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Top 10 Best Crystals for Strength

Crystals for strength can help harness your inner and physical power, which can be crucial in confronting obstacles and challenging situations.

Have you ever wondered what the best healing crystals for strength are? Here is a complete guide on the most popular crystals that people use for strength.

best crystals for strength

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

We all face challenges but what set us apart is our abilities and resilience to overcome those obstacles. When you are going through tough situations, it can affect your mental health. In today’s world, we all need to have the strength to be able to face whatever comes our way.

There are different kinds of strengths but do not mistake one for the other. Physical strength is great but it can only take you so far. The kind of strength we are referring to in this post is mental strength.

This is the strength you need to be able to overcome challenges without breaking down completely. We all need to have the inner strength to keep getting back up no matter how many times we fall.

No matter how hard things get, we need to have the inner resolve to never back down. You need that determination that will propel you to keep going no matter what. Since everyone does not have this kind of strength, others will have to harness it. There are various ways you might be able to nurture and activate strength. 

In this post, we are going to talk about using crystals for strength. This is something that is quite common among alternative medicine practitioners. There is a belief that crystals have properties and powers that can help people with strength.

Crystals are believed to help with other issues such as depression, grief, physical, and emotional pain. It is also believed that these precious stones can help people activate and channel positive energy and vibrations.

If you are the kind of person that needs extra assistance to garner strength, this post is for you. We are going to dive into crystal healing and also mention the top 10 crystals that are believed to help with strength.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is a concept of alternative medicine that holds the belief that crystals or gemstones have the power to heal. Even though there are no scientific backings to this, practitioners of this belief swear it exists. They believe that all crystals have deep importance and can be used for numerous things.

They channel crystals either by using sage, carving them into accessories, or placing them on their palms. The belief in crystal healing can be traced back to India, Egypt, and Rome. In the olden days, the stones were believed to help in averting tragedies and evil spirits. Some even believe crystals to be evil in nature and are worshipped as idols instead of worshipping the one God, or creator of everything.

However way you want to interpret it, crystal healing is now a common practice among modern spiritualists. They believe tapping into its energy and vibration can give them some sort of divine protection. This healing is gaining lots of ground and has become quite popular over the years.

Here are the top 10 best crystals for strength.


crystals for strength list

Bloodstone is our number one strength stone and this is due to the belief that it holds the symbolism of battle. When you are facing the storms of life, you might want to consider getting this crystal.

It is believed that it will help a person become resilient and determined to carry on no matter how tough things get. If you are going through major changes or trauma in your life, spiritualists believe in the power of Bloodstone crystal.

Colour: Red, Green, Brown

Symbolism: Resilience, Courage, Creativity, Motivation

How to Use: Bloodstone is a gem that helps make you more courageous. You can place in water and let it be by your side. Whether you are at work or sleeping at night, place it beside you to be able to access the properties it might have.

Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye crystal for strength

Tiger’s Eye is one of the most popular stones that are believed to channel confidence, determination, and strength. People believe that it has protective properties that can make them feel courageous during tough times.

The stone is one that supposedly helps to prevent danger. If you feel like you are about to take actions you are unsure of whether in your personal or professional life, you might want to surround yourself with Tigers Eye.

Colour: Golden, Brown

Symbolism: Stamina, Inner Strength, Protection

How to Use: Tiger Eyes is quite effective and to activate it, you will have to keep it on you. This means putting it near your environment and surroundings. Carrying it around would help you channel all of the positive energies it supposedly has.


serpentine crystals for strength

According to believers, serpentine has the properties to help in the manifestation of your desires. It is believed to be highly powerful in blocking negative energies and emotions. If you feel down emotionally and need a boost of energy, this crystal might just be what you need.

Colour: Yellow, Green, Black

Symbolism: Energy, Manifestation, Healing

How to Use: The best way to use serpentine is during meditation. When you are meditating, you are in a vulnerable state and your mind is open. Place this stone in your hands and you might be able to activate all of the divine powers it is believed to have. 


citrine crystals used for strength

Strength is important as it gives you the power and energy you need to make certain decisions. Citrine is a stone that represents willpower and optimism. Activating this crystal is believed to help you find the motivation and power you need for clarity. If you feel like things are not going as you expected, then you might want to get your hands on a citrine crystal. They’re also lovely to look at!

