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1231 Angel Number Meaning: A Complete Guide

1231 angel number signifies an advancement in your goals or dreams. Here is a deep dive into all meanings of 1231.

Do you feel confused seeing the 1231 angel number everywhere you look?

Here’s a deep and extensive guide to probable meanings and possibilities on why you keep noticing it.

1231 angel number guide

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

1231 Angel Number Meaning

Angel numbers have been around for thousands of years. They come from the ancient study of numbers by mathematicians and philosophers who have inferred that numbers are a universal language and hold everything in place.

The term ‘angel number’ is a rather new concept that the new age spiritual community has coined since interpreting these numbers to act as guides. Some believe these numbers are direct communications from actual angels or spiritual beings.

Others believe a scientific approach that explains why we keep seeing repeated numbers or patterns which we will get into later.

The 1231 angel number means an encouragement to reach your goals or realize your dreams. It may also indicate that you need to prepare for changes that will bring positive results in your life.

However, to understand the broad spectrum of possible meanings and impacts this angel number has, you should understand how we have tried to decode the number from various aspects. 

The 1231 angel number is constituted of three numbers, 1, 2, and 3. The number one is appearing twice in this number.

That means we have to unpack the possible meanings, vibrations, and significance of these individual numbers.

Meaning of 1 in 1231

The number 1 is associated with creativity, independence, confidence, and originality. It also signifies the masculine energy of the sun, which is considered the most powerful planet in Vedic Astrology.

The number 1 also means new beginnings and vitality. It represents power, self-reliance, ambition, and drive. 

According to numerology, the number 1 gives birth to all other numbers. It is neither a female nor a male number according to numerology. Most of its attributes are still related to masculine energy. 

Let’s also have a look at the Pythagorean significance of the number 1.

Pythagoreanism says that the number 1 is symbolic of unity, and it is revered as the origin of all things or numbers. You can get any number by adding the number 1 multiple times.

The number 1 can be associated with a single point in geometry, which every other geometrical shape and symbol starts from this single point.

Meaning of 2 in 1231 

The number 2 is related to partnership, togetherness, and balance. It is traditionally associated with cooperation, teamwork, harmony, and peace.

The number 2 also signifies empathy, adaptability, and sensitivity. In Vedic Astrology, the number two resonates with the feminine energy of the planet moon.

In number 1231, it balances the masculine energy of the number 1 because of its position. 

Pythagoreanism also adds feminine principles to the number 2. In geometry, the number is a correspondence to a line that has two extremities. 

In mathematics, two is the smallest and only even prime number, forming the basis of duality.

Meaning of 3 in 1231 

The number 3 is historically associated with creativity, communication, self-manifestation, and teamwork. It is related to cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and joy.

Also, it is believed that the vibration of the number 3 resonates well with the Ascended Masters, which is a new age spiritual term that refers to past prophets.

The number 3 also has a special place in Christianity because of its association with the Holy Trinity

In numerology, the number three is believed to have strong spiritual connections. It is often related to as the mind-body-soul connection or the birth-life-death cycle

In Pythagoreanism, the number three is projected as a spiritual number with masculine energies. Also, it is a correspondence of the triangle, the geometrical shape with three sides.

Once again, the Pythagorean School identifies “triad” or “3” as the supreme of all digits. 

This number is the only number to be a summation of the numbers before it. Besides, if you add the number 3 with the numbers before it, you will get the consecutive numbers.

To explain:

The number 1 and 2 come before the number 3.

Now, 1+2 = 3.

Again, 3+1 = 4, and 3+2 = 5. 

angel number 1231 meaning

Deeper Meanings of the 1231 Angel Number

If we combine the energy of the digits, we may see the 1231 angel number as a number of new beginnings with reinforced power, ambition, and drive. The number also might be indicative of teamwork, harmony, and balance. 

1231 signifies impetuousness and creativity. The number is also associated with great communication, adaptability, and sensitivity. Overall, the number is an indication that you have or need to earn these qualities to reach your goal in life

Once again, we can break the 1231 angel number into various parts

If we consider the first half of the number, 12, it signifies the absolute balance. Here, flexibility, cooperation, and sensitivity (the possible vibration of the number 2) are the perfect components to determination, independence, and vigor (the vibration of the number 1). 

Then again, we may consider the second half of the 1231 angel number, 31. The number 31 symbolizes that you have big dreams, and you can achieve success by using your creative skills, power of communication, and other natural abilities

Further, if we take the first three numbers of the 1231 angel number, it will be 123.

The number 123 may mean that you need to make a new beginning leaving all the negative things behind. It also tells you to use your confidence, adaptability, and creativity to fulfill your ambition. 

Finally, the last three digits of the 1231 angel number are 2, 3, and 1. The number 231 symbolizes the right balance of dynamism, sociability, tolerance, and self-manifestation

Explanation of the 1231 Angel Number from Some Different Perspectives

If we try to reduce the 1231 angel number to a single digit as per numerology, we will get 1+2+3+1 = 7. The Pythagorean numerology says that the number 7 is the result of a union between two numbers, 3 and 4.

In Pythagorean theory, 3 is a spiritual number, and 4 is a physical number. So, the number 7 may symbolize wholeness in physical and spiritual realms

In geometry, the number 7 is associated with a heptagon. It is a 7-sided polygon. Being associated with Venus and Neptune, the number 7 is historically seen as a number of love and union.

On the other hand, a heptagon might symbolize an inward direction. Together, they can be interpreted as an inward journey to discover self-love

Once again, there is this concept of heptagram in geometry. You can call a self-intersecting heptagon a heptagram.

