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136 Angel Number: A Complete Guide

The angel number 136 symbolizes growth and expansion and relates to positive energies of change and inspiration. Here is a complete guide.

Have you been seeing 136 angel number appearing everywhere in your life lately?

The angel number 136 symbolizes growth and expansion and relates to positive energies of change and inspiration. It is a gentle reminder that you are capable of anything if you put in the required effort and determination.

But how did we get that meaning from this number, and why do you constantly see it?

We’ve got you covered in this in-depth guide on angel number 136.

136 angel number

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are number combinations that contain specific messages based on ancient practises. These numbers can appear in many seemingly random ways and forms and are believed to be guides that can help us in our lives.

Historically, it is believed that these numbers come from a divine power. Believers find wisdom and knowledge in these numbers and use that knowledge as guidance for what they need to focus on or what they need to be more aware of in their lives.

Others believe that angel numbers carry interpretations based on simple meanings that each number relates to, which is the basis of numerology, also known as Pythagoreanism.

(For the reasons stated here, the practice of numerology should never be used as a crutch, but rather a guide to better your life.)

Finally, science believes that you’re repeatedly seeing 136 angel number or other numbers because your awareness is heightened and are subconsciously choosing to remember a specific set of numbers or patterns. This is also known as RAS.

We’ll let you discern for yourself what these numbers mean and if you relate to any of the ancient mystical meanings inscribed to these numbers.

You may find some interesting insight into yourself through these guides and take action to better your life.

Angel number 136 meanings summary.

Angel Number 136 Meaning

The angel number 136 is said to signify creativity and joy. It is seen as an indicator that you should tap into your creative abilities and use this creative energy on activities that bring you joy and passion.

This number derives from the energies of the numbers 1, 3, 6, 13, and 36 as well as the sum of these numbers added together which is 1 (1+3+6=10: 1+0=1).

Angel Number 1 Meaning

Number 1 signifies new beginnings and progression. It resonates with masculine energy and its correlating planet is the sun.

This number is all about creativity and expansion and it calls our attention to our ability to create our own reality.

Attributes of number 1 include:

  • Independence
  • Motivation and determination
  • Ambition
  • Initiative
  • Will power
  • Force
  • Activity
  • Leadership and authority
  • Assertiveness
  • Individuality
  • Achievement and success
  • Strength
  • Glory

The negative side of number 1 is that it can relate to being narrow-minded and intolerant.

It can also relate to lacking emotional intelligence and being overly aggressive and dominant.

The energy of number 1 is predominantly strong in this 3 digit number as it not only is one of the digits in the number, but it is also the digit which the 3 digits add up to.

Angel Number 3 Meaning

Number 3, similarly to number 1, resonates heavily with the energies of creativity and manifestation.

Although, it is more gentle and less dominating, with a more child-like energy. Angel number 3 is associated with communication, self-expression, imagination and joy and holds encouraging energy.

136 angel number is related to sharing our unique talents and gifts with the world. This is also a very social number that symbolizes our need for human connection.

This number relates to being outgoing, having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.

Attributes of number 3 include:

  • Optimism
  • Inspiration
  • Joy
  • Communication
  • Imagination
  • Intellect
  • Sociable
  • Friendly
  • Kindness and compassion
  • Growth and expansion
  • Talent and skill
  • Fun
  • Adventure
  • Brave
  • Sensitive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Youthful

Number 3 brings our awareness to the divine spark of creativity and inspiration that lies within us and assists us in manifesting our desires.

It is also brings our attention to the peace, clarity and love we hold within ourselves which we get access to when we connect with our mind, body and spirit.

Angel Number 6 Meaning

Number 6 vibrates energies of unconditional love, balance and harmony. It is related to home and family, domesticity and parenthood.

This number holds a very giving and selfless energy.

While number 1 has an energy similar to father archetype and number 3 a child, number 6 has the energy of a mother or perhaps even a grandmother, who is full of unconditional love and patience.

Attributes of number 6 include:

  • Unconditional love
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Service to others
  • Selflessness
  • Responsibility
  • Nurture
  • Empathy
  • Humanitarianism
  • Emotional depth
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Justice
  • Problem-solving
  • Peace
  • Grace
  • Material needs

One of the main negative connotations with this number is associated with taking on too much and becoming very stressed.

This number can represent one who takes themselves much too seriously.

Angel Number 13 Meaning

Number 3 creates a nice balance for the intense energy of number 1.

The two numbers work very nicely together as they have a similar creative drive between them, but use very different approaches.

Number 1 provides the intense determination necessary to get there while 3 provides the skills, intellect and imagination, and the ability to see the bigger picture.

Number 3 also balances out number 1’s tendency to lack compassion or be unable to understand emotions.

Angel Number 36 Meaning

With the combination of the energies of love, joy and abundance that number 3 brings and the energies of service, unconditional love and selflessness that number 6 brings, these numbers create a beautiful synergy together.

