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Angel Numbers: Mysterious Meanings and Why You See Them

Angel numbers may reveal inner truths, predict future opportunities, and determine your love life. Learn all about angel numbers and meanings here.

Do you constantly see the same numbers appearing everywhere you look? You may notice them on your phone, on a sign, in an ad, or anywhere else.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. This strange phenomena has been happening to people all over the world. Are they divine messages from literal angels? Cognitive brain recognitions? Or are they just numbers?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this ultimate guide to uncovering the truth behind angel numbers and why you keep seeing them.

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What Are Angel Numbers?

In our often chaotic, intimidating, and wonderful world, we’ve developed different ways to interpret our surroundings and inner thoughts. Oftentimes, we use these modes of interpretation to help guide our decisions, from the small day-to-day matters like whether or not to order sushi take-out to bigger choices like whether or not to move cross country for a new job.

With so many choices bombarding us, plus the overwhelming reality of our finite time on Earth, it’s only instinctive to grab ahold of consoling tenets like religion.

Numerology is one way many people choose to interpret the world. Numerology is the practice of taking angel numbers (repeating digits of two, three, or four), and assigning meaning to them. 

Angel numbers are believed to be cryptic codes and divine messages sent by higher spiritual beings, or in general, the universe to us, humans. Like astrology and other forms of otherworldly schools of thought, numerology helps to provide meaning to those who may be feeling lost, uncertain, or afraid.

How to Interpret Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are viewed as single, double, triple, or quadruple digit sequences. They may be read as a single number or any of the previous combinations, and each numeral or string of numbers holds different meanings.

For instance, angel number 327 can be read as 3, 2, 7, or 327. In general, every angel number has a meaning that relates to love life, professional life, and personal life (most often pertaining to self-reflection and self-improvement). 

Additionally, some might look to the Bible for corresponding passages or book numbers. Prevalent numerals such as 1, 3, and 7 may hold cultural and religious meanings that can be drastically different or nearly identical across the globe.

For instance, the number 7 is most often associated with luck, no matter the culture. It is also associated with completion since the week has 7 days, and the universe is thought to have been created in 7 days.

Other numbers may be polarizing. Consider the number 4. In most Asian and East Asian cultures, it is regarded as an unlucky number. Fun fact: Chinese drivers actively avoid license plates with the number 4 since it is such a widely unpopular numeral due to its phonetic pronunciation resembling the Chinese word for “death.”

By contrast, the number 4 is considered a lucky number in places like Germany. Their reasoning? The four-leaf clover. In numerology, angel number 4 represents fulfillment and completion, plus achieving a higher purpose. This in part due to its association with nature’s four seasons.

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Meanings Ascribed To Numbers

These are the most common areas of life that angel numbers can provide an insight into, according to those who practice numerology.

  • Love: In Numerology, one’s “twin flame” is considered the other half of your soul, or your true love. Twin flame numbers are often considered when making decisions about love. For example, a spiritualist might compare their life path number with someone they are dating to get a better view of their personality.
  • Religious significance: As we mentioned, people who believe in numerology may also look to the bible for meanings in corresponding passages and chapters.
  • Spiritual meanings: Throughout different cultures, numbers can determine everything from financial luck to one’s inherent ability to communicate with higher beings.
  • Career decisions: Many people utilize numerology to predict or inform them about their professional lives. Various angel numbers correlate with work life matters such as the need for communication, harmony, and compromise.
  • Life guidance: Angel numbers can also be taken as a blanket statement and applied to all areas of life.