Colour: Yellow, Orange

Symbolism: Beauty, Success, Prosperity

How to Use: According to popular beliefs, the best way to enjoy the effects of this crystal is by making it into accessories. Carve Citrine stone and turn them into pendants, bracelets, and earrings.


blood agate crystals for strength
A pile of blood agate crystals for strength.

Agate is also one of the top 10 crystals for strength. This stone is believed to help balance human emotions and also their mental abilities. It is one that is considered to work actively in purifying negativity.

Spiritualists that use agate stones believe that it gives them protection over evil spirits and also inner strength to overcome their fears. If you are in doubt of your strength and abilities, you might want to keep this gemstone near you.

Colour: Red, Black, Blue, Pink                                                                   

Symbolism: Balance, Stability, Safety

How to Use: This beautiful gem would be perfect as a decoration in your home. You can put place it around your house as decor and allow its energy to flow all around. You can also hold it in your palm when you go out or feel the need to channel the strength it is believed to possess.

Clear Quartz

People who practice crystal healing believe in the purifying and manifestation energy of clear quartz. Clear quartz is powerful and believed to have the divine powers to help people boost their strengths spiritually.

If you feel like you are beginning to lose your faith, this might just be the right crystal for you.

Colour: Colourless, White

Symbolism: Mental clarity, Growth, Stability

How to Use: The best way to use Clear Quartz is to meditate with it. Place it on your palm or in front of you while meditating to be able to channel it. If you want it with you during the day, then you should keep it in your pocket or purse.


This is yet another top crystal for strength in alternative medicines. It is a favourite and people believe that it has properties that can help push them towards the actualization of their dreams. If you are at crossroads in your life, Carnelian might be the gemstone you need to make decisions that will propel you to greatness.

Colour: Reddish Brown, Orange

Symbolism: Transformation, Motivation, Vitality

How to Use: To incorporate Carnelian properties, you should put it where you work. It can be in an office or at your workstation at home. When you do this, you might be able to channel all of the creative energies it is said to have. Another way you can use this gemstone is by exercising with it. Keep it in your pocket as you work out.

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is believed to have the power to help increase courage and strength. If you have a presentation and do not have the courage you wish you had, Black Tourmaline might be what you need. This stone supposedly has properties that can help give your confidence a boost. You might get the strength you need when you channel this crystal.

Colour: Black

Symbolism: Protection, Safety

How to Use: You can place Black Tourmaline close to your side when you sleep. Lay it under your pillow for a good night’s rest. If you would rather have it in your home, then place it at your entrance. It is believed to have powers that will keep dark energies away.


Moonstone is another crystal for strength and willpower to move on to new things. If you need the strength and power to let go, this gemstone might give you the strength you desire. Moonstone is believed to possess the power for people to find the energy they need to pursue new purposes. If you are feeling down because you are about to say goodbye to an old chapter in your life, get a moonstone and you might get the willpower you need (if you believe in it of course).

Colour: Pink, Yellow, Green

Symbolism: Inner Clarity, Light, Hope

How to Use: If you want to use Moonstone for strength in your home, then you need to keep it in a private place like your bedroom. Let the energy it is believed to have radiates all over your bedroom. The crystal is also believed to help get rid of nightmares.


Amber is another stone that is believed to have properties that channel strength and mental clarity. If you are having trouble making decisions, this crystal is believed to help you find clarity. This stone might help you to focus and find the determination you need to push forward in life.

Colour: Yellow, Orange, Brown

Symbolism: Confidence, Luck, Courage

How to Use: Amber is a stunning decorative crystal and it would be a perfect accessory. You might consider wearing it close your skin at all times. It would make the perfect necklace for your everyday look. 

How to Use Crystals for Strength

To get the most out of your crystals, apply the following tips when using them:

  • Make a bracelet or a necklace
  • Place them in your pocket and enjoy their benefits throughout the day
  • Keep a few in your work area
  • Shower with them. This applies to aventurine.
  • Mediate with them for emotional strength

Final Thoughts on Crystals for Strength

We have mentioned the top 10 most popular crystals for strength. There are lots of crystals out there to experiment with and explore, so don’t feel like you are bound to any of these if they don’t speak to you. After all, it’s the meanings that we ascribe to things that give them that magical power!

If you decide to embrace this form of healing, you need to find the crystal that works for you. You can use them when you need extra help when going through situations that overwhelm you.

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