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131 Angel Number Meaning: A Complete Guide for You

Discovering the 131 angel number can have a life-changing impact on you. It is a number of deep self-realization that only the brave can digest.

Is a number simply a string of digits? Is it just your bank balance or the figures on your ID document? What if you keep seeing 131 angel number, or other numbers appearing everywhere?

What even are angel numbers?

The angel number phenomenon inspires the mind to look deeper into the layers of reality. At first, the recurrences are not too obvious. Then, your consciousness begins to shift as the awareness grows. You start to wonder what it all means! 

Many people report the frequent reappearance of the 131 angel number. It seems to follow your existence everywhere you go. Someone sends you a memo at the office, and it is memo number 131. You visit a random website looking for something. Somehow the 131 number pops up in what you are reading. 

You look for a certain poem in a book, and it is there at page 131! Folks also report waking up at night suddenly and seeing the watch to find it is 1:31 AM.

This realization of a certain number appearing can be jarring. Perhaps, you start to trust that the angels are real. Then, you will have to believe that hell and heaven are real too. By logical deduction, you will have to believe that God is real too, and so is the Devil!  

Such a close encounter with numbers can give you goosebumps. Better play it safe and know the meaning of the 131 angel number.

131 indicates the importance of emotional and spiritual balance in living the good life.

Let’s unpack it all here in this complete guide to angel number 131.

angel number 131 guide

A Brief History of 131 and Angel Numbers

Deriving the interpretation of numbers is an ancient practice. The Babylonians ascribed numbers to define the movement of planets. Then, they employed these calculations to predict eclipses and other celestial occurrences. Priests of the Pharaoh assigned numbers to predict floods in the Nile. 

The Pythagorean philosophers in ancient Greece defined numbers as the fundamental elements of Universal harmony. Pythagoreans pioneered connecting music with numbers. They combined musical aspects with mysticism to explain the ebb and flow of the Universe. 

The Book of Genesis places the entire creation of the world in Six Days, and the Seventh is the day of rest. One of the oldest references to numbers derives from the Samkhya philosophy of ancient India. 

Modern numerology still follows the Samkhya tradition, simplifying big numbers into single-digit values. Like the Babylonians, the Indians also assigned numbers to planets and planetary deities. 

In numerology, the scale of One to Nine is everything! A numerologist simplifies a bigger number by repeatedly adding the individual digits until you reach a single-digit value. This final single number then provides an assessment of emotional and spiritual qualities. 

Samkhya philosophy asserts that the entire reality, visible and invisible, is a manifestation of the interplay between Purusha and Prakriti. Purusha is the consciousness principle, the cosmic masculine. Prakriti is the matter principle, the cosmic feminine. 

The creation begins with consciousness, so Purusha is the God-number One. Then, Prakriti, the next One, is born of Purusha, and One becomes Two. Two becomes Three as Prakriti embodies the principles of consciousness. The 131 angel number reflects the perfection of One to Three. 

Seekers can find deeper insights into the relationship of 1, 2, and 3 in the 1233 angel number.   

131 Angel Number Meaning 

The symmetrical 131 angel number represents harmony and balance. It emphasizes balancing the impact of the five senses on life. Also, 131 is a number of stability and higher spirituality

The inference of balance seems obvious because 131 remains the same whether you read it from the left or right. Also, the numerological base value of the 131 angel number is 5, which is the most balanced position on the scale of One to Nine. 

Here’s how we derive the base value. 

131 consists of 3 digits, 1, 3, and 1. 

Add them, and we get 5. 

1 + 3 + 1 = 5 

(Addition or yoga is the fundamental numerological principle. We can also use other formats of addition for complex deductions. For instance, subtraction means the addition of a negative integer. Multiplication is repeated addition, except for 1. Division is repeated negative addition, again except for 1.)  

