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353 Angel Number Meaning: A Complete Guide

Are you curious about why you see 353 angel number everywhere? It has wonderful meanings which include spiritual wisdom and positive change.

Does the 353 angel number keep appearing to you everywhere? What is it trying to tell you? Do not fret, as there are endless possibilities.

We may decode the 353 angel number as an indication of the current or in-future changes in your life. These changes are probably the outcome of your positive attitude or a constant strive to do better in every aspect of your life

Angel number 353 may also be acting as an encouragement for the decisions you have taken to bring those changes. This number may help nudge you to transform your decisions into actions through your intuitiveness, resourcefulness, motivation, and idealism.

Let’s explore how we extracted all these meanings from simple numbers.

353 angel number guide

Angel Number 353 And Why You Keep Seeing It

Angel number 353 is packed with meanings and possibilities, and we will be getting into that arena later. However, numbers are special as they have a universal meaning. On the other hand, Numeracy, or the knowledge to use numerical concepts, is associated with the application of mathematics in our daily lives.  

Ancient philosophers and historians used to believe that there is mathematics in everything in the universe. Revered physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei had said that God had used the language of mathematics to write this universe. 

So, when you see the 353 angel number, it may be trying to tell you something about your life.  It is possibly telling you to make pragmatic life choices and implement them through your natural abilities and creative skills. In simple words, it is probably an indication that it’s time to act

Angel number 353 can also be decoded as a number of motivations. In all probability, it is telling you to get rid of the past and embrace the new changes using your adaptability.

Let’s explore the different realms of where these meanings derive from, including religion, spirituality and science.

Scientific Explanation of 353 Angel Number

Angel numbers are associated with metaphysics, or a branch of philosophy. It sets the background by highlighting the possibilities and paves the path for science to discover the sanctity of those possibilities through observation and experience.

In another way, metaphysics probably helps science to evolve continuously. 

So then, is there any scientific reason why angel number 353 is repeatedly appearing? Let’s explore.

RAS and the Repeated Occurrence Numbers

The universal spiritual law of attraction says “like attracts like,” meaning that you will only get the things you focus on in your life. We can call the Reticular Activating System or RAS the scientific account of this spiritual law.

Our brain is a complex organ, and RAS refers to a bunch of nerves in our brain stem. These nerves are functional to filter and absorb only the things you are focusing on currently

Here we can draw a hypothesis. Probably you are currently focusing on a new beginning, self-manifestation, abundance, utilization of your natural abilities, etc. As a result, the number 353, associated with these attributes, is repeatedly appearing and in random places.

We don’t usually miss it when someone calls us by our name, even amidst a tumultuous crowd. It’s like the same experience where your RAS is attracting only the things you are focusing on.   

The Scientific Principles of Resonance

We can possibly also explain the repeated occurrence of angel number 353 on the basis of the science of resonance. Our brainwaves or electrical activities of our brain are made out of our conscious or natural vibrations. At the same time, numbers associated with Platonic solids and Sacred Geometry have their own vibrations. 

Going by the scientific principle of resonance, we can consider the occurrence of angel number 353 as a periodic force. The principle also highlights that when an external periodic force is applied to an object, and its wavelength matches the wavelength of the object, the object will have an amplified vibration.

Now the principle of resonance will be applied if the natural wavelength of your brain matches the wavelength or vibrations of the angel number 353

So, hypothetically, the appearance of this angel number may increase the vibration of your natural brainwaves, ensuring positive results.

Quantum Physics and the Repeating Numbers

The number 3 has mirrored or double presence in the angel number 353. Again, the number 3 can be associated with the “third-eye” concept of non-duality.

Now, non-duality is derived from the Hindu school of Advaita Vedanta, which is related to Idealism, the core concept of Quantum Physics. Idealism says that reality depends on how we perceive it

The number 353 appears probably appears repeatedly in your life because you are trying to find a new beginning, joy, abundance, and other positive experiences.

