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814 Angel Number Meaning: A Complete Guide

Why do you keep seeing the 814 Angel number everywhere? How does it affect you? Here is a complete guide on all you need to know.

Do you see 814 angel number everywhere you look? You’re not the only one.

Angel number 814 represents closure and setting boundaries in one’s life. That closure can be for platonic or romantic relationships, a career or project that had to be let go, or something else.

This number’s meaning is a gentle reminder to move onwards and trust that everything will unfold as it should.

Remember, if something doesn’t resonate with you, simply move on! Angel numbers do not hold power over you as they were created to help guide you with meanings and interpretations by others. They are simply tools created to better your life.

Let’s dive deeply into everything about the 814 angel number.

814 complete guide

Note: If you struggle with confusion, depression, anxiety, or feel lost in life, read this.

Angel number 814 meaning 

The 814 angel number may mean that you are at some closure point in your life. The closure can be anything, from jobs to relationships, but is a finale. You may also interpret its meaning as the call to go deeper and sort out your life.

Let’s try to explain the 814 angel number with numerology.

What is numerology? It is an ancient mystic discipline that asserts that numbers are fundamental creative elements. A good reference for its origins is the Samkhya school of thought from ancient India.

‘Samkhya’ is Sanskrit for numbers. There is an Old Testament chapter called Numbers as well. However, you may need years of studying to infer these philosophies. Therefore, here we make it simple for you.

We break down the 814 Angel number with numerology in the following sections. Also, we shall see how the number assumes a deeper sense when we write it in a slightly different way.   

Perhaps, these explanations will offer you a deeper purpose in life. You might see the real world as it is has many strange compositions.

In the end, you may find your anchor in a deeper and clearer space of mind. 

814 angel number summary

Why do I keep seeing 814 angel number?

Numbers always fascinate mystery-seekers! They seem to describe everything.

So, what do they tell about you? Is it your age, height, and weight? Is it your bank account data or your social security number? Do the numbers in your IDs define you? Heck, even your geo-location is a set of numbers. It’s but the coordinates of latitude and longitude. 

Numbers are important! But, the above numbers belong to the real world. So, what about mysticism? Do the occurrence of a number mean a message from angels? Are they voices from alternate realities?

After all, the String Theory connects multiple realities into one. Is it your alternate self reaching out?

How should you respond to a random number that appears over and over? What is the meaning of the 814 angel number? 

Stuart keeps seeing 814 everywhere. In the beginning, he didn’t notice it as anything out of the ordinary. But, then his watch startled him. Stuart noticed that these days, he is often looking at the watch at precisely 8:14. It must mean something! Then, as he became more conscious, the coincidences became more obvious. The number was now on his Starbucks receipt and random number plates of passing cars. 

Stuart is a management executive. His life does not have space for mysticism. But, he is also a church-goer on occasional Sundays. So, he could not quite shake off the impact of the 814 angel number!

Are you someone like Stuart? Do you want to know the true meaning of the 814 Angel number?

You’re in the right place to find out. Let’s break it all down.

814 angel number numerology

In this thought process, there are no other numbers beyond the scale of 1 to 9. Above all, there is zero, but it appears only once.

However, the other numbers appear in recurring chains of 1 to 9. This simplicity is possible by repeated addition. You keep adding the digits until you reach a single numerical value. 

So, let us look at the 814 angel number. As per numerology, you can simplify it to a singular value, 4. 

Follow this process. 

Firstly, you simplify 814 as 8 + 1 + 4 = 13. 

Then, you simplify 13 as 1 + 3 = 4.      

Every digit on the scale of 1 to 9 has certain specific characteristics. Moreover, you can also understand these aspects as the vibrations that the number carry. Furthermore, these vibrations represent the basic geometry that these numbers can achieve. 

So, what is the geometrical vibration of the number 4. How does it affect you? What is the message it carries? 

814 numerology

Meaning of number 4      

Let’s see where the number 4 stands. Geometrically, you can make a closed shape with 4 sides with it. All have four sides, forming a compact shape, be it a rectangle, a square, or a rhombus.

Therefore, the vibration it carries is one of creating perfect closed boundaries. 

It can also mean that you must be dealing with different levels of emotional imbalance.

You can take this meaning as the need to balance out your emotions and close the negative thoughts into a safe place. 

Setting up boundaries 

Since the number 4 also refers to boundaries, it implies that you should set up walls wherever necessary.

You can set up this wall between your personal and professional life. Again, you can set up these walls among different relationships.

Identify the relationships that have become toxic, and wall them out from your life.  

In addition, the 814 angel number can mean that there are walls around you. So, it implies that you must keep trying to work your way out of the prison of the mind.

But, you should never try to force your way with negative thoughts. Unnatural negativity remains closed in the realms of the subconscious.

That is precisely why you may feel squeamish and guilty of negative thoughts.

Close them; that’s what the number four implies.

814 Angel Number Love 

When it comes to love, angel number 814 may mean that you are in a committed relationship that you should honor.

