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Angel Number 855: A Complete Guide

Does angel number 855 keep appearing in your life and you are searching for the reasons why? Find out all the meanings this number holds for you.

Does angel number 855 keep appearing in your life and you are searching for the reasons why?

If you are seeing patterns or experiencing phenomena involving the same number, this can be a wonderful opportunity for you to find meanings that can help you lead a better life.

Find out below all the different meanings why you keep seeing angel number 855.

angel number 855

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

The Meaning of Angel Number 855

The most common interpretation of angel number 855 is that prosperity and great change is coming your way. This powerful number has three main meanings you need to be aware of. 

First, think about your loved ones – your family, your partner, your closest friends; is there someone who has done you wrong or perhaps offended you? Are you still holding a grudge against them?

If you are seeing the angel number 855, you are being told to forgive that person.

Holding guilt is a terrible feeling, but so is being angry with someone for too long. The negative energy can ruin your outlook on life and even your health.

Second, look at your professional development, your career, or job.

Angel number 855 signifies that you need to look out for new opportunities and capitalize on changes in your professional environment.

Perhaps you are missing some great career opportunities, or you need to talk to your boss and discuss a pay raise.

In any case, angel number 855 holds a strong meaning of personal growth and an adventurous drive forward. You have the full capacity of creating financial comfort in your life, and now may be the time to amplify that.

Third, think about your health. Angel number 855 can be considered a very positive angel number and if you have been worried about your physical health for too long, it may be time to relax.

Your angels are telling you that everything is going to be all right and that God is taking care of your health.

Angel number 855 is also guiding you to towards a better spiritual practise which will improve your mental health and clarity. So many physical illnesses are caused by the mind, also known as psychosomatics.

Let’s further break down angel number 855 to discover the meanings of 8 and 5.

Angel Number 8 in ‘855’

While all angel numbers have their own great significance, the number 8 certainly resonates with one of the most powerful energies – at least as far as personal growth and development are concerned.

Popular culture associates the number 8 with infinity. If you are seeing it, it may mean a hint of potential infinite love, wealth and confidence

However, you would have to put in the effort of gaining these benefits in your life if you really want the number 8 to manifest its true power.

8 is also the leading number in the combination of angel number 855, which is not coincidental.

It means that the main actor in materializing the magic of the number is you. In other words, you must bring about these positive changes in your life.

Seeing the number 8 is a sign that you should continue in your line of work, your efforts are not in vain and that you need to be grateful for the strength that God has given you.

Angel Number 5 in ‘855’

Seeing a ‘5’ in any angel number signifies upcoming change in your life.

The important aspect of change is that it has two faces and is never unilaterally accepted as either positive or negative. It’s up to you to bring about positive change in your life, because change can go either way.

That is why if you are seeing the angel number 5, you should look for opportunities that will bring about this change. Perhaps there is something on your mind that you have kept brushing off for a while.

Whatever the change is, be ready for it! It’s going to be great but only if you seize the opportunity and go into it from a positive place.

Angel Number 55 in ‘855’

The number 5, however, is not alone in angel number 855 – it is accompanied by another 5 which amplifies its meaning. That means there are indeed significant changes coming your way.

If you are seeing 55 everywhere, your angels are inviting you to not only be ready for change, but to also embrace this upcoming change – show no fear and accept your new circumstances.

We grow through change and only through change can we truly understand what is really important for our souls – be it things or people.

The combination of two 5’s strongly suggests that the changes will be positive, and you should stop worrying about the future.

Your angels are there for you and they are giving you a signal that everything is going to be okay.

855 meanings for love

Angel Number 855 and Love

Angel number 855 means a significantly positive change in your love life is coming. However, trying to decipher what that change looks like can be tricky. It’d be best to first reflect on your current love life.

If you are in a relationship, you should truly ask yourself if you are happy with the person next to you. Also, are they happy with you?

It could be that the two of you are not really meant for each other and you are trying to force a relationship. Realizing this is painful, and it takes not only courage, but also strength and endurance to reach this honest conclusion.

If you are seeing angel number 855 and you know that you are in a struggling relationship, it’s time to end it. Your angel is telling you that a better, happier future awaits and that your soulmate is just around the corner.

On the flip side, seeing angel number 855 when you’re in a happy relationship signifies that marriage, a child, or another big advancement is on its way.

If you are single, you are being guided to continue loving yourself which is the greatest kind of love because it then translates to those around you.

Your soulmate is just around the corner, and it may be time to seize the opportunity when it (or they) comes your way!

Biblical Meaning of 855

It is often difficult to trace the true biblical meaning of an angel number, but there are some numbers that have consistent patterns and meanings when related to the Bible.

In this case, angel number 855 signifies forgiveness which is a correlating theme throughout this powerful number.

In Psalm 85, verse 5, the sacred text translates to, “Will you be angry with us forever? Will you continue your anger through all generations?

It is written as a question, but the underlying meaning involves forgiveness in its purest form – a striking realization that anger cannot bring fruit to anything good and it must be replaced by love and peace.