353 angel number meaning

353 Angel Number Meaning 

We can draw many hypotheses and assume scientific explanations for the repeated occurrence of an angel number in our lives. But probably, we need to look beyond and unearth the broad spectrum of meaning associated with angel numbers from various perspectives. 

Angel number 353 means that the choices and decisions you have made in your life are right. It signifies that you need to immediately transform them into actions for positive or progressive experiences. 

However, 353 angel number’s frequency and attributes consist of the energy and features of numbers 3 and 5. Besides, the number 3 appears twice in the number, or it is mirrored. So, we have to reveal the meanings of these individual numbers at first. 

Meaning of 3 in 353

In numerology, the number 3 is associated with communication, self-expression, optimism, enthusiasm, creativity, and natural abilities. It is believed that the number 3 is attributed to strong spiritual significance.

The Pythagorean School also projects the number 3 or Triad as a spiritual number, and it is considered the “supreme of all numbers.”

Once again, from the mathematical point of view, the number 3 is the summation of the number appearing before it. And you will get the consecutive numbers 4 and 5 by adding the number 3 with the numbers before it. 

Also, the number three unites force, represented by the number 1, with openness. So, together, it can be a number of the ultimate wisdom

The number 3 also corresponds to the geometrical shape of a triangle. Now, a triangle is associated with many religious traditions like the Hindu beliefs of Yantra, and third-eye

This number also holds a special significance in the Christian tradition because of its association with the Holy Trinity. It is often associated with the “Eye of Providence” in Christianity, representing an “all-seeing eye.”

You can see that the number three has a special place in Buddhism as it refers to Trikaya or the three modes of the Lord Buddha

Even in Alchemy, the world is constituted of four elements, the earth, fire, air, and water. And each element is represented by a triangle.  

The number 3 appears twice in the number 353. That means it’s the features, meanings, and significance of the number 3 will be amplified. 

Meaning of 5 in 353

The number 5 is at the center of the angel number 353.

The number 5 means resourcefulness, individuality, adaptability, versatility, and positive choices in life. This number also signifies learning from the past and idealism

In Pythagorean School and Platonism, the number 5 is the number of balance as it is the summation of the number 2 and number 3. It is a marriage of the masculine energy of the number 3 and the feminine energy of the number 2. Again, it’s a union of the non-duality of the number 3 and the duality of the number 2.

Pythagoreans introduced the concept of tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron, or the five regular solids. These solids are now known as Platonic solids.

In geometry, the number 5 is associated with a simple pentagon or an intersecting pentagon, known as a pentagram. A pentagram was revered as a holy symbol in ancient Greek and Babylonian civilizations. Also, in Christianity, it is related to the five senses or “five sacred wounds” of Jesus Christ

In Islam, the number 5 refers to five pillars of the religion, faith, prayer, fasting during the holy Ramadan, offering alms, and pilgrimage to Mecca. 

All of this means that the number 5 in angel number 353 may symbolize growth and abundance following a path aligned to the spiritual realm.

353 spiritual meaning

The Deeper Meaning of 353 Angel Number

The number 353, in all probability, indicates significant changes in your life. It may also signify that the decisions you have made for bringing changes in your life are correct, and it’s time to implement them through your actions.

As a whole, 353 angel number means a new beginning with a positive mindset. The number is also related to creativity, natural abilities, power of communication. You can even associate attributes like adaptability, enthusiasm, partnership, and versatility to it. 

Further, if we add the individual numbers, we will get 11. Number 11 means companionship, flexibility, cooperation, and harmony. Once again, 1+1 = 2, and the number 2 is associated with balance, togetherness, peace, and consideration

Again, if we take the first two digits of the number 353, we will get the number 35. The number 35 signifies positive life changes. And the latter half of the number 353 is 53.

The number 53 signifies liberation from the fright of the unknown and failure. So, the two halves actually complement each other as you probably will be more motivated toward a new beginning without the fear of getting out of your comfort zone or setbacks.

