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343 Angel Number: A Complete Guide for You

If you keep seeing the 343 angel number, know that you're not alone! It's important to understand why you keep noticing this powerful number.

Angel numbers hint at a mysterious world of possibilities. The repeating sequence of numbers may start popping up without warning. At first, the appearance may not be too obvious. Then, eventually, the coincidences start to get freaky. You are compelled to notice, even if you are a non-believer in mysticism. 

Believe it or not, these numbers are real. Many people report the recurrence of the 343 angel number in their lives. Sometimes, the sightings are so frequent that they call your attention multiple times a day! Is it a message from real angels? Is it something else? It’s up to you to decipher the meanings and apply them in your life.

The 343 angel number stands for oneness, or integrity of character. It also assumes the meaning of harmony of mind-body-spirit in the most complete sense. On a practical note, the angel number signifies the transition from the existing phase of your life.

343 angel number guide

Angel Number 343 in Numerology

The 343 angel number explanation is only plausible by numerology. This age-old discipline into the origin of numbers effortlessly associates practical applications with metaphysics. The association of numbers with the creation myth is found in all ancient cultures in the world.

The Holy Bible describes the Genesis creation narrative in Seven Days. The Advaita school of thought from ancient India expounds on the idea that conflicts of duality are illusory (Maya). All reality stems from the One Parabrahman, the Ultimate creation. Practicing the non-dualistic approach to life can help the seeker achieve oneness in thoughts and actions. This interpretation can be the implied meaning of the 343 angel number since its base value is 1.

The Samkhya philosophy from India explains the mystique of creation as the interplay between the Purusha and Prakriti. The ancient Hebrew system of Gematria ascribes numerical values to words and alphabets. Numbers have also had a key role in ancient Egypt and Persia.

The 343 angel number has two digits, 3 and 4, with the three repeated twice. On the numerological scale, all numbers are but variations of One to Nine. Each number is understood to carry specific vibrations, which also affect emotions. 

Three is the first number of a triangle and a template for higher geometry. Everything you see around, whether animate or inanimate, has a geometrical structure, and the three-pointed triangle keeps recurring in these geometries. Personally, this might imply the need to practice a balanced perspective on life, just like the harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

The four in the 343 angel number is placed centrally. The total number of digits is also three. Four indicates the first quadrilateral, another primary template of creative geometry. Emotionally, four can either indicate isolation or it can mean the closure of a past phase in life. 

Since the threes surround the four in a triangulate, the 343 angel number implies emotional balancing during a transitory phase. Changes are never easy, especially when you intend to turn a new page in your life. You should pay attention to the spiritual aspects of a change as well.            

Spiritual Meaning of 343 Angel Number 

The spiritual meaning of the 343 angel number relates to attaining stability over spiritual confusion. It also implies adherence to the principles of the mind-body-spirit harmony. 

The spiritual meaning of the 343 angel number is evident only from the numerological perspective. The spiritual assessment of a number outlines its implied significance as a higher objective and also from a personal viewpoint.

You can rewrite 3, 4, 3 as (3 + 4), 3. 

Therefore, 343 is 73, according to numerology. 

What is the significance of this formation? We see the placement of a Seven by the side of a Three. Both numbers are very important from a spiritual viewpoint. Seven represents the highest stage of transition for an individual. Seven is the highest prime number on the scale of One to Nine. 

The position of Seven is in between the symmetrical numbers, Six and Eight. As such, Seven would either want to regress to the stability of Six or try to upgrade its stature to an Eight. Personally, this could mean a spiritually confusing position. You may have to deal with a constant dissatisfaction in your being, including a lack of faith. 

Therefore, you will have to ascend with the aid of God-number One, to the higher state of Eight. Since Seven is a prime number, the only other number that can divide is One. So, the relationship of Seven with One also tends to be fractional. 

Nevertheless, the alignment of 73 in the 343 angel number offers great hope. This combination uplifts the Seven with the harmonious Three to finally attain stability as One. 

7 + 3 = 10 

1 + 0 = 1 

The numerology of 343 is very similar to the 109 angel number as it also has a base value of One. 

Personally, this implies that you can find relief from your confused spiritual state by balancing your mind-body-spirit. This balancing is fully possible only when you hold on to faith and follow the Holy Spirit to guide you where you want to be. Also, you may want to have a good look at your life and let go of all those unstable emotions that don’t sustain your spiritual growth.      

343 angel number meaning

343 Angel Number Deeper Meaning

The 343 angel number meaning is evident when you consider it as a number of ascension. The numbers can be understood to form an isosceles triangle. The base of this triangle is 4 units, and the two sides are 3 units each. Personally, you can interpret the significance of this shape as an ascension from the rigidity of Four to the harmony of Three. 

A triangle, or Three can also represent past, present, and future. Since the present morphs into the future, they can represent the number Three in 343. The past you can understand as the Four, or a need to close down those elements of life that do not meet the criteria of betterment. 