Despite being a prime number, the central position of 5 attributes balanced aspects to it. Ancient Indian traditions explain the world as a composition of five elements, or the Panchabhootha. These five elements are earth, air, water, fire, and aether

Surprisingly, this concept of five elements finds resonance in Greek philosophy, alchemy, occultism, and among the Wiccans. Also, it is often represented as the five-pointed star or the pentacle, with each element signifying an apex.

131 angel number meaning

131 Angel Number and the Five Elements 

Observe the relationship of five elements in nature with the five sense organs. Air or breath relates to the sense of smell. Water relates to the sense of taste. Water is also the key component of the life-fluid, blood. The earth element relates to the sense of touch or the constitution of flesh and blood. 

You often hear the phrase eyes lighting up! This phrase may have to do with the sense of vision connected with fire or light. After all, you can see only when there is illumination/fire! Finally, the aether or space element relates to the sense of hearing. Soundwaves travel through space to form audibility. 

On a personal level, the 131 angel number is a message of living a balanced lifestyle. Focus on exploring your five sense organs in the light of the five elements. Look up the meaning of the 122 angel number for deeper insights on Five as the number of balancing.

Spiritual Meaning of the 131 Angel Number 

The 131 angel number has a base value of 5, associated deeply with spirituality. The implication of Five as a spiritual guide is found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism. Numerologically, Five balances the initial realms (1, 2, 3, and 4) with the later realms (6, 7, 8, and 9). 

Buddhist principles outline the way of Nirvana on Five fundamental precepts (the Pancasila). The first precept prohibits one from killing or taking innocent lives. The second precept pertains to the prohibition of deceit by theft or forgery. 

The third Buddhist precept condemns adultery in all forms, including sexual immorality. Next, the fourth precept prohibits falsehood in speech, including malice, arrogance, and gossip. Finally, the fifth precept instructs followers to abstain from the evils of intoxication or addiction in general. 

Islamic traditions are based on five fundamental principles. These are fasting, charity, pilgrimage to Mecca, faith, and prayers. Furthermore, a devout Muslim offers five prayers in a day to maintain obeisance to the Almighty Allah. The ultimate God in Hinduism, Shiva, is sometimes depicted as having Five heads. Deep spiritual meanings associated with the Five faces indicate the five chakras, the five elements, and the five sheaths of the soul.  

Ancient Egyptians described the soul as a composite of Five elements. These were Ren, Ka, Ib, Ba, and Sheut. Ren indicates the name given to the soul at birth as it is an important aspect of your identity. Ka refers to the life force (Prana in Sanskrit) that resides in the body. Ka is associated with food and drink that a person takes. 

Ba, on the other hand, indicates the presence of the Universal spirit in human body. Egyptians believe that the Ba and Ka unites after death. Ib is the position of the heart as a vessel of the soul. Sheut refers to the shadow of a person.  

Personally, you can interpret the 131 angel number as a message to lead a balanced spiritual life. Soul-searching can help you identify the areas of spiritual imbalance. These include aspects such as excess anger, bitterness, greed, and envy. Overcoming the negative dimensions can ultimately help you find peace within the soul.

Scientific Explanation of 131 and Angel Numbers 

Is there a possible scientific explanation for the 131 angel number recurrence phenomenon? To be very clear, science is at a loss to explain coincidences. Parapsychologists and mathematicians have tried to explain coincidences as numerical probabilities. However, to date, no one can set a mathematical pattern of coincidental events. 

Nevertheless, we can set up a hypothesis by combining chaos theory and string theory. The chaos theory dictates that a dynamic, chaotic system is essentially a paradox to figure out an underlying pattern. The nature of this pattern is a fractal one, operating in self-feedback loops.   

Therefore, you need to concur with the belief that the Universe functions in fractals. Then, you realize that you are a part of that grand design, and the angel number sightings start to make sense. But, why would you see numerical feedback in a particular sequence? 

Consider the fact that all reality has a quantum basis. Now, consider the fact that the observer effect is a proven fact in quantum physics. In other words, the electrons behave differently when you are observing them. 

