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718 Angel Number Meanings: A Complete Guide

Set your worries aside because the 718 angel number is a positive sign that has to do with making judgements in life. Here is a complete overview.

Does the 718 angel number keep showing up? Here, we uncover the secrets of this mysterious number with an open mind.

Set your worries aside because the 718 angel number is a positive sign that has to do with making judgements in life. Also, it implies to being more confident in your decision making.

We’ll explore where these meanings came from, what to do, and some fun facts behind the angel number 718.

718 angel number meanings guide.

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

Meaning of 718 Angel Number

The 718 angel number may indicate that you are on the right path to attain stability in life. It can be for a career or a relationship.

You can take the recurrence of this number as a sign that good things are going to happen. But, you will also have to take actions to make it a reality. 

Identify the unstable problem areas of your life and work on them.

Suppose, your career has hit a valley, and you feel suffocated. 

You may be able to identify that it happened because you made certain poor choices. Maybe, you succumbed to workplace pressure or made the wrong alliances.

The reasons can also be personal, which only you would know.

Why do I keep seeing 718?

What are numbers anyway? Is it merely your age, height, and weight? Is it your bank balance, phone number, and social security ID?

In short, numbers are everything. They define you, offer facts to your anecdotes, and make you one with the Universal laws. You cannot live without numbers! 

Bank balance and ID card data belong to the real world. These carry structure and meaning. However, numbers can be mysterious.

It keeps appearing in random places. You ask someone’s phone number, and it is there. You sign up for a gym membership, and boom! 718.

Maybe you look at the watch and it’s 7:18pm.

This recurrence can be unsettling and makes you wonder, is it a coincidence?

Although science has tried to explain the mystery behind seeing repeated numbers, people have relied on the study of numbers for thousands of years.

The study of numbers, also known as numerology, are simple meanings that have been associated with each number from 1 to 9 and are universal to everyone.

The reason you keep seeing angel number 718 – or any other number – is because you associate meaning towards it subconsciously.

We’re here to unravel it all and help you discover why you may be seeing 718 all the time.

angel number 718 meaning

Angel Number 718 Scientific Explanation 

The real world is scientific. As a natural conclusion, everything must have a rational explanation.

However, science can not explain many day-to-day things. Did you know that scientists cannot fully explain a common action like yawning?

Also, many feats achieved by science today were impossible dreams even seventy years ago! Think about smartphones and wireless technology.

Therefore, science is always a learning process. Perhaps, as of now, angel numbers belong to metaphysics. Maybe, in the future, there will be scientific explanations for them.  

That said, let’s try to explain the 718 angel number scientifically.

To achieve that, you may want to look at the scientific principle of resonance. Just like seeing someone yawn may also make you yawn, sound waves also behave similarly

An object may start to vibrate with increased amplitude when the wavelength from an external object matches its natural frequency. Moreover, even the brain has natural frequencies. Science categorizes brainwaves into four numerical sets, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. 

That means that the natural frequency of your consciousness has something to do with seeing these angel numbers. Numbers indicate platonic solids and geometry. Such formations also imply definite vibrations.

Also, the vibrating geometry of solids is the scientific basis of crystal healing.  

So, what is the science here? Probably, your consciousness wavelengths resonate with the vibration of the 718 angel number! 

Of course, this is just a hypothesis.

To date, just like deja vu, there is no scientific explanation for angel numbers.

Let’s move on to unpacking the meaning in a more mystical approach.

Angel Number 718 in Numerology

First, let’s understand what numerology is.

Numerology is an ancient system of explaining the metaphysics of creation by numbers. Studies of this discipline derive from ancient India, Egypt, and Greece. 

At the root, it is very simple. Numerology asserts that all and any number belongs to the scale of one to nine. To simplify, you add the individual values of a big number.

Then, you keep adding unless you can proceed no further. 

For example, you can calculate the value of 718 to 7. 

718 consists of 7, 1, and 8 

7 + 1 + 8 = 16

16 consists of 1 and 6. 

1 + 6 = 7 

Following this final breakdown, you infer the geometric frequency of number 7. A seven-sided polygon generates certain emotions in you.

These emotions are nothing but specific vibrations! A thoughtful look at these vibes will reveal the truths of your soul.  

Seven is a prime number transitioning between the symmetry of six and eight. Even the next odd number in the numerology scale, Nine, has the symmetry of 333.

Therefore, Seven is the highest level of asymmetry in the scale of one to nine.

On a personal level, it may mean that 7 prompts you to overcome denial factors leading to indecision. It also tends to progress to the next level of stability by adding One to become Eight.

Number One is the God number because it is the first, and one is also the factor of progression. 

5 + 1 = 6

6 + 1 = 7

7 + 1 = 8, and, so on.

718 numerology

Being One With Your Truth

How can you apply the knowledge of the 718 angel number in your life?

You can find the answer to this implied in the number itself. Follow it closely. You would see that it expresses the progress of unstable number 7 to stable number 8 by the addition of 1. 

Therefore, One is the key here! It may imply the purpose of being one with your innermost intentions. You can see that One is in the center of 718.

Also, since One is the God number, the 718 angel number perhaps instructs you to have faith. It is also the number of absolution because One is the absolute truth on the number scale. 

