremost, evaluate whether you trust your partner. Also, be honest and judge if you can be trusted. Never build a relationship on lying as it erodes trust. Sometimes, people lie so as not to hurt a loved one. However, such an approach may do more harm than good later on. 

Other common places of unbalanced love include envy, malice, and ego. Do not deny these negative feelings if you want to work on them. Instead, you must gently accept that these are your problem areas, and you must overcome them.   

Perhaps, you are a sensitive being and feel all things too deeply. Such insights can be quite painful. So, you should balance your soul-searching with a deep love for who you are.

Treat yourself with love, and let your loved ones know your presence. Loved ones in life present an essential support system that can help you overcome the toughest hurdles.

122 angel number love meaning

122 Angel Number Twin Flame 

Believers in Twin Flame always have hope of finding their destined partners in this world. Twin Flame ordains that God creates a mirror for each soul, and the purpose of life is to find this perfect person who mirrors your soul’s music. 

122 signifies a deep correlation in uniting with your twin flame. As a symbol of progression, unity, faith, and hope, angel number 122 strongly acknowledges your hidden desire of healing yourself so that you can further connect with your twin flame, whoever they are.

Let’s find out how we got to this meaning.

One hundred twenty-two consists of three variables 1, 2, and 2. 

Applying the repeated addition function (multiply), you can rewrite these variables as (1+2) X 2. 

So, finally, you get the numerological value 6. 

Furthermore, you can write 6 as 3 + 3

You can rearrange this result, as per numerology, into 33. 

33 is a significant Twin Flame number. 

It represents the balancing of mind-body-soul energies in twin flames.

122 Angel Number Ascension

The 122 Angel number is a powerful ascension number. It indicates spiritual advancement from singularity, to duality, and finally to the trinity balance of mind-body-soul. 

You can rearrange the number 122 as 1, 2, and 2 in numerology. 

Furthermore, you can deduct it as 1, (1 +1), and 2. 

At this state, it indicates the singularity of God-number 1, and the duality of Two. 

Next, you can rewrite this formation as (1 + 1), (1+2). 

Numerology lets you be flexible in the way you interpret the formation of numbers. 

Therefore, 122 is also 23. 

The transition from Two to Three indicates ascension from duality to the balanced trinity of mind-body-spirit.  

On a personal level, this may indicate the counsel to realize that the purpose of mind-body duality is to elevate your vibrations to the oneness of the Holy Spirit. 

In other words, this Angel number may indicate that you need to overcome confusion in life and settle in the serenity of the heart, where the soul resides.

122 angel number twin flame

122 Fun Facts and Other Meanings

December 2 (12/2) happens to be an eventful day in history. In 1845, the then US president expounded the declaration to expand its territory, described as ‘Manifest Destiny.’

In 1956, on this day, Che Guevera and others reached the Cuban shore on The Granma. They would proceed to herald the Cuban Revolution.

It is the birthday (1925) of actress Julie Harris. She played several memorable roles! Most notable of these roles include Lucifer’s Child, Exile in Jerusalem, the Road to Mecca, and the Scent of the Roses.

Silent film era actor Harrison Ford died on this day in 1957. It is also the birthday of rapper JuiceWRLD (1998), who died in 2019.

Aaron Copeland, a famous American composer, died on this day in 1990. 

The United Nations adopted this day in 1986 as the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

More recently, in 2020, the United Nations Commission on Narcotics Drugs removed Cannabis as one of the most dangerous drugs.

Ironically, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was killed in a shootout on this day in 1993 after a massive manhunt.  

Final Thoughts

The meaning of angel number 122 is open to your interpretation.

As you infer the significance of 122 with an open mind, you can perhaps find a positive direction in life.

If you think you’re ready, here are 5 essential steps to begin your spiritual journey today.