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109 Angel Number Meaning: A Complete Guide

The powerful 109 angel number is all about being honest in all aspects of your life. Discover more in this complete guide.

Are you seeing 109 angel number everywhere lately? You’re not the only one.

Angel number 109 is all about being honest in all aspects of your life. It also indicates the soul’s journey towards wisdom. This number serves as a gentle reminder of remaining positive and keeping an open mind.

To best understand how we got to these meanings, you should understand the breakdown of basic numerology and the art (or science) of number meanings.

Here is an in-depth guide to discover all meanings associated with the mysterious 109 angel number.

109 angel number

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Creative Interpretation of 109 angel number

Numbers assume the strangest of forms. They increase in the order of ones, and set the template for geometry. It starts with 1, which is the God-number of creation. 

At the very beginning, only zero exists. There is no form, no shape, but an absolute nothingness.

Then, driven by the desire to take creation forward, the one comes to be. This same desire to progress creates the other numbers up to nine. 

So, the 109 angel number is very special. It contains all three greatest numbers, one, zero, and nine.

Formlessness and form

Let’s read some more into formlessness and form. This is because it should help you infer the true meaning of the 109 Angel number.

Let’s start with this paradox.

The zero you see is not a 0! Actually, it’s 2 that can make a 0. 

How is this possible? 

Consider this. The first zero, or the Great Universe, has no boundaries. Then, can you technically write it as a fixed shape, such as 0?

It’s like your consciousness. You cannot really point to it, but you feel it all the time. 

Then, from this zero, one comes to be. Geometrically, one is but a point in space. It’s a dot, however big or small you can imagine it. 

Then, comes in two, or the metaphysical duality. Let’s assume the number two as two dots.

Also, you can set the first dot, or one, as a fixed coordinate. Therefore, the other dot has only one way to connect with it. It is a circle, or a zero!

To understand the 109 angel number, you must perceive it not only as a fixed integer. Instead, you should be able to see it as three points in space: 1, 0 and 9. 

The Numerology Number Scale 

So, let’s explain why nine is the ultimate number. You will have to refer to the numerology number scale.

It is an ancient discipline, with roots in the Samkhya philosophy of India. (The Sanskrit word for numbers is Samkhya.) It also relates to platonic geometry and pythagorean constructs. 

Numerology is simply a system of reducing a complex number into a singular value. All you have to do is add the unique values in an integer until you reach a single number. Then, you study the vibration of the final number.

Since single numbers stop at 9, it is the crescendo.

109 Numerology Breakdown

In the same strain, let us simplify the 109 angel number. 

109 has three values: 1, 0, and 9. 

Therefore, you need to add them up. 

1 + 0 + 9 = 10

1 + 0 = 1 

So, the numerology value of the 109 angel number is 1. However, what is the meaning of 1 on a personal level?

Since it is the first number, it can mean a message to connect to your root emotions.

Also, it may mean that you should try to be one with the spirit of God.

This interpretation can be difficult to digest if you don’t believe in God.

You can always go with the explanation of science which theorizes why you keep seeing repeated numbers.

Regardless, it is only logical to have an open mind and find faith.

First, you must cross the frontiers of disbelief. Then, you can judge the meanings with a rational mindset.

109 angel number meaning

109 Angel Number Meaning

Let’s explore the deeper significance of the 109 angel number.

Consider the first two values. It’s one and zero, the numbers from where it all starts. Then, it culminates in 9; the highest value numbers can achieve. 

Angel number 109 can be regarded as a call to re-evaluate your life from start to finish. Do soul-searching to find out those hidden thoughts and feelings that you’ve locked up in your heart.

These hidden areas of your life probably show up as the 0 in between 1 and 9. 

The more you try to hide certain feelings, the greater their weight becomes on the mind. So, if you want to say something important to someone special, say it!

Also, be honest as to where this journey brings you now. Since 9 is the highest number, it symbolizes the greatest wisdom one can attain.

109 Angel Number Love 

What is the love significance of 109? Let’s explore. 

It contains the order of both one and nine. Therefore, you might as well consider your love life with honest eyes.