The triangle is also a spiritual symbol used since antiquity. The ancient Egyptians shaped the sides of pyramids as triangles because they believed it would carry the spirit of the Pharaoh into liberation. The sacred Om mantra in Hinduism, Sikhism, and Tibetan religion consists of three syllables, A, U, and M. They represent the three states of consciousness, waking, dreaming, and sleeping.   

How is this relevant personally? Angel numbers should be understood as milestones to higher dimensions of consciousness. If you see a triangulate angel number, it can mean that you are ready to open your mind to higher states of realization. 

Scientific Explanation of Seeing 343 and Repeated Numbers 

What is the possible scientific explanation of the angel number recurrence? To be very specific, science is not able to explain such coincidences. However, several new-age theories point towards a future where an explanation may be available. 

According to the chaos theory, the recurrence of the 343 angel number could indicate a certain fractal pattern defining your reality. Fractals are self-similar geometries that follow the same pattern in the micro and macroscopic scales. So, the macrocosm of the Universe is one with the microcosm of your reality. 

The mechanism of this repetition can be explained by the string theory. This theory postulates that the visible reality is actually a composite of several parallel Universes connected by invisible vibrational strings. 

It is entirely possible within the realms of string theory to assert that the interconnected parallel universes may operate on science entirely different from that of earth. Therefore, it could be that angel numbers are indeed signs from intelligent parallel dimensions.   

Explanation of 343 by Quantum Theory and Interference 

A further scientific explanation of the recurrence of the 343 angel number can be obtained from the quantum theory. One of the most novel aspects of quantum theory is to prove that the act of observation affects the state of the observed experiment. In other words, the electrons behave differently when scientists observe them in action. 

Since everything is atomic, it might be possible that your awareness of the angel number is causing it to repeat in your reality. However, no clear answer can be given as to how and why the awareness is initiated in you. 

A probable explanation of the mind interfering with matter can be derived from the theory of wavelength interference. Your brain releases brainwaves corresponding to different emotional states. 

It could be possible that the angel number awareness in you emits a certain wavelength frequency. This wave then interferes with the wavelengths of your surroundings, as every object has a natural frequency. Therefore, the angel number shows up to represent your interaction with a conscious Universe.  

However, all of these are just scientific theories. Therefore, it might be easier to take angel numbers in the same sense as you approach other unexplained things out there. 

343 Angel Number for Love

The love meaning of 343 indicates perfection in romantic relationships. You can achieve this perfection only when you can put a stop to negative emotions obstructing the purity of true, soulful love. 

What is the significance of the 343 angel number on your love life? This explanation can be derived from rearranging 343 as 64. 

You can rewrite 3, 4, 3 as (3 + 3), 4. 

Therefore, the 343 angel number is also 64, as per numerology.  

What is the significance of 64 on love life? Six has been historically associated as the number of love. The Lovers card on the Major Arcana of the Tarot is signified by the number 6. Even the school of eastern astrology signifies Six as the number of love. 

Traditionally, western astrologers assign Six with Venus. The Romans worship Venus as the Goddess of Love. Aphrodite and Venus are one; it’s just that the Greeks know Venus by another name! She is the Goddess of passionate sex, desire, and victory. 

She and her lover, Ares, the God of War, gave birth to twins Phobos and Deimos. Phobos personifies fear and is the root of the word phobia. Deimos is the personification of horror. She also mothered the Goddess of Harmony, Concordia, and the Cupids, messengers of divine love.    

The ancient Greeks described love in Six different ways. Eros described deep, uninhibited sexual desires in love. Pragma is the type of love governed by deep wisdom and understanding of one another. Love between friends was described as Philia. Ludus was the name given to playful and casual love. 

Therefore, the 343 angel number can indicate the presence of the perfect love in your life. However, everybody desires perfection, only to find obstacles in the way. These obstacles typically arise due to negative emotions such as hatred, malice, anger, and envy. 

The 343 angel number has a Four associated with the Six. In numerology, Four signifies a closure because you can construct the first quadrilateral geometry with it. On a personal note, it might imply that you recognize the value of closing down all negativity so that you can be free to the loving grace of Six. 

Such a catharsis needs in-depth soul insights into your very being. As long as you deny the negative aspects, they will still have their grasp on you. The burden of guilt is a major obstacle to love. Once you find the faith in God to confess your deepest secrets to your love, the Holy Spirit guides you to the freedom of your soul. True love redeems the soul and frees it from the shackles of guilt.  

Four also appears in the meaning of the 747 angel number which has a similar meaning to 343.

343 angel number love twin flame

343 Angel Number for Twin Flame 

The twin flame revelation of the 343 angel number indicates attaining control over your senses. Only then, you may be able to discover your oneness with your soulmate, whom God created in the same light. 

Do you believe in twin flames? Believers in this magic are seekers of that perfect other soul, ordained by the creator as the soulmate. You always look for signs for your twin flame reunion in the hope that you will meet someday. This hope keeps you going in your life. Also, the twin flame is destiny because then the purpose of life becomes to search for her in everything one does. 

Does the 343 angel number reveal a twin flame reunion? The only way to understand this is to see if the angel number can be represented as a mirrored geometry of two numbers. 

The first simplification of 343 creates 10. 