Let’s put it all together in premises to set up our hypotheses. The first premise is to accept that you are consciously seeking angel number sightings. The second premise is to consider your reality as a quantum phenomenon. Therefore, we can conclude that your perception of reality is evoking a response unique to your level of awareness. 

The third premise is to accept everything as a part of fractal dynamics. Hence, this quantified fractal system has a unique pattern concurrent with your awareness of a particular number. The fourth premise asserts that the mechanics of inter-dimensional strings connect you to the angel number in question.   

That said, all these premises are hypothetical. The meanings of angel numbers is best understood by philosophy and spirituality. 

The Fear of 13 and 131 Angel Number

Ironically, the 131 angel number may invoke the fear of the number 13 in some people. The phobia of 13, or triskaidekaphobia, is deeply rooted in our collective consciousness. Some airlines omit the 13th row of seats, just as some hotels leave out the 13th floor. The origins of this phobia are uncertain. 

However, some researchers attribute to the fact that the traitor Judas was the 13th member of the Last Supper. Similarly, in Nordic legends, the mischievous God Loki was the 13th person in the fateful Banquet of Valhalla. Both Judas and Loki are associated with betrayal and death.  

However, you need not be afraid because 131 raises the value of 13 by 1. One is the God-number,  whose presence has a reassuring effect on the faithful.  

131 Angel Number Love and Relationship 

The 131 angel number indicates a transition from 2 to 3. This transition conveys a beautiful message in love relationships. Two is the number of a couple, and Three is the number of a small family. 

How can you simplify the 131 angel number to show the transition of 2 to 3? 

Rearrange 131 as (1 + 1), 3. 

Therefore, the 131 angel number is also 23, according to numerology.   

Two is the first couple number in numerology. In other words, it is also the number of first love. The fulfillment of love is in marriage and starting a family. Then, you become parents to your firstborn, and your number becomes Three. 

True love is divine. Spiritually, Two is the number of the first circle of creation, a woman encircling a man. Then, by the testimony of the Holy Spirit, Two becomes Three. 

The coming of the child is angelic and a testimony of the Holy Spirit. The immaculate conception of Mary, wife of Joseph, and mother of Jesus, is one of the most beautiful episodes in the Bible.

131 love twin flame angel number

131 Angel Number Twin Flame

Like all angel numbers, the 131 angel number is also a twin flame number. The twin flame reunion is perhaps the greatest romantic magic of the spiritual realms. You can rephrase the 131 angel number as 77 to interpret its twin flame symbolism. 

We apply numerology for restructuring an angel number to a symmetrical mirror combination. 

Rearrange the 131 angel number as (13) + 1. 

You get 14, which is also 7 + 7. 

Alternately, you can divide the base value 5 by 2, and obtain a numerological interpretation of the decimal numbers. 

5 divided by 2 is 2.5. 

2.5 has two elements, 2 and 5. 

Adding them, you get 7.  

Therefore, the 131 angel number is 77 in numerology. 

Seven is an unstable number on the scale of One to Nine. Since it is the highest prime number, Seven does not form a symmetrical combination with any other number. As a result, under the influence of Seven, you always feel the push and pull to attain stability. Either you want to recede to the symmetry of Six, or progress to the stability of Eight. 

Spiritually, Seven is the number of dilemmas. For instance, you may believe in twin flame reunions, but you are still unsure whether it is a true occasion! However, the concurrence of double Sevens recede it to the state of Five. 5 is the previous prime number, but a stable one because of its unique central position on the number scale. 

In simple terms, the twin flame combination of 77 means both souls must be able to share their insecurities with each other freely. This also implies a foundation of mutual trust and friendship

The twin flame readings of 131 are similar to the 1202 angel number.  

131 Angel Number in the Bible: Old Testament  

The Holy Bible is a treasure house of amazing spiritual insights. We studied the references for verse 13: 1 in the different books of the Bible. Verses 13: 1 in the Old Testament Book of Proverbs and Sirach warn against the perils of arrogance. Sirach 13: 1 compares the company of arrogant people to tar. It will stick to you as an uncomfortable, unhealthy feeling. God warns mortals against listening to false male prophets in Ezekiel 13: 1. 