353 Angel Number Love

Angel number 353 signifies a blossoming love life through deep spiritual wisdom and a change of attitudes and behaviours. It is a number that is hinting towards progression and raised awareness, but it’s up to you to make the changes necessary which is why your attention remains fixed on angel number 353.

The root numbers and their positioning can make 353 angel number a number of love and partnership. The number 3, associated with self-manifestation, enthusiasm, and creativity, appears in this number twice. It may symbolize that you can manifest your desires and likings to your partner well.

In angel number 353, the number 5 is placed at the center. This number is associated with the Roman Goddess of Love, Venus. That means 353 may be indicative of a relationship filled with love

Once again, if you add the individual numbers in 353, you will get 3+5+3 = 11. The number 11 has been associated with fruitful partnerships. Maybe, you can use your adaptability (an attribute of number 5) and a positive mindset (an attribute of number 3) to be in a harmonious space with your partner

Further, the number 1 symbolizes unity, and it is revered as the beginning of all numbers and things in the world. Even in geometry, the number 1 corresponds to a point from which every geometric form or shape starts. So, maybe the presence of two ones in number 11, a summation of the individual numbers in 353, will reinforce the scope for beginning a new relationship

Also, if we further add the numbers in 11, we will get 1+1 = 2. The number 2 is symbolic of togetherness, balance, empathy, harmony, and teamwork. The 353 angel number is indicating that your relationship with your significant one will be balanced and peaceful

353 love twin flame

353 Angel Number Twin Flame 

You can see that the number 3 is mirrored in the 353 angel number. And your twin flame is your mirror soul. So, the number probably indicates that your association with your twin flame is a positive and progressive one.

The number can also be interpreted as a successful journey with your twin flame. And every stage of that journey can be about complementing each other and giving that extra nudge for doing better. At the end of the journey, you may feel complete within yourself

Once again, 353 angel number adds up to the number 11, which means cooperation, adaptability, and togetherness. So, you may interpret the appearance of the 353 angel number as an indication of togetherness with your twin flame. Thus, probably, your relationship with your twin flame will be perfect and helpful in understanding your true mission and purpose in life.

The number 1 is mirrored in the number 11, amplifying the frequency and attributes of the number 1. The number 1, associated with the masculine energy of the planet Sun, indicates new beginnings and vitality.

That means the appearance of the number 353 suggests that you are about to start a new journey with your twin flame leaving the setbacks in your past behind

Finally, the number 1 is a symbol of unity, strengthening the possibility of a perfect bond with your twin flame for positive experiences in your life.

353 Angel Number in Bible

There is no verse in the Bible that exactly matches the number 353. However, there are several verses numbered 35:3 in the Bible. 

In verse 35:3 in Genesis, Jacob is telling everyone in his household and around the area to go to Bethel together. There, he will build an altar for God, who has been by him in times of need.

If you just look at verse 35:2 to understand it better, you will find that Jacob is asking everyone to leave their old clothes and purify themselves before going to Bethel. Isn’t there an amazing similarity with the 353 angel number, which means a new beginning and leaving all the setbacks behind?

Again in Isaiah 35:3, you will find a pledge to make the weak hands strong, and steady the knees which are about to collapse. The angel number 353 is also associated with cultivating your natural abilities and working on them to get progressive experiences in your life.

353 bible meaning

Fun Facts and Meanings of 353

  • Greek architects Pythios and Satyrose were ordered to design and construct a gigantic tomb for Persian ruler Mausolus of Caria in 353 BC
  • Emperor Constantius won over Magnentius in the Battle of Mons Seleucus in 353 AD


Angel number 353 can be interpreted as the beginning of something new that will have a positive impact on your life. Probably, it is trying to motivate you to use your abilities, power, and wisdom to transform your progressive ideas and thoughts into actions

Even if you are unsure of the spiritual significance of this angelic number, changes and optimized utilization of your natural abilities can always lead to prosperity in your life.

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