Hence, you may want to do some serious soul searching on encountering angel numbers with One.

Also, you need to be truthful, especially to yourself.

This honesty is important because confusion develops when you deny certain aspects of your nature.

It becomes easy once you accept that you made certain poor choices that led to unhappiness. 

This acceptance eventually leads you to make the right decision finally.

You may find your despair to be replaced by peace. You would need the confidence to make strong decisions about your life.

Having faith in God can be the source of this confidence.

Overall, angel number 718 helps you to be one with your truth.    

718 Angel number Twin Flame 

What is the twin flame meaning behind 718?

The Twin flame is a soulful belief that the Creator initiated souls into this world by Two’s. Keepers of the twin flame also believe that only the ordained soulmate can carry the light of true love.

Life then becomes a quest to find that other perfect person who can resonate with your soul’s music. The key here is to not search. Just like angel number 718 seems to randomly appear, the same will happen with your twin flame.

Seeing the number 718 repeatedly may indicate that you are close to the twin flame revelation. You can rearrange 718 into the mirrored symmetry of 88. 

You can write 718 as 71 and 8. 

The number also consists of the energies of 17, 18, 81, 87, 817, 178, and 78.  

71 consists of two variables, 7 and 1. 

7 + 1 = 8

Therefore, 718 is equivalent to 88. 

If you believe in Twin Flames, this can be an important revelation. It may mean that you are already with your soulmate. However, the presence of Seven can mean that the relationship is somewhat unstable. 

So, you should always try to attain stability by committing.

Also, you should be honest in finding whether your partner is soulful.

Do you often have deep conversations about life? Do you understand real feelings even without saying a word? Are you in the comfort zone to confess your innermost desires to her?

Answering these questions could help you find soulfulness in your relations. 

Even if you are single right now, the 718 angel number may implore you to reach your perfect eight-state.

Eight is associated with the ideal satisfaction of desires. If Six is the number of pro-creation, you pass over Seven to be Eight, and have a healthy sex life.

So, you should focus on letting go of all those feelings that block this important aspect of a relationship.

Perhaps only then can you find your ideal partner, or your twin flame.

angel number 718 love twin flame

718 Angel Number Love

718 angel number signifies a commitment to yourself first before uniting with your love or romantic partner. It’s also a sign to cultivate positive feelings which can help you lead a healthy and fruitful relationship.

You may want to have a deeper look at how the 718 angel number relates to love. It is easy to confuse love with sex. However, sex is but an intimate expression of love, which begins and ends in the heart.

So, does the angel number 718 guide you to open your heart? Perhaps it does if you are willing to take the leap of faith. 

If you believe in being Twin Flames, you must also believe in God! Otherwise, it does not make sense.

Going forward, you must also believe in the love of God that manifests between soulmates.

What is the love of God? These are angelic feelings such as safety, trust, courage, and hope.

718 Angel number in the Bible 

Reading the 718 Angel number in the Bible requires an open mind since there are no direct references to 718, or angel numbers.

We’ll explore some verses in the same number format, 7:18, from different books in the Holy Bible.

One should follow the path of truth and not break the solemn word of God, as stated in 1 Maccabees.

Job 7:18 speaks of how God tests souls every minute. Not even a tiny fly or a bee flies out of the command of God (Isaiah 7: 18).

It is also important to confess your true condition to God, even when you are down and out (Romans 7: 18).

Proverbs 7 warns a soul against unhealthy sexual attraction. It identifies the ways of the adulteress and how it allures (Proverbs 7: 18). 

The consequences of guilt and shame are in Ezekiel 7: 18. It states that the guilty finds only horror all over their faces.

To the same degree, Matthew 7:18 states in metaphors that one must have a healthy body for a beautiful mind. A diseased tree can never bear good fruits!

However, it’s not all doom-saying for the 718 angel number!

Micah 7:18 proclaims God as forgiving, and One with steadfast love.

Daniel 7: 18 states that the saints of the Most High will receive the Kingdom, and possess it forever.

Even the earliest reference, in Genesis 7:18, the verse states how Noah’s boat became afloat when the flood came.

718 Fun facts 

718 also represents July 18 (7/18). Trivia research reveals some quite interesting incidents on this day.

Do you know that it is both the birthday and death day of the trigger-happy gangster Machine Gun Kelly?

In 1925, Adolf Hitler published his confessional autobiography, Mein Kampf, on July 18.

It is also the day of death for famous British travel agent Thomas Cook (1892). 

On July 18 (7/18) 1992, the first-ever photo on the internet went up. It’s a group photo of Les Horribles Cernettes, an all-women Rock band made by four beautiful CERN staff members.

On this day, we remember the magical Nico of the Velvet Underground. She passed away on July 18, 1988.

It is also the birthday of Pauline Viardot (1821), French soprano and composer.

English comedian Tom O’Connor died on this day in 2021. He made his name hosting game shows such as The Zodiac Game, Gambit, Password, Crosswits, and Name that Tune.

718 meaning stability


Remember that your awareness is growing which is the ultimate purpose of angel number 718.

You may not resonate with any of the meanings here, and that’s completely okay too! Angel numbers were created to be helpful guides; not things to be dependent on.

As long as you stay true to yourself, live an honest life and keep asking questions that science cannot yet explain, you will live a meaningful life.

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