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355 Angel Number: A Complete Guide for You

Are you ready to understand the true meaning behind seeing the 355 angel number? Find out why you keep noticing it in this complete guide.

Staring at numbers, you cannot help but wonder! They are everywhere, and they make up everything. Anything you perceive has a numerical value or significance. Computing is a function of binary coding. All objects must have dimensions, length, breadth, and width. 

The greatest mystery of the Universe, Time, is understood as a function of days, months, and years! The world of numbers is so majestic that even Big Data is just a small part of it.  

Nothingness and infinity both have numerical values. Heck, even Chaos is a mathematical concept! Numbers can comfort you, free your soul, or invoke fear. They reveal mysteries and are mysterious by themselves.

Welcome to the world of angel numbers. Many people want to know the meaning of the 355 angel number. They report seeing it so often that it seems it must have a deeper meaning.

Strangely, there appears to be a connection between angel number sightings with thought patterns. You see them only when you think of something in particular, but you cannot exactly put the finger on the thoughts.  

The 355 angel number indicates the beginning of a bright, new phase in life. The number sequence implies clarity in thoughts and calmness of passions.

Enjoy this complete guide to angel number 355 and figuring out what it all means for you.

355 angel number guide

The Mysterious World of Angels

You cannot truly explain angel number occurrences by science. We can set up logical hypotheses, but it’s still vague and abstract. Where science fails, the mind wanders to the realms of philosophy. You look at the stars and reflect on the meaning of life. 

Is heaven real? Are there stages of heaven hidden somewhere in the mysteries of a dark night sky? Do angels keep a watch on humankind from these secret spheres? 

Angels have been integral to the cultural narrative since ancient days. You find them in Holy Texts, Myths, and Fairytales. They have both light and dark shades, are at war with dragons and demons, and apparently, they love Rock n Roll! One of the famous angel songs is ‘Lucifer Sam’ by the legendary Pink Floyd. Look at the lyrics carefully. The singer is probably saying that Archangel Lucifer is always by your side, but you cannot explain this presence!  

Numerous incidents of angel sightings have been recorded, some very eerie. People who have had Near-Death Experiences report their lives being changed after angel visitations. 

Do you believe that angels are sending you messages in coincidental numbers? If so, then what is the meaning of the 355 angel number? Is it a warning or a promise?  

We will try and decode the mystery of the 355 angel number with the help of numerology.   

355 Angel Number Meaning

The 355 angel number indicates the closure of a life phase and the start of a new one. We interpret this meaning by simplifying 355 to the single-digit value of 4. 

Modern numerology, as we know it today, is a derivative of the ancient Indian philosophical tradition of Samkhya. The Samkhya school of thought originated with the evolution of Zero and the Hindu-Arabic numerals. 

This philosophy ascertains the visible and invisible world as a manifestation of the basic numbers One to Nine. Furthermore, the numbers have emotional attributes because they represent different stages of the dynamics between the cosmic masculine and feminine principles. 

A numerologist simplifies any number with multiple digits by adding the individual numbers until you can add no further. 

In other words, the mystique of numerology is the love story between the Vitruvian Man and Monalisa! Just like hidden number codes in the perfect painting, studying the secrets of angel numbers also lets you to deeper self-realization. In Samkhya philosophy, the Vitruvian Man is Purusha, and Monalisa is Prakriti. 

Let’s simplify the 355 angel number. 

It has three elements, 3, 5, and 5. 

Adding them, you obtain 13. 

13 has two elements, 1 and 3. 

Adding them again, you get 4.    

3 + 5 + 5 = 13

1 + 3 = 4 

Since Four indicates a closed quadrilateral shape, it represents a sense of perfect closure at the emotional level. Depending on your perspective, you can view Four either as a closed structure or as the foundation upon which you set up your future.

Why is Four a Number of Closure?

Four is a powerful number in numerology. It indicates the formation of the first quadrilateral in the sequence of the geometry of creation. 

One is but a fixed point in space. You cannot create a geometrical shape with just a point. 

Therefore, the next One comes, and the sequence becomes Two. Two points can form a straight line or a circle, depending on whether the second point is static or dynamic. 

The order of progression next creates Three, or the first triangle. At this level, the first template for the creation of matter is initiated by angular geometry. 

Going forward, this triangular template is equivalent to the progression of One. Two triangles make a square/rectangle. You need at least three triangles to make a pentagon, and so on. 

Let’s explain it clearly. 

Consider the equation, 3 + 1 = 4. 

3 represents a triangle with a total angular value of 180 degrees. 

4 represents a square with a total angular value of 360 degrees. 

Since Four is the number with the same angular value as the circle, it implies the completeness of closure. The circle at 360 degrees is the most perfect shape, as it is all-encompassing. 

Rewrite 355 as 3, (5 + 5). 

You get 3, (10). 

Rewrite 10 as 1 + 0. 

Hence, the 355 angel number is 31, according to numerology.   

31 is 4, the basic number of closure. 

You can find further insights into the number Four by studying the 343 angel number.