Number 3 brings the fun, enthusiasm and joy while number 6 brings the responsibility, stability and hard-work.

Number 3 has the ability to bring number 6 out of its shell, due to its childlike energy. It reminds number 6 to not take itself so seriously and to remember to take a break from all the hard work and experience the joys of life.

Since number 3 relates to our mind, body and spirit and number 6 relates to our family and home life, it relates to not neglecting any of these aspects of our lives.

Number 36 is associated with balance and so it relates to having a balance between all these aspects in our lives and being able to prioritize our family and home life, as well as our own overall well-being.

136 numerology

136 Angel Number in Love

Angel number 136 is associated with having success in loving relationships. It is a number that is full of determination and drive and is committed to creating a balanced romantic relationship.

Angel number 136 holds an energy that empowers you to work with your partner through any issues that could be slowing down the growth of your relationship.

If you are single this may be a guide to use this drive and determination towards fulfilling your own needs and those of your family.

136 angel number encourages us to let go of our fears and worries and to trust God as this number is a good indication that success will enter your love life once you are willing to put in the hard work and diligence required.

Angel number 136 signifies giving yourself and your partner more support and unconditional love and how doing so is rewarded with more peace and harmony within yourself and your relationship.

This number may be is associated with connecting to your divine mission of spreading love and positive energy to the people in your life, especially your partner.

136 Angel Number and Twin Flames

A twin flame is said to be a person who is the other half of your soul. This person will be a complete reflection of you and it will be like looking into a mirror.

This may feel very intense and challenging as you will be forced to face every aspect of yourself, even those parts you have avoided facing for so long.

Angel number 136 signifies the necessity for bravery when this process occurs in order to allow your twin flame to help you grow and develop spiritually.

Angel number 136 relates to new beginnings which may be on the horizon, and the preparation or anticipation for these new beginnings. It is associated being ready to accept these beginnings with grace.

136 angel number is all about inspiring growth and expansion into your life, and being ready for positive changes.

It is also, due to the number 3, associated with enjoying the process and remembering to bask in the emotions of joy and love whenever you can.

This attitude will help you to approach your relationship with your twin flame with more balance and stability.

Angel number 136 represents how a balanced relationship with your twin flame leads to harmony within oneself and the impact these relationships have on finding our purpose and fulfilling it.

136 angel

136 Angel Number and Family

There are many meanings within the angel number 136 in regards to our family.

Angel number 136 represents putting more creative energy into our home and family life.

This number brings with it an energy of hope, joy and optimism so this is associated with filling our home life with these qualities, but to achieve this we must work on these qualities within ourselves.

The 136 angel number relates to using creativity and imagination and staying inquisitive. It is associated with finding new ideas and inspiration that may bring more joy to your home and family life.

Angel number 136 relates to how our inner feelings affect our relationships with those around us and sets the tone for our home and family life.

136 angel number is all about putting energy and focus into our emotional and mental well-being and how that results in our relationships blossoming.

136 Angel Number and Self-Expression

136 angel number signifies the manifestation of abundance and development of great skill and talent, but this can only come into fruition with hard work and dedication.

Angel number 136 signifies that it may be a good time to develop or learn a new skill or talent. The energy of this number will greatly assist you in this endeavour, providing you are willing to stay consistent.

136 angel number may also represent sharing your skills and talents with the world.

If you already have a skill you have been afraid to show the world, this number may be trying to push you in that direction. The energy of 136 is bold and expressive and it wants to add value to the world through its unique talents and skills.

Angel number 136 also symbolises self expression in general and communicating your truth honestly with the world.

136 Angel Number Fun Facts and Other Meanings

The Bar Kokhba, also known as the Third Jewish-Roman War or the Third Jewish Revolt, began in 132 AD and ended in 136 AD, in the Roman province of Judea. It was led by Simon Bar Kokhba, who many Jews believed was the Messiah.

After the war, the Roman Emperor at the time, Hadrian, banished Jews from their homeland, Judea.

Steps you can take after seeing angel number 136

Work on a skill or talent you feel passionate about:

If there is a hobby you have been thinking about picking up or a skill you have been wanting to learn, you should pursue that now with optimism and determination.

You should also start utilizing your current skills and talents and use them to help others or express yourself artistically.

Have fun: Start incorporating fun into your daily routine. Do something that brings you joy each day to raise your vibrations and increase your emotional health and mental well-being.

Spend time with your family: Prioritize spending quality time with your family and working on your relationships. Try to be of service to them in any way that you can and try to bring joy into your home life.


The angel number 136 is a unifying number and relates to every part of your being: mind, body and soul. It symbolizes the importance of nourishing your family, your skills and passions, and your own happiness.

136 angel number is all about family and communication so this may be a good time to pay extra attention to your family relationships and to your communication skills.

Make use of your skills and talents and take on new ventures and projects with positivity and joy.

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