Psalms 13:1 narrates a prayer of seeking help from God. David desperately prays to God to look at his pitiful state and protect him. Enemies surround him, and he is afraid to die. 

However, verse 13: 1 in the Book of Wisdom lifts the soul from ignorance. The words say that a person would only have to look around him to see the beautiful things made by God. It is simply foolish to see God’s creation and being unable to perceive the presence of God everywhere. Verse 13: 1 in the Book of Tobit praises the eternal, glorious God.

131 spiritual meaning

131 Angel Number in the New Testament  

The New Testament has several references to Jesus in verse 13: 1. In Mark 13, Jesus speaks of the destruction of the false temple. Matthew 13: 1 is the beginning of the parable of the sower. It is one of the most important parables related by Jesus. 

The metaphorical story explains the receptiveness of the word of God. It says that a person must have a good foundation of faith to receive God’s words and keep them in the heart. Maybe, this is the greatest message of the 131 angel number encoded in the Bible. 

Hebrews 13: 1 repeats the greatest commandment of the Holy Bible. It states that the only way to please God is to keep loving one another in the light of Christianity. 

The essence of Christianity is love. The beautiful verse in 1 Corinthians 13 describes the way of love as the most important virtue. It starts by saying that merely speaking in the voice of angels does not mean anything. Without the spirit of love in the heart, the voice merely turns to noise.    

Other fun facts of the number 131

We looked into the history of January 31st (1/31) for 131 trivia. It happens to be an eventful day in world military history. Guy Fawkes, the famous conspirator, was put to death on this day in 1606. Fawkes narrowly escaped the terrible penalty of being hung, drawn, and quartered. He died after breaking his neck when he fell from the scaffold where they were about to hang him. 

More than 200 years later, in 1945, Private Eddie Slovik of the US Army was executed for deserting his ranks in the Second World War. His was the first court-martial for desertion since the civil war and the only such incident for the US army in World War II. On January 31st, 1978, The Holy Crown of Hungary was finally put on public display when the US returned it after the Second World War. 

January 31st is also the day of death of the 11th Dalai Lama (1856) and Meher Baba of India (1969). Meher Baba attained a considerable cult following in the East and West, as he proclaimed himself as the next avatar in the world. Famous Japanese wrestler Giant Baba also died on January 31st (1999). He was an iconic wrestler, much loved by the Japanese people. 

Do you know that the first daytime TV soap opera premiered way back on January 31st, 1949? The Chicago NBC station broadcast the show titled, ‘These Are My Children.’ January 31st is the birth date of the famous French flutist, Francoise Devienne (1759). 

The flute player shares his birthday with the beautiful American actress Tallulah Bankhead (1902). She was not only an amazing actress but also a politically conscious individual, even though it meant going against the political background of the Bankhead family. 

She delivered a highly acclaimed performance in Lifeboat, by Alfred Hitchcock. Tallulah Bankhead also supported many foster children during World War II. Do you know Austria celebrates Street Children’s Day on January 31st?  

On this day, we also remember the legendary American painter Dorothea Tanning, and actress Jean Simmons. Tanning left the world on this day in 2012. Her works in surrealism remain a treasure of the art world. Simmons was born on this day in 1929. Her memorable roles include films like ‘Guys and Dolls,’ ‘The Big Country,’ and ‘Happy Ending.’    

Four years ago, in 2018, the world witnessed a magical astronomical event on January 31st. A total lunar eclipse coincided with a blue moon in the night sky.  

What should you do next after seeing 131?

The 131 angel number reveals great insights into spirituality and life. Perceiving angel number meanings can have a life-changing impact on the seeker. It can transform everything you know about yourself and show a new direction in life. 

However, are you ready for such life-changing revelations? Even if you don’t assimilate the full meaning of the number, you can still derive valuable realizations that will enrich you.

Discover the 5 essentials steps for starting your spiritual journey today.