Scientific Explanation of Why You’re Seeing Repeated Numbers

When spiritualists read angel numbers, they believe them to be divinely communicated, while others take a more practical and scientific approach. Here are some theories as to why we notice the same numbers appearing everywhere we look:

  • Heuristic availability and the reticular activating system: This is our brain’s way of telling us that X thing is of importance because we noted the importance of X thing previously. For instance, if you make a big deal about seeing an angel number one day and look up every angel number meaning on the internet, then your brain is primed to point out every single “angel number” you will come across in the future. As a result, it can begin to feel like you’re observing angel numbers more frequently, on your phone screen, in your books, on your commute to work.
  • Baader-Meinhof phenomenon: In a similar vein, this phenomenon, also called the frequency illusion, trains your brain to be on the lookout for angel numbers since you just learned about angel numbers. An example is learning a new vocabulary word and then, suddenly, feeling like you’re seeing this new word everywhere—in your emails, in the news, in people’s conversations. In reality, your brain was just not aware of this piece of knowledge before, so it could not pick it up when it came across it.

Popular Spiritual Reasons for Seeing Angel Numbers

There are various reasons why spiritualists believe you’re seeing angel numbers.

  • Divine beings are trying to send you a message
  • Higher powers are delegating their wishes to you so you can carry it out on Earth
  • You are ready to move into a higher stage of enlightenment
  • Higher beings recognize your efforts and want you to succeed in life
  • Higher beings are trying to give you advice through numbers

A Brief History of Angel Numbers

Numerology has been around since ancient times, making it a fascinating study on the intersection of cultural beliefs across the globe.

Indian Origins

Angel numbers can be found in the ancient practice of Vedic Numerology, where each person’s defining numbers is closely correlated with karmic beliefs.

Put simply, Vedic Numerology places a numeric value in every person’s name and life expression number (their birth information). These numbers determine what kind of person you are (your ego), and what state your karma is in (your personal merits and weaknesses).

In Vedic Numerology, the most important numbers are 1 through 9 and there are three important values that are analyzed using these numbers.

  • Your psychic number reveals your general personality and your strengths. It represents how you view yourself, which determines how you navigate the world on a daily basis.
    • Your birth month’s numbers are added up to make a single digit
    • E.g. November = 1 + 1 = 2 (psychic number)
  • Your destiny number defines how the world sees you according to your karmic residue, known as samskaras or your “vibrational patterns.” This is closely related to the belief of reincarnation and the phrase, “What comes around, goes around.”
    • The sum of your birth day, month, and year
    • E.g. November 3, 2000 = 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 7 (destiny numer)
  • Your name number is a determinant of your relationship status and quality of that relationship with others. Indian numerology practitioners believe that what others call you can amplify your psychic and destiny number meanings. This value can change if you change your name or if people call you by different names.
    • The sum of the value of the letters in your name, according to the  Chaldean name numerology chart
    • E.g. May Kelly = 4 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 1  = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2 (name number)

Greek Origins

Let’s travel back to geometry class in 10th grade. The name Pythagoras might ring a bell. After all, he invented the Pythagorean theorem, which you solved for over and over until you were seeing spinning numbers in math class.

Pythagoras lived in the sixth century, and he was a master at finding meanings in numerals and in the world around him. For starters, he enjoyed the number 10 for its association with completion and perfection.

In Pythagorean numerology, Pythagoras ascribed different characteristics to numbers 1 through 9. Pythagoras also developed five significant numbers with correlated meanings.

  • Your life path number is based on your birth date.
  • Your expression number is based on your full name and the letters’ numerical values.
  • Your heart’s desire number is based on the vowels’ numerical values in your name
  • Your personality number is based on the consonants’ numerical values in your name
  • Your birthday number is the value derived from manipulating yourt birth date numbers, according to the Pythagorean table

Pythagoras created numerology because he believed that numbers inherently represented something that could describe a person, their characteristics, their hopes and dreams, and, perhaps, even their future.

It’s no wonder numerology is so appealing to many people. It provides an answer where there may not be one, and helps remove personal responsibility when a huge personal decision is necessary.

Chinese origins

In Chinese culture, numerology is viewed in terms of “lucky” and “unlucky” meanings. When categorizing numbers, Chinese ancestors considered whether or not the number sounded similar to words that meant lucky or words that contained lucky meanings.

These lucky numbers include 2, 6, 9, and 8, the last of which is considered the luckiest of all. When doubled, these numbers gain even more meaning, i.e. 66, 88, 168. 

