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Was Jesus a Farmer?

The Holy Bible is a testimony of the Living God. Who was the son of God? Was Jesus a farmer? Here is a brief glimpse into His personal life.

Was Jesus a farmer? How did He treat women? Did He cry at birth?

There is much speculation about Jesus Christ and His personal life, although there are clues that can answer all these questions (or at least most of them).

The Holy Bible is an expanse of wisdom. Most folks assume that the Book is entirely about the life of Jesus. However, it relates to the life of Jesus primarily only in the New Testament.

The Old Testament predates the life of Jesus by thousands of years. It conveys the word of God from the very beginning of creation, ultimately leading to the birth and death of Christ.

However, the Holy Book does not end with the crucifixion. It relates to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, leading to the mystical Book of Revelations.

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Who was Jesus?

What are the events that unfolded during those strange times? The Bible tells us that Jesus did not have a human birth.

The Virgin Mary, the wife of Joseph, birthed Jesus by immaculate conception. His story primarily begins at age 30, following His baptism at the Jordan River (Luke 3: 23). 

Then, He proceeds to work certain miracles with His disciples. At the same time, we read about the politics and social life of the real world in that part of history, and it was grim.

Sinners were everywhere and Jesus was on a mission to save them through grace, forgiveness and powerful teachings. He finally went on and gathered a bunch of followers, also known as disciples, and was betrayed by one of them and sentenced to death.

But, who was Jesus before his teachings? We can gather bits and pieces of His life story from the scriptures and make some general conclusions, although there are some things that are yet unanswered.

Did he have to work for a living? Joseph, husband of his mother, was a carpenter by trade while living in rural areas. So then, was his son also a carpenter or was Jesus a farmer?

Let’s try to find out. 

Death and Resurrection 

The Book of Revelation describes a majestic Last Judgment and foretells the Second Coming of Jesus.

Revelation 22 paints the image of the resplendent River of Life, guarded by the Spirit and the Bride (Revelation 22: 17). These words take the reader to the realms of shining angels and extraordinary magic. Towards the end, The Book implores the faithful to testify to the coming of Jesus and prays for the Grace of the Lord

From the natural to the divine 

The significance of the Book of Revelations is that it elevates Jesus from the human form to the divine. In the earlier Books of the New Testament, Jesus seems to be accessible to all, and He lives the natural life of an ordinary person. Jesus performs certain miracles but also breaks bread with his disciples.

He shuns the life of riches and speaks in parables. But, with the crucifixion of Christ, we also see Him as helpless to the judgment of His Father. Then, it is revealed that the Father gave up Christ on the cross so that his blood redeems the sin of the souls.

It is your choice to believe in the divinity of Jesus. Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s nice to understand Jesus from a relatable point of view. At one point, He cried. In another, He questioned God.

It’s completely understandable to try and relate to Jesus on a human level.

was jesus a farmer

Coming of the Son of Man 

Mysteries surround Jesus in the Bible. Do you know that in many verses, the life and coming of Jesus are foretold even in the Old Testament? The Book of Daniel presents startling similarities to the Book of Revelations. It relates how the prophet Daniel falls to his feet at the magnitude of mystic visions. In the same strain, the prophet John also falls to the feet in the Final Book (Revelations 22:8). 

According to some verses, the Second coming of the Son of Man appears to be a terrifying event. Matthew 24: 15-27 associates ‘the Awful Horror’ that Daniel saw with the coming of the Son of Man. Again in Matthew 16: 27 -28, Jesus tells his disciples that the coming of the Son of Man with his Band of Angels would reveal the Taste of Death. 

Is Jesus the Son of Man, or is he the Son of God? This seems to be a mystery in the Bible. One particular verse we can refer to here is Matthew 10: 32-34.

Here, we see a departure from the usually peaceful and forgiving Jesus. He proclaims that he has not come to usher peace on earth, but a sword. Jesus also states that he will deny anyone who denies him before men. He also says that he would acknowledge only those who accept him as the savior in front of his Father in heaven.

Was Jesus a farmer?  

There is no direct evidence in the Bible that states that Jesus was a farmer. However, He often spoke in parables related to farming. These references do hold a strong ground that He had considerable knowledge about agricultural practices

The first parable related to farming is Matthew 13: 3 – 8. In this story, he speaks of a sower who had a mixed harvest. He sowed some seeds on the side of the path, and the birds ate them. Other seeds fell on rocky grounds. They came forth when the sun shone but could not grow deep roots. Hence, they soon withered under the rays of the sun. 

Some more seeds fell on thorny grounds and were killed by the thorns as they came forth. Only those seeds that the farmer sowed on good soil brought forth good grains. This parable probably relates to how different people perceive the word of God differently. Only those souls who had a proper foundation (good soil) could take in the true meaning of the word. 

Another similar parable is in Matthew 13: 24 -30. In this story, Jesus speaks of a man who sowed good seeds. However, his enemy stole in and sowed weeds between the good seeds. So, when the good seeds sprouted, the weeds also came to be. However, the man decided to let the weed grow as uprooting them would damage the good plants. He postpones the removal of the weeds until the harvest. Only then, he will first remove the weed to be burned and bring home the good harvest.   

Jesus was good to women 

The New Testament presents several testimonies of Jesus being good to women. The most compelling evidence is in John 8: 1 -11. Here, a group of wicked men brought a woman to Jesus to be judged. They accused her of adultery and asked Jesus if she should be stoned. However, he instead asked the men if they sinned. At this response, all the men left the temple. In the end, Jesus comforts the woman and lets her go. 

Also, in Mark 16: 9, the Bible states that the resurrected Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene. She was the one from whom Jesus had cast out seven demons.

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Final Thoughts on Jesus’s Personal Life 

The anecdotes in the Bible do not indicate that Jesus was a farmer. However, it is evident that He was a good man who lived a simple life. He was also a mysterious miracle worker and was resurrected from the dead.

You can connect with Christ by picking up a Bible today (or downloading the free Bible app).

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