355 angel number meaning

Spiritual Meaning of 355 Angel Number

The 355 angel number has a base value of 4, representing a square. Spiritually, the square represents logic, structure, and a sense of being grounded. 

The compact shape of the square has been historically used to denote the importance of having a strong foundation. It is the symbol of solid logic and the groundwork of faith to grow spiritually. 

Just having faith may not be enough for upholding spiritual values. Faith can be vague and abstract! You need to observe a set of well-defined guidelines in all areas of your life. A square signifies the groundwork of spiritual principles that can help you lead a better life. 

The number Four also represents the basic elements of the physical world, earth, water, fire, and wind. You must follow the relevance of these elements in your physical body to balance them with the fifth element, ether or soul. 

The wind in your body represents the practice of breathing. Therefore, you may want to follow spiritual breathing practices such as Pranayama. This yogic breathing technique helps to harmonize all other elements such as earth (flesh and bones), water (blood), and fire (body temperature). An angelic reference to wind and the Number Four is also found in the Bible.  

The square also implies a sense of being grounded, no matter what. Ego is a major obstacle in spirituality, and practising humbleness helps eliminate it. Balance gratitude with humbleness to overcome instincts of arrogance and live a good life without hurting yourself or others with your ego. 

355 Angel Number and Non-Duality 

The 355 angel number presents a clear message to follow the precepts of non-dualistic thinking. We attain this conclusion by evaluating the significance of rearranging 355 as 31. 

The transition from Three to One indicates a spiritual life-path direction from the triad to the monad. Spiritually, this calls for the realization of the oneness of the mind-body-soul principles. Disharmony between the mind, body, and soul not only leads to discomfort but can also result in mental or physical illness. 

For instance, consider the common habit of overeating. The mind starts to crave junk food because you deny the spiritual principles of overcoming greed and gluttony. Other spiritually harmful aspects like self-harm and laziness also affect this habit. 

Indulging in these spiritually damaging emotions can lead to mental illnesses such as depression and a massive inferiority complex. Furthermore, it can affect your physical well-being with different conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.  

Therefore, you can consider the ideals of non-dualistic thinking to harmonize the mind, body, and soul connection. 

We can also interpret the 355 angel number as a transition from Three to Ten. This transition implies a passage of Seven. 

3 + 7 = 10 

Seven is an unstable number because it is the highest prime value on the numerological scale of One to Nine. The influence of Seven indicates confusion on emotional and spiritual levels. Seven tends to be rebellious in the sense that it does not conform to any symmetrical alignment with other numbers on the numerological scale. 

Seven is also an ambitious number as it strives to achieve the stability of Eight by aligning with One, the only other number that can divide it. 

The passage from Three to Ten, therefore, indicates a strong push forward to overcome instability. Again, Ten is equivalent to One in numerology. In conclusion, the 355 angel number says that you must overcome all confusion to attain the oneness of mind-body and spirit finally. 

You can find more insights on the purpose of Seven in the meaning of the 722 angel number.  

Scientific Explanation of Seeing the 355 Angel Number

Can science explain the 355 angel number recurrences? After all, the sightings are real! There must be a logical explanation if it’s happening in the real world! Sorry to burst the bubble, but many things in this world are still mysteries to science. 

All of us use glass items in our lives. However, do you know that the exact chemical structure of glass is still a mystery to science? Facts like these put a whole new perspective on seeing things in the mirror!   

Angel numbers are also mysteries, just like deja vu or jamais vu. Nevertheless, we can still set up certain hypotheses to explain the number sightings. Trying to explain coincidental recurrences, you can consider the framework of the chaos theory. 

This interdisciplinary mathematical theory assumes that all dynamic, chaotic systems work by an inherent pattern of self-feedback loops. These loops are essentially fractal mechanisms, repeating the same pattern at the macro and micro levels. 

Therefore, if you can assume your reality to be a fractal pattern of a bigger design, it makes sense that the pattern somehow manifests as angel number sequences.  

However, what is the mechanism of such a fractal system? String theory could provide a structural framework, working at the quantum level. String theory asserts that the visible reality is a composite of multi-dimensional invisible strings. These strings may connect various dimensions shifting the very fabric of reality. 

Nevertheless, both chaos theory and string theory are just that; theories! Since it is impossible to put a scientific label on angel numbers, it is perhaps better to approach their meanings through mysticism and spirituality.

355 Angel Number for Love and Relationships 

The 355 angel number represents the safety of love. It also implies self-discipline, internalization, and setting of boundaries in relationships. 

The base number 4 has manifold significance in love and relationships. At the primary level, Four represents closure, and this is a vital interpretation in the context of love. Often, you may find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship that seems to run in loops of hurtfulness. 

The influence of Four is a message that you must make a strong decision and put a stop to the toxicity. In this sense, it means a breakup, but, as we all know, breakups are sometimes necessary just to maintain sanity. If your current relationship is not going anywhere, you should let it go and start anew. 

Setting the right boundaries holds the key to a happy and trusted relationship. Four is a message to enact these boundaries with conviction. No matter how close partners are, certain rules can never be violated. He must never bring up those topics if she does not want to be reminded of certain things. 