Why is 8 considered the superior lucky number? The word for 8 sounds like the Cantonese word for wealth or to become prosperous quickly.

These numbers determine much of daily matters in China, at least for those who are more spiritual and superstitious. For instance, people often choose the number 8 for special occasions such as weddings. Moreover, people go to great lengths to acquire personal items with the number 8 such as phone numbers and license plates.

The same can be said for Chinese people avoiding numbers they consider unlucky. You’ll rarely see someone driving with a “4” in their license plate or multiples of it in their phone number.

Beyond lucky and unlucky, Chinese numerology meanings may also be supplemented by the Chinese astrology. The 12 consecutive years represent the 12 zodiac animals, thought to represent the 12 gods that the ancient Jade Emperor invited to an epic race.

During this fabled race, each animal’s distinct personality and temperament determined their finishing number, thus cementing their place in the zodiac chart.

On the zodiac chart, you can find your unlucky numbers, your unlucky colors, and even your unlucky directions, which helps inform some people’s life views and their decisions throughout their life. Similar to the Greek and Roman astrology chart, each zodiac sign in the Chinese chart also helps determine which zodiac sign you are most compatible with.

In Chinese and Western culture, the zodiac representative in your birth year determines your defining traits and your horoscope similar to how your birth number or expression number in Greek numerology might.

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Are Angel Numbers in the Bible?

Despite their biblical-sounding name, angel numbers were historically not associated with the Bible. There is no mention of “angel numbers” in the Bible, and it is only during recent times that spiritualists have began deriving meaning from angel numbers found inside the holy scripture.

However, there are numbers in religion that contain special meaning similar to numerology. Take the number 3, for example. In numerology, it represents balance, optimism, and harmony. In the religious context, the number 3 arguably means the same things.

It’s associated with the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which, taken as whole, represent balance and wisdom. The angel numbers 33, 333, and 3333 often represent positivity, encouragement, and affirmation from divine sources.

Angel Numbers and Numerology Meaning

The most “popular” angel numbers are usually ones that are most common. This means repeated digits you may be more likely to come across throughout the day.

One example is 1111, which you might see on any digital clock (e.g. your phone) at least twice a day. Another is 1212 or 333. Any other triple digits are also common and regarded as good omens, and most spiritualists will take these instances to heart when they occur.

  • 111 is associated with good luck, hence the practice of making a wish when you happen to glance at your clock at 11:11.
  • 222 is believed to precede new beginnings and exciting opportunities in one’s life.
  • 333 is taken to mean as encouragement from higher beings, as long as the choices prioritize harmony and balance. Acceptance is a closely related concept with the number 3 since this number represents completeness and optimism.
  • 444 is commonly intertwined with rough patches in one’s life, such as a deteriorating love life or feeling stuck at work. As a result, it’s often taken as another sign of encouragement from “guardian angels” to make the right decision, as difficult as it may be.
  • 555 is indicative of a big change coming, whether it’s in your love life, professional work, or personal development. It may feel comforting for people who are afraid of changes during big life transitions such as a career pivot or long-term relationship breakup.
  • 666 is related to 555. It asks you to reconsider your choices and life if you really feel the need to make significant changes. Although 666 is considered unlucky (“evil,” even) in religious terms, it has a positive connotation in numerology.
  • 777 is highly regarded as a special sequence in numerology. It signifies a high vibration, so it’s linked with enlightenment, personal growth, and a thriving spiritual journey overall. It’s also taken to mean as encouragement to keep exploring the world with a philanthropic goal.
  • 888 is a sign of good luck and prosperity, which practitioners often interpret as a divine gift. This belief can be a comforting one to behold, especially during hard times when optimism may be nonexistent.
  • 999 is often seen as a sign of a new beginning. This is because 9 is the last number in the numeral scale, so it is also imbued with spiritual significance. It characterizes wisdom, completion, and new cycles.
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What is New Age Spirituality?

New Age spirituality is part of the New Age movement, the spiritual and religious revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. This movement included newfound or renewed importance in spiritual beliefs such as astrology, reincarnation, and psychic meanings.

