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What crystals should NOT be in your bedroom?

Some crystals should simply not be in your bedroom. Here are the 10 worst crystals for sleep.

Crystals are believed to have many benefits but there are some that shouldn’t be kept in certain places, including where you sleep.

There are many factors to consider what crystals should not be in your bedroom. Some crystals that are high in energy or are radioactive can cause sleep disturbances or other health hazards and should be experimented with.

Crystals can be dangerous to use if their properties are not understood. It is crucial to educate yourself on crystals before using them to absorb their benefits and not their negative energies.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Worst Crystals For Sleep and what crystals should not be in your bedroom.

Top 5 Worst Crystals for Sleep

crystals that should not be in your bedroom

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1. Cinnabar

What crystals should not be in your bedroom

The visual appeal of Cinnabar is spectacular. A bright red to scarlet color resembles the quartz’s optical properties and symmetry. The crystal is rather stunning overall.

However, it is also one of the most deadly.

Cinnabar reacts with oxygen to produce methyl and dimethylmercury, leading to nervous system damage. 

It is one of the most toxic minerals, known as mercury sulfide.

In short, these are crystals to avoid in the bedroom!

2. Torbernite

Don’t be deceived by its beauty!

The mineral torbernite is radioactive. The rich green crystals in granite occur as secondary deposits and can produce radon gas, which can cause lung cancer.

In addition to being striking to look at, the bright green crystals make radioactivity easy to identify.

3. Bumblebee Jasper

bumblebee jasper crystals not good for sleep

Bumblebee jasper crystals contain volcanic material, sulfur, arsenic, anhydrite, and hematite, among other minerals.

Yellow coloring is due to sulfur, which is toxic, as is arsenic.

Due to toxic substances, the crystal is harmful to keep in the bedroom. So, it’s best to just keep it outside of the bedroom.

4. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye contains asbestos. It is also a highly energetic and active crystal. Some people find it difficult to sleep when wearing it for too long during the day.

Tiger Eye is not suitable for people who have trouble falling asleep or have bad dreams.

5. Topaz

topaz crystals not good for sleep

The 4th crystal on our list of Top 5 Worst Crystals For Sleep is Topaz.

Among the most commonly treated stones is Topaz. The stone, usually orange, becomes blue when exposed to light.

Gems can become slightly radioactive through this type of irradiation. Prolonged exposure to radiation from Topaz may pose some health risks.

Here are a few other crystals to avoid in the bedroom.

6. Turquoise & Moldavite

It would be best if you didn’t keep turquoise or moldavite crystals in the bedroom as they can be overstimulating.

Their energy is overstimulating and can cause people to become restless and uncomfortable, resulting in poor sleep.

Feel free to use them during the day but not when you are winding down and getting ready for sleep!

7. Amethyst

amethyst crystals not good for sleep

Amethyst is a very popular stone to use in the bedroom for all of its incredible healing properties. It even made our list for the Top 10 Best Crystals For Sleep!

So then, why is it on this list? It’s a hit or miss.

Some people report to have restless nights, nightmares, and disturbing dreams when they sleep with amethyst!

Amethyst has calming and cleansing properties when used for meditation, but its other properties restrict sleeping. It carries high vibrational energy that is very stimulating.

The purple gem activates the upper chakras, which impact the mind and psychic states, including the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras.

At night, amethyst can be too powerful for some people and will not help you stay rested.

it’s highly recommended to cleanse your amethyst with sage if you keep it in the bedroom, otherwise it may not be the best for you.

It’s truly a love/hate relationship with amethyst in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

There are many uses for crystals, such as intellectual stimulation, beauty, and health.

People believe that crystals provide a sense of well-being and inner peace. Simply looking at crystals can sometimes help you feel better because, let’s face it, they’re so beautiful!

However, high energy, radioactive crystals should not be in your bedroom as they can be overstimulating and cause cause health risks. Be safe, experiment, and have fun!

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