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Top 10 Best Crystals for Patience

Modern-day busyness, insecurity, and uncertainty make us frustrated and unhappy. Here are 10 crystals that provide patience and help us remain happy.

Do you find yourself losing patience over little things? Do you find yourself being overwhelmed with piled-up tasks?

If your answer to the questions above is yes, then we might just have the solution for you.

Impatience is an emotion that is quite common among people, young and old. Wherever you turn, you see people rushing to achieve a particular goal. It could be something as small as getting groceries or as significant as completing a project.

Being impatient is an emotion that needs to be eliminated from your life especially if you want to achieve the best out of whatever you are doing. When you are impatient, you might tend to make a mess of things.

Top 10 Crystals For Patience

Using crystals for patients

There are various exercises that you can use to learn to calm down even in overwhelming situations. You can learn meditation techniques and practises on how to restrain yourself and keep things under control as best as possible.

It is also believed that crystals are precious stones that are quite significant in healing. There are people who believe that crystals have properties that can help overcome different pains, emotions, and much more. Impatience is one of those things that crystals are believed to help with.

We are going to take you through the top 10 crystals that might help you to remain calm and patient even in seemingly overwhelming situations.


dumortierite provides patience

This is a super popular crystal that might help you with patience. Dumortierite is an elegant stone with attractive colors and is also believed to have properties for healing. If you want to use your abilities with calm and confidence, then you might give this gem a try. They believe it has an energy that motivates and keeps them calm even when going through mental turmoil.

Colors: Blue, Purple

Significance: Tolerance, Composure, Harmony

How To Use: Dumortierite is best used with a sage. You can channel the properties that this stone is believed to have while meditating. Let it’s smoke waft through you and your environment as you meditate and try to release emotions such as impatience.


emerald provides patience

One of the top 10 crystals for patience is the forever gorgeous emerald stone. It is a lovable stone among believers of crystal healing and the reason for this is not farfetched. It holds various representations and symbolism.

If you are an intolerant person that seems to get angry over little things, emerald might be just what you need. If you have a problem with losing control, then emerald might be the best stone for you. With this crystal, you might be able to have control over your emotions and feelings when dealing with people.

Colors: Green, Blue                       

Significance: Youth, Peace, Royalty, Tolerance

How To Use: Emerald is one of the most gorgeous crystals out there. It is a beautiful stone that needs to be close to the heart. To use this stone for patience, you should wear it over your heart as a pendant. It can be carved into beautiful pieces of jewellery like rings or bracelets. Its striking beauty and healing properties are believed to have made it one of the best stones for healing.

Blue Lace Agate

blue lace provides patience

Next on the list of top 10 crystals for patience is the Blue Lace Agate. This is a blue crystal that is quite popular and common for crystal healing. It is one that has the symbolism of peace, understanding, kindness, and much more.

Blue Agate might be what you need to understand people more in your everyday life. This stone is believed to eliminate impatience and ease tension. If you are a person that needs to relate with people daily, you might want to get a Blue Agate gemstone.

Colors: Blue

Significance: Kindness, Patience, Wisdom

How To Use: Blue Agate is a stone which represents divine tranquillity. If you are thinking of using this stone for healing, you need to consider putting it in your environment. You should place Blue Agate in the same place that seems to test your patience which could be at work or in your home. Those who use Blue Agate for crystal healing believe it also helps you treat people with kindness.

Green Jade

green jade provides patience

This is one of the top 10 crystals that are believed to help with patience. It is an ancient stone and quite popular in China. This is because they believe in the symbolism and healing of this crystal. Green Jade is magnificent, lovable and has different significance in various cultures. There is a belief that it can help a person get rid of emotional turmoil and also calm the mind. It has a direct symbolism of Peace and warmth.  

Colors: Green

Significance: Modesty, Peace, Courage, Wisdom

How To Use: This crystal should be by your side all the time. You can hold it or keep it in your pocket. Another way to ensure it is always with you is by turning it into a pendant for your neck chains.


amber helps with patience

This gemstone is one of the most beautiful crystals. It has a shining golden color which radiates and is believed to attract positive energies. It is transparent, stunning, and can be carved into different kinds of jewelry.