These meanings have roots in Eastern beliefs such as Taosim and Buddhism mixed with tarot meanings, psychotherapy, and even paganism. This loose, and individual-focused movement is appealing to many, because it allows each person to define their own spiritual meanings instead of following strict religious teachings, for instance.

The list of New Age beliefs comprise several important principles. The following are just a few defining traits of New Age beliefs.

  1. Everything is connected
  2. Metaphysical truths are rooted in self
  3. There is no right or wrong belief about the universe
  4. Life is about constantly improving oneself to uncover one’s true potential
  5. Nature and natural objects should be protected and respected
  6. Spiritual energies have the power to heal and define us

Of these principles, the unseen connection between people is perhaps the most prevalent. New Agers believe that everyone is bound together in some way, even if we cannot see it with the naked eye.

New Age Spirituality exists outside of traditional religion, and there is no set way to practice it. While in Christianity you may be expected to attend mass or pray with a group weekly, the New Age Movement emphasizes self-reflection and intuition instead.

Back then, New Age practitioners were bolstered by current international events, namely the Vietnam War and the ongoing fights for civil rights. Additionally, The Age of Aquarius was imminent, a predicted spiritual event which coincided with a real physical change on Earth. New Agers believed this physical shift would also turn into a spiritual shift that would transform political and social unrest on Earth.

An important figure from these times is David Spanger, a believer in the mystical religion called Theosophy. This religion was founded by Helena Blavatsky, who proclaimed she had psychic abilities and promoted the Age of Aquarius and its potential to bring peace to the world.

Naturally, the New Age movement was highly concerned with achieving peace, starting with the individual. That’s why many New Age practitioners today also greatly value and stress the importance of personal well-being.

We can observe this in crystal healing, meditation, holistic diets, and other offshoots of the New Age movement.

Are Angel Numbers Evil or Witchcraft?

Angel numbers and their meanings are man-made, which means adjectives like evil or witchy are completely subjective. This way of regarding angel numbers also assumes that one believes in the origins of “evil” and “witchcraft,” which are often found in religious texts.

Most religions believe in at least one or all of the following: demons, ghosts, evil spirits, withcraft, or sorcery. Historically, anything that seemingly challenged the physical or metaphysical was branded as witchcraft, but one of the New Age movement’s positive impacts may be the inclusion of all schools of spiritual thoughts, encompassing witchcraft and tarot reading.

Part of why the idea of demons, evil, and withcraft are so prominent in religious texts is the Christian preoccupation with good versus evil. Christian religion places importance on staying “pure” and not “straying” or being swayed by “evil” influences, since Christians generally believe that all humans are born with the propensity for evil. 

It is the individual’s job to ensure that the “good” always triumphs over the “evil” in terms of spiritual energies.

So although Christians may consider angel nubmers and the New Age movement in general as a blaspheme, there is no reason to believe that angel numbers are evil or witchraft—numerology is just another way of looking at the same coin (our metaphysical world) from a different side.

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Is Spirituality A Good Thing, and How Do I Start?

Many things in life can spur an interest in spiritualism. Maybe you recently had a life-and-death scare that involved a serious car accident or a malignant growth on your back. Maybe you just started a new position at a company in a completely different field, and you are now realizing the power you have over your life.

Maybe you are witnessing some strange happenings in your life, such as seeing angel numbers or feeling like you’re on the brink of a new discover. Maybe you just want to live with more intention.

No matter your reason, developing and nourishing your spiritual beliefs can help you become more aware of your emotions and dreams, and allow you to view yourself in a different light. Many spiritualists practice their beliefs as a means of enriching their life and guiding their decisions, after all.

One way you can start your spiritual journey is by writing down what you hope to achieve along the way. Enlightenment? Peace? Friends?

Another way to begin without feeling overwhelmed is by reading up on what’s already out there–angel numbers, New Age beliefs, astrology, Greek mythology, classic religion. The beautiful part of it all is you are the author of your own sacred writings, and you get to define your truths.