However, it can also mean that your current relationship is suffocating you emotionally. This suffocation can happen when either you, your partner, or both of you, are too insecure.

Most people assume that possessiveness is but natural in romance. But, is it? If it were so, why would you feel suffocated?

It usually leads to jealousy. Again, many folks think that jealousy is an expression of love! Think deeper. It is a fact that envy causes wicked thoughts about loved ones. You feel like hurting your partner, both emotionally and physically, in envy. 

Is causing hurt an expression of love? Not at all! Love is love, a precious feeling that frees the soul.

If she loves you as you love her, she will stay with you of her free will. Also, envy erodes trust. You begin to lose faith in the fidelity of your partner. Faith and trust are fundamental in any relationship.

So, the number 4 perhaps implies that you should change all these negative feelings and start a fresh chapter. 

814 angel number twin flame 

814 angel number signifies balance and self-belief which is crucial when it comes to meeting or being with your twin flame. It’s a powerful number that resonates with oneness, which is what the twin flame is all about.

This deduction is because you can also re-arrange the geometry of 4 as 11:11. One is the basic figure in numerology. It is the first number, and all other numbers proceed in a succession of ones. For example, 2 is 1 + 1. Again, 3 is 2 +1. Also, four is 3 + 1, and so on.

Therefore, two ones, 11, may mean that you are centered on your self-belief. You are at 1 and your self-belief is the 1 by your side.  

Furthermore, when it is 11:11, it probably means you have found your soulmate. They are on the same journey, centered on the self-same belief.

The idea of the Twin Flame is to meet someone where your souls resonates as one. 11:11 is its perfect representation in numbers.

814 angel number twin flame

A deeper understanding of the 814 angel number 

Let’s see a deeper meaning of the 814 angel number.

You can write 814 as 94 also (8+1 = 9). 9 is the highest number on the ultimate scale of one to nine. This implies the highest vibration one can attain. Besides, mathematically also, 81 is a composite of two nines (9 x 9 = 81). 

Therefore, in numerology, you can write 81 is equivalent to 99. (Numerology only deals with the values of composite numerical formations, to adding them up until you reach a single number.) 99 is equivalent to 18 (9+9). Again, 18 is 1+8, or 9. 

So, you can see that in the 814 angel number, the first two digits are interchangeable. You can write 81 = 18 in this sense. 

However, what does it mean to you on a personal level? 

Closure should be your priority

So, when the highest number associates with 4, it may mean that closure should be your biggest priority.

Besides, since 81 and 18 are interchangeable, the nine here is in a perfect balance. Even the succession of 18 to 81 is a 9. 

81 – 18 = 63

You can write 63 in numerology as 6 + 3 = 9. 

These reasons are why the 814 angel number is so special.

As per numerology, it indicates that you are in the presence of the highest number, 9. 

814 angel number Biblical meaning    

Verse number 81:4 appears only once in the Holy Bible. It is a Psalm that asserts the authority of the Lord over the Holy Land. So, from a Biblical perspective, it means that God is the Ultimate Authority

You can infer this meaning as a call to have faith in God

Even when you are going through a rough patch, you can find confidence in your heart if your faith is true. There is always this sense of divine assurance that every little thing will be alright.  

Let’s also see a few Bible verses in the order of 8:14:

In the book of 1 Kings, Verse 8:14 speaks about how the King turned towards God and gave his blessings to The Holy Land.

Another beautiful verse from the Old Testament is in the Book of Proverbs, 8:14. Here, the words extol the virtues of wisdom.

Now, let’s see a few verses from the New Testament. 

In John 8:14, Jesus testifies about his deeds. He says to his disciples that he knows who he is and what is his purpose in life. However, he also says that none but him knows his origins or where he will go.  

You can also find great guidance in Romans 8:14. Here, the Bible says that only those guided by the Holy Spirit are the true sons of God.

Another beautiful phrase is in 2 Corinthians 8:14. It praises the abundance of life, and that in God’s world, every soul is cared for.

814 fun facts and other meanings 

Let’s explore the other dimensions of the number 814. How big is it in the time scale?

814 seconds is equivalent to 13 minutes and 34 seconds. However, you would not need 13 minutes to count from 1 to 814. It should take approximately 7 minutes, according to a rough estimate. 

What is the volume of 814? A cube that has a volume of 814 cubic inches is almost 0.8 feet tall. 

Let’s see some major historical events related to 814 AD. It seemed to be a tumultuous year in history.

The same year saw the deaths of Reginfrid, King of Denmark and Krum, the ruler of the Bulgarian empire. Krum met his tragic end when he suffered a stroke after gathering an army to attack Constantinople.

angel number 814 meaning

Final Thoughts

We hope these meanings of the 814 angel number leads you to an in-depth soul-search.

Life is a complex melange of all kinds of emotions. Ultimately, your success in life depends on how well you are at balancing your sensibilities.

Angel numbers bring you closer to knowing your true self, as your sense of awareness becomes heightened. That’s what angel numbers are all about.

You can interpret angel numbers as special guides to better your life. You should certainly not depend on them, however. Here’s why.