Traditionally, the heptagram is believed to be an occult symbol associated with astrology and witchcraft.

You can draw a heptagram in two forms, obtuse and acute-angled.  The obtuse form may be a symbol of peace, harmony, contentment, and alignment with natural laws.

Whereas, the acute-angle form, in all probability, stands for interactions with the natural forces to make progressive experiences. 

Scientific Explanation of Angel Number 1231

The human brain is an electrochemical organ. It emanates certain electrical activities. The forms in which these activities are depicted are called brainwaves. Going by the science of resonance, we can say that these brainwaves are originated from vibrations at a certain frequency. 

Similarly, numbers are traditionally related to Platonic solids and sacred geometry, where each shape or pattern emanates a specific vibration. So, we may infer that your brain has a certain vibration and the number you are seeing has a specific vibration.

That means that the appearance of angel number 1231 is like a periodic force if we go by the science of resonance. 

Now, if the frequency of your brain matches with the frequency of angel number 1231, the perfect resonance will be created. The scientific principle of resonance says that the vibration of an object may get amplified when the wavelength of an external periodic force matches its frequency. 

So, there can be a hypothesis. The frequency of angel number 1231 may enhance the vibration of your brainwaves, bringing positive results.

There is also the theory of RAS which stands for Reticular Activating System. In short, this theory claims that our brains are designed in a way to filter specific things we are attracted to. 

1231 Angel Number Love

1231 symbolizes the beginning of a new romantic relationship. It also indicates that it’s the right time for growth in your relationship.

The 1231 angel number is even associated with compassion, companionship, and adaptability. Therefore, the number may be signalling you to adopt or re-discover these qualities to enjoy a fulfilling romantic relationship. 

1231 adds up to the number 7, the believed number of the perfect union. Therefore, it may indicate that your association with your beloved will be nothing short of perfect.

Most importantly, traditionally, the number 7 is projected as a symbol of the journey to discover self-love. And once you start loving yourself, the chances of getting loved also may get magnified. 

Also, we can call the 1231 angel number a perfectly balanced one. There is an attribute of independence related to the number 1 on the one hand.

On the other hand, there is companionship, an attribute traditionally associated with the number 2. 

The number 3 is the number of self-manifestation and communication.

So, it may mean that you can express your feelings and desires even if there is a disagreement with your partner. The open dialogue may further help avoid bigger conflicts

1231 may be an indication that with responsibility, generosity, and compassion, you can stabilize the relationship despite some phases of conflict. Moreover, this might be a calling to look inward to create/maintain a harmonious relationship with your significant one.

1231 angel number love

1231 Angel Number Twin Flame

1231 may indicate that your bond with your twin flame will be a harmonious and peaceful one. 

The 1231 angel number is associated with strong masculine energy with the presence of one twice and three once.

However, the number two in it may act as the feminine energy and balancing factor.

Once again, the numbers two and three are both believed to have collaboration as one of the attributes. So, the 1231 angel number may suggest that your collaboration with your twin flame will be a fruitful one. 

Numerologically, the 1231 angel number sums up to the number 7. Being a probable number of the perfect union, it may also indicate that the journey with your twin flame will be about completeness or perfection

What To Do Next After Seeing 1231

You do not need to feel confused or stressed when you see angel number 1231.

It may be telling you to find your drive and use your power to fulfill your ambition. The number is probably an indication to know what really matters in your life and part ways with the elements that are creating hurdles. 

Also, the number may be telling you to work on your natural abilities and be optimistic about using them for achieving the goal in your life.

The goal may be on an individual level or from a collaborative perspective. You can achieve that goal by being enthusiastic in every situation and loving your work or efforts. 

1231 can be seen as guidance to look inward and find your true calling or deepest desires.

Most importantly, it may be a signal to start something new that will be fulfilling for your physical as well as spiritual aspirations.

Do not lose compassion, generosity, and sensitivity in your drive to achieve your desired outcome.

Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 1231

There is no verse in the Bible if we try to search for angel number 1231. However, you can refer to Psalm 123:1, A song of ascents.

Here the Psalmist is looking to God up in heaven, and thus he is gaining the confidence and trust for mercy. 

Verse 12:31 in Exodus depicts a situation where the Pharaoh summons Moses and Aaron at night. Then, he asks them to leave him and his people and worship the Lord as they have requested. 

Again, you can look at verse 12:31 in Deuteronomy. It asks not to worship the Lord as the invaders do. They practice many things detested by the Lord. 

You will get many verses in the Bible if you search for verse number 12:31.

Perhaps the most relevant verse is 12:31 in Matthew.

It says that the Lord can forgive all sins and slanders, but he will never show any mercy for the “blasphemy against the spirit.”

You may connect this verse to angel number 1231, which adds up to the number 7, associated with the geometrical shape of a heptagon.

A heptagon, especially, an obtuse one, probably tells us to be in alignment with natural laws and not to violate them.

1231 bible meanings

Fun Facts about 1231 Angel Number

  • Did you know that in 1231 AD, Pope Gregory IX issued a bull to assure the self-governance and independence of the University of Paris?
  • Did you know that Ferdinand II, also known as the Saint, led the Castilian forces to regain the city of Quesada in 1231 AD?
  • Did you know there is a weird Neptune-like exoplanet called TOI-1231b?

Final Thoughts

You may perceive angel number 1231 as the number of self-confidence and trust in your natural abilities. It might be telling you to identify your ambition or sincere desires.

It can also be seen as an encouragement to use your power and drive to take up every opportunity that is beneficial for you.

Whether you believe in the divinity of angels sending you this number or not, it’s important to realize that your self-awareness is increases and for progress and development in life, change is always required.

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