3 + 4 + 3 = 10  

You can rewrite 10 as 5 + 5. 

Therefore, 343 is also 55, according to numerology. 

55 is a twin flame number. It represents a reunion when you and your partner can be in the Five-state. What is the Five-state in numerology? Five is the greatest number of balance because it is in the center of the scale of One to Nine. However, it is also a prime number. Hence, it is slightly unstable and is driven towards achieving the symmetry of Six by the addition of the God-number One. 

Nevertheless, the composite of 55 is 1. 

5 + 5 = 10

1 + 0 = 1  

Therefore, in the twin flame state, Five can achieve the peace of being One. Personally, this means that you should focus on harmonizing your five senses with a spiritual oneness. 

Twin flame relationships are nothing short of a magical spiritual revelation. It demands sacrifices, trust in each other, and deep gratitude for the Almighty who created all souls. If you believe in Jesus, you can practice those essential Christian values that would help you grow spiritually.  

Also, you need to stay away from deceit and lying. It can be a complex undertaking because often people may be in utter denial that they are lying. Overcoming this wall of denial needs a great deal of soul work, and twin flames can help each other in this purpose.  

343 Angel Number Life Path

The life path reading of the 343 angel number is evident from following the decimal order of numbers along with its emotional significance. The life path indicated by 343 starts at Three, continues to Four, and then returns to Three again. 

As you can see, both progression and regression of One appear in its life path. Three progresses by a One to achieve the Four-state. However, the Four-state does not sustain, and it regresses by One again to achieve the Three-state. 

Therefore, the life path reading of the 343 angel number is to return to the harmony of Three, even when you must work on a closure implied by Four. One is the God-number. You can understand the progressive + 1 (plus One) as faith in God.  The regressive minus One indicates the fear of God. 

343 Angel Number in the Bible 

The Bible is the Book of God. It is a magnificent exercise in numbers as all verses have a numerical reference. Although there is no direct reference of the number 343, we looked up verse 34:3 in various books of the Bible to find any similar 343 angel number messages.

Deuteronomy 34:3 introduces the reader to the sorry plight of Moses as the Lord shows him the promised land before his death. The Lord said to Moses that He would let him see the promised land but never allow him to set foot there. This sad vision of Moses is perhaps a testimony that life and death belong to God, and God only. 

The authority of the Lord God is also evident in Jeremiah 34:3. He sent Jeremiah to King Zedekiah of Judah to proclaim a grim message. The Lord handed over Zedekiah to Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon. He said there would be no escape from death as Zedekiah would finally see Nebuchadnezzar face-to-face and talk to Him in person. 

Psalm 34:3 praises the glory of the Most High. The apostle asks everyone to proclaim the greatness of God and praise His name together.

343 numerology

Fun Facts and Other Meanings of 343

3/4 (4th March) in the US is 4/3 in the UK. 4th March is the World Obesity Day, observed since 2015. Obesity is a major global health crisis requiring immediate attention. The World Obesity Foundation is a non-profit body associated with the WHO. The foundation aims to intervene in the obesity crisis to avoid its long-term health consequences.  

The FDA approved a special blood screening to detect HIV infection on this day in 1985. Even today, this test is a mandatory procedure involving all blood donations in the United States.  

4th March also has some notable birthdays. It is the birth date of Antonio Vivaldi (1678), who is considered one of the greatest composers from Italy. He was a priest by the age of 25, and wrote several pieces of vocal music, cantatas, and concertos. 

His opera Arsilda was a major success even after the state censored it at first. The protagonist Arsilda falls in love with Lisea, another woman who is pretending to be a man. He is known for the ‘Four Seasons,’ a composition for violin. The musical creation presented a revolutionary concept as Vivaldi recreated the sounds of nature and social life with amazing accuracy.  

It is also the birth date of Egyptian-American composer Halim El-Dabh (1921). He was a name to reckon in the electronic music circuit. His well-known compositions include Michael and the Dragon and a work on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Other notable works by El-Dabh are Leyila and the Poet and Crossing into the Electric Magnetic. He died in 2017. 

March 4th  is the birthday of Rebecca Gratz (1781), a leading educator and philanthropist. She had key roles in founding the Philadelphia Orphan Asylum and the first Hebrew Sunday School. She also co-founded the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society. She might be the inspiration for the character Rebecca in the novel Ivanhoe by Walter Scott. 

On this day, we also celebrate the birthdays of Maude Fealy (1883), Pearl White (1889), and Dorothy Mackaill (1903). These silent film era stars enacted quite a few memorable roles that will stay forever in the memories of America.  

Final Thoughts 

The 343 angel number can reappear from unexpected places in your life. If you keep noticing the coincidences, you may want to open your heart, believing in its mystery. However, sometimes the magic can be overwhelming and alarming for your reality to sustain. In that case, it is easier if you simply term them as coincidences and move on wherever life takes you. 

Nevertheless, you can still benefit from the spiritual revelations of seeing a particular angel number. As you learn to adjust with your fears, you can better apply the spiritual meanings of angel numbers for a better life.

Here are 5 essential steps to begin your spiritual journey.