Amber stone is a crystal that might help you deal with impatience. It is believed to also deal with anxiety and negativity. This crystal is also used for warmth and seeking balance. If you are dealing with something that seems to be making you patient, you might want to use amber crystal and see if it will work for you.

Colors: Yellow, Golden Orange

Significance: Stability, Control, and Courage

How To Use: This beautiful stone is best worn as a piece of jewelry. It should be close to you at all times. You can carve this gemstone into accessories of your choosing. Wear it around your neck, wrist, or ear.


amathyst provides patience

This is one of the top crystals for patience among spiritualists. It is a stone that holds the symbol of positivity and peace. If you are disturbed and need to calm your mind, amethyst might be the right stone for you. It is also believed to help have a great night’s rest.

Amethyst is one of the powerful crystals that people believe can help them to stay sane and have a clear mind. It is one of the common stones that are used in meditating. If you keep losing patience and going off on people, you might need to get your hands on an Amethyst gemstone.

Colors: Purple

Significance: Calm, Peace, Harmony

How To Use: Amethyst is a significant healing stone in alternative medicine. There are different ways to activate and use this stone including to wear them as accessories. Amethyst would be great as a necklace, earrings, or bracelet. Another way to use this stone is by placing it in your surroundings. You can carry it around in your pocket, place it under your pillow when you sleep, or on your desk as you work.


This crystal is one that is made up of various Colors. It is believed to be one of the top crystals for patience. Fluorite might be what you need to navigate with that seems to be getting on your nerves. If someone or a particular situation keeps making you lose your patience, then you might just need this crystal by your side. It is a stunning and precious gemstone that holds great symbolism in various cultures.

Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Black

Significance: Clarity, Making Decisions

How To Use: Place this stone close next to you at all times. You can place it under your pillow as your sleep or close to your workstation during the day. If you are driving, you can simply place it on the dashboard of your car. Wherever you place Fluorite, just ensure it is right at your side.


Labradorite is a gemstone with stunning patterns. It comes in several colors and is believed to hold powerful properties. This patience crystal might be what you do to increase your tolerance. It is a stone that many people believe to have properties that can protect and also help to deal with impatience, misfortune, and insecurities. You can get this stone and work towards uncovering all of the powers it might hold.

Colors: Grey, Brown, Purple, Red

Significance: Patience, Protection, Relief

How To Use: The best way to use this stone is by carving it into pendants or earrings. Labradorite is also beautiful, so wearing it as an accessory would be perfect. It is charming and might be what you need to soothe your mind and soul.


This precious stone is one that is believed to teach restraint and patience. It might help you stabilize your mood and put your emotions in check. Howlite might also help you be more compassionate to others and also less impatient. If you are someone that deals with people a lot, then you might have to place this stone close to you at all times. Keep Howlite in your purse or pocket to be able to enjoy all the calming properties it is believed to have.

Colors: White

Significance: Patience, Harmony

How To Use: If you have a Howlite stone and want to use it for patience, you should consider meditating with it. Place this beautiful stone in your hands and try to channel peace and tranquillity. After doing this, you can also carve it into a piece of jewellery.


Mookaite gemstone is one of the most gorgeous crystals out there. Not only is it beautiful but it also has significance in healing. This gemstone is believed to be of great help in dealing with impatience.

If you constantly feel overwhelmed with certain situations, then you might have to consider getting this crystal. Mookaite is believed to have properties that help people remain grounded even in turmoil. Additionally, there are people that also use it to balance their emotions and feelings. So, if you want a crystal for patience, you might have to consider getting Mookaite.

Colors: Purple, Brown, Red

Significance: Light, Protection

How To Use: To activate and use the Mookaite stone for patience, you need to carry it around. This means this precious gem needs to be by your side all the time. You can carry the stone around in your bags or pockets or use them to make charm bracelets. Mookaite will make beautiful pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

They are quite beautiful and will make you look stunning. Mookaite is one of the top crystals that are believed to be very significant in healing.

Conclusion on Crystals For Patience

There you have it! There are our top 10 picks of healing crystals for patience. If you struggle with impatience, then you might want to give one of these crystals a try, but don’t depend on them!

When you are in overwhelming situations, always have it at the back of your mind that getting angry would not solve whatever you are facing. You need to remain calm and remind yourself that it is totally fine not to have control over certain things.

Have fun exploring crystal healing!

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