If you are seeing the angel number 855, think of forgiveness and that you may need to give it to someone who has been waiting for it for a long time.

855 in numerology

What does 855 mean in numerology?

Numerology has strong convictions for the symbolism of numbers and its teachings are well-documented. It does not give meaning specifically to angel number 855, but it is very clear on the numbers that it consists of.

Let’s dive into each.

The Number 8 in Numerology

8 in numerology is associated with a “double 4”, with 4 being a complete cycle and 8 being a double-cycle. However, that does not mean much to the average person who wants to know more about the number’s symbolism and energy.

In short, 8 is a very material-related number, one that brings money, wealth and power to your life.

Numerology also deeply explores the concept of life path numbers, and people with a life path number 8 are born the sign of strength and endurance; they are eternal conquerors and fighters for what they believe in.

When you think of 8 in your career life, you should think of investments, funds, businesses and profit which can be gained with hard work.

Numerological Meaning of 5

5 is a very interesting case in combination with 8 because the number 5 challenges hard work and stability (and 8, being a “double 4”, is very tightly linked to hard work).

5 is the number of change, freedom and adventure, and if this is your life path number, you are blessed with a soul which longs for travel, new experiences and interesting endeavours.

Being adventurous and open-minded can certainly make your life more interesting. It also can mean that you like to take risks in life but have a financial block. This is what makes having an ‘8’ in front of ’55’ so interesting.

You are being guided to go for it. You are supported in your journey of new discoveries, and don’t need to fear the consequences of it as long as your decisions are coming from a place of love and acceptance within yourself.

855 reduces to 9

Let’s come back to angel number 855 and what it symbolizes in numerology.

If you do not know how numerology works in relation to large numbers, the main thing you should keep in mind is that numbers are reduced to single-digit numbers, with the only exceptions being 11, 22 and 33.

In the case of 855, you have 8+5+5, which equals 18, and 18 is 1+8, which equals 9. That is why in numerological terms, 855 can also mean 9.

So, what does that mean for you? Let’s find out.

9 – Growth, Wisdom and Compassion

Numerology considers 9 to be the number of an endless thirst for something more.

It is not uncommon to see energetic scientists, explorers, and inventors born under the number 9. It is essentially the last of the single-digit numbers and that position in some sense really defines the strong thrusting energy of this number. 

People associated with the number 9 are those that will never settle for mediocrity, nor will never go for something that is just good enough.

On the contrary, they will always look for the best and highest quality of something or someone. Regardless of their age, they are wise and considerate; they intuitively know what is right and which road to take in difficult situations.

This wisdom comes from the special energy space occupied by the 9 – one of both an end and a new beginning, a space which truly links our human world to the power of the universe. 

Perhaps the most notable feat of the 9 and of people with this life path number is that regardless of their restless, outgoing and fiery nature, they are also blessed with great compassion.

Not necessarily empathetic, but they want to help and truly understand the pain people around them feel. Their heart is never empty and they feel the need to give, rather than to receive.

Does any of this sound like you? Remember, you were guided here by angel number 855 to learn so much about yourself, mystic one. There is no such thing as coincidence.

855 meanings for career and work

Angel number 855 is your angels’ way of telling you that positive career moves are to be expected in the near future. Here are some different meanings that 855 has in relation to work:

New job? It is highly likely that you are feeling depressed, bored or undervalued at your current job. You know how it feels – you are always doing your best but it just never seems enough for your boss.

You secretly dream of a new, safer and simply happier position even if you do not get paid as much. Remember: your mental health is not worth sacrificing for some extra cash or cheap recognition.

If you are seeing angel number 855 everywhere and you are struggling at your current job, consider a change – your angels are telling you that you can do it!

Expansion? It may also be the case that your business is facing a downward trend, with sales going down and customers giving you less than favorable feedback.

Do not worry since this is normal and always happens in the endless cycle of money. Your angels are telling you to look out for good opportunities to expand your business – maybe a new market or even a new product, a new employee, or a whole new business plan.

Having doubts? Don’t. It could be that your line of work is not making you miserable, but it is just something that you are having doubts about every now and then.

This is normal and a pinch of uncertainty can actually be beneficial in keeping us aware and alert.

Angel number 855 is confirming that you are perfectly fine where you are in terms of work and do not have to doubt yourself. The change in this case will not be your actual job or your business, but rather your mindset.

You should appreciate the security and comfort you have, and be certain that prosperity is right around the corner.

855 angel number means change

Final thoughts on seeing angel number 855

Now that you have clear evidence of angel number 855 encouraging you to bring change, you have the task of turning these meanings into realities.

What change will you bring about in your life? Is it your love life? Your career? Or perhaps your health?

You are on a new spiritual path and being guided by angels towards an empowering life. What a gift, mystic one!

Remember, angel numbers were created to help you become aware of certain areas in your life that need tending to. They were not created to be replaced as your source of faith.

Read this important message if you have been depending on angel numbers or other sources in life for happiness instead of God.