Similarly, the man must also set boundaries around himself, such as avoiding hurtful expletives and never acting on impulsive urges of violence. Observing stringent self-discipline is a key message that the number 4 implies.       

These boundaries should be everywhere, and when the couple needs to overcome them, it must always be with mutual consent. Listening to each other’s desires and respecting the mutual comfort zones are key aspects of a beautiful relationship. 

You can build the palace of your dreams only on the foundation of leaving the painful memories of the past behind.  

Four also indicates the safety of a loving home. Metaphorically, we often speak of four walls when referring to a house. However, whether it is the House of the Rising Sun or the Garden of Eden depends on your choices. 

You must focus on growing your house on angelic qualities such as love, honor, trust, and safety for the message of the 355 angel number to come true.

355 angel number love twin flame

355 Angel Number Twin Flame 

The twin flame is the mystical romantic belief of finding the one true soulmate somewhere in God’s world. The 355 angel number carries the message of a beautiful twin flame reunion, where you let go of all worries from the past. 

Trusting in twin flame reunion is more than just an abstract belief! It presents believers with the very direction of life. Stuck in loneliness, you keep looking for signs that your twin flame is also seeking you. Since it’s a mystical belief, the signs are otherworldly, just like angel numbers. 

All angel numbers imply the twin flame reunion, but you must follow the message. Sometimes, you may meet your twin flame but fail to recognize each other as true soulmates. Again, separation can still happen even after you meet your twin flame. 

The chemistry of twin flame souls reveals the brightest parts of life and the darkest ones. Only the bravest of souls can go through the ups and downs of a twin flame reunion to finally meet each other in the light of the soul.    

You can interpret the angelic message of twin flame reunion by rearranging an angel number in the order of a dual symmetry. Simplifying the 355 angel number in this way reveals its twin flame number to be 22. 

The base value of this angel number is 4. 

4 is 2 + 2. 

Therefore, 355 is also 22, according to numerology. 

Two is the number of first love. One is the number of solitude and loneliness. One becomes Two when true soulmates love each other as they love themselves. In simpler words, you must be comfortable with your masculine and feminine aspects, just as your twin flame. 

Achieving this level of comfort with yourself and your partner may need a lot of soul work. You will have to look deep inside your psyche to let go of all those emotions that pull you down.    

355 Angel Number and the Fear of 13

Adding the digits in 355 generates the number 13. 

3 + 5 + 5 = 13 

The 355 angel number may invoke the fear of 13 in some people. Triskaidekaphobia is so real that airlines sometimes omit the entire 13th row of seats. Don’t be surprised in international hotels if the buttons on the lift do not show the 13th floor! 

The fear of 13 has been deep-rooted in the cultural narrative since ancient times. Nordic mythology and Biblical stories have startling similarities related to the origin of the fear of 13. Loki, the mischievous Nordic God, was the 13th guest in the fateful banquet of Valhalla. Judas Iscariot was the 13th guest at the Last Supper. 

In both instances, the 13th guest initiated a cycle of division and suffering in the realms. Since then, 13th is associated with death because Judas eventually kills himself. Loki suffers a worse fate. The Gods banished him to the underworld, tied by the entrails of his son. Loki is tormented by the constant dripping venom of a poisonous snake over his head.

Whew! You don’t want to share the fate of Judas or Loki! So, there’s no need to be afraid of 13.  

355 Angel Number and the Bible 

How can angel number studies be complete without studying the Holy Bible? The Book is one of the greatest authoritative texts on angels. We looked up verse 35: 5 in the Bible to find any relevant message. Coincidentally, one of these verses has a direct reference to an angel!

Psalm 35: 5 is a prayer to the Lord to send the angel of death to strike down the wicked. The words manifest the whirlwind power of the angel as the enemies turn to straw in the wind. 

Are your eyes opening to the glory of the Lord? Are you listening to the music of the spheres? Verse 35: 5 in the Book of Isaiah expresses hope that the blind will see and the deaf will hear when God will gather his people back to the promised land. 

Verse 35: 5 in the Book of Job is again a testimony to the great power of God. The words compare the magnificence of God to the skies above! 

Therefore, the message of the 355 angel number in the Bible is to have hope in God and pray to Him for deliverance.

355 numerology

Fun Facts and Trivia of Angel Number 355

Forget James Bond; say hello to Agent 355! This was the code name of an anonymous female spy active during the American Revolution. She was a member of the secretive Culper Ring whose task was to furnish information about the movements of the British. Her identity remains secret, but some sources point out that she was lady Anna Strong

One of the key achievements of Agent 355 was to report British naval activity to Ring member Caleb Brewster. She passed on the message to Brewster by hanging a black petticoat on her clothesline that he could see from a distance. Thereby, Brewster organized the raiding of the British shipments on his whaleboat.    

What to do next after seeing 355?

The 355 angel number presents great realizations about the spiritual and emotional aspects of the Number Four. Internalizing these realizations in your life may not be possible in a day, but you should keep trying. 

Even when you do not believe in angels, the meanings of 355, at least in part, can add great value to your life.

Here are 5 essential steps to take on your spiritual journey.