Think about the decisions you made, and the places that hurt. Love is a complex emotion that covers the entire spectrum of feelings. These feelings are both positive and negative. 

When it comes to love, angel number 109 points to attaining the highest wisdom but you need to learn how to overcome toxic relationships. Negative feelings such as bitterness, malice, and hatred have a downward pull.

The only way to overcome these is to override the negativity.

Therefore, you should nourish beautiful emotions such as friendship, compassion, and empathy. Also, not everyone in your life may adhere to your positive focus.

After all, it is you who is seeing the 109 Angel number repeatedly! 

You can also interpret the zero in between one and nine as the message to have no negative elements in your thought process.

You may want to harbor angelic thoughts such as courage, determination, and righteousness. These might help you to turn the most stubborn negative thoughts to zero. 

Do you truly love someone? The angel number may be instructing you to let your life open before them. Let them find you as you are, as your real self.

Only then, they would find the conviction to open up in a similar way to you.

Also, as you assess your life path, you should be brave to admit the wrong decisions you’ve made in the past.

Life is a learning journey, and all souls make mistakes. But, only the bravest souls can acknowledge these errors and correct them. 

The Holy Book extols that love is God. So, Angel number 109 may be a message to have faith. It takes you closer to God-realization if you can follow its message with simple devotion.

Perhaps the role of this special person in your life is to bring you closer to God.

109 Angel Number Twin Flame 

The belief in twin flames is a non-dualistic view of romance. It asserts that God created all souls in the light of His heart.

This reflection resulted in twin flames, as two souls, coming together to become one.

The 109 angel number implies that your partner can ignite this twin flame of mystical love in your heart spaces. In other words, it is God’s grace that all souls in love find their soulmate and you may be close to uniting with yours but only if you choose to.

How does the 109 angel number relate to this divine twin flame interpretation? 

You can write the 109 number as 10 in numerology. 

Now, what is 10? 

10 is 5 + 5 

So, by numerology, you can also write 109 as 55. 

This can indicate that you need to settle your emotions in the balancing number of 5. Only then, you can find your twin flame, embodying the same balance of 5 in their life.

Five is the number of balance since it appears midway on the scale of one to nine. 

It indicates the need to identify and contain any emotional imbalance. This sense of balancing applies to both positive and negative aspects of life.

Everyone knows that an excess of negative emotions creates distress. But, even too much joy can throw you off the kilter. 

Attaining this balance means that all your feelings are in perfect harmony with the innermost serenity of the soul.

109 twin flame love

The Impact of Angel Number 109 on Life 

10 is the first tier of deduction from the 109 Angel number. It is the first new level following the initial travel of one to nine.

Ten, therefore, implies new beginnings, guided by wisdom. Also, ten means one in numerology.

Since it comes after nine, it can mean the need to return to your roots even after the great achievement of nine.

In other words, angel number 109 can indicate the need to be humble and grateful even after a big success.

109 Angel Number Biblical Meaning 

What is God’s word on the 109 angel number? There are no direct references, however The Holy Book has many verses in the order of 10:9 which we can interpret meanings from.

One of these verses symbolizes the twin flame conception. It’s in the New Testament Book of Matthew. The verse forbids any man to separate from their partner (husband or wife) that were brought together by destiny. 

The verse in 1 Corinthians 10:9 takes this forbiddance even further. It warns of death by snakebite as the consequence of putting God to the test. It is perhaps a symbolic way to warn a soul to live a life of faith.

Some of the 10:9 verses in The Old Testament give voice to the men that were warned.

In the Book of Job, a voice asks God does he intend to turn him into dust. It also refers to the story in Genesis where God made man from dust.

Ezra 10:9 paints a bleak picture of all trembling men gathered in the temple drenched in a hard rain.  

However, it’s not all dark! Verse 10:9 in the Books of John and Romans praises the virtue of hope and deep knowing.

In Romans, the verse instructs all to believe that Jesus is the Lord, and was raised from death. This passage of faith should lead all souls to salvation.

The word of hope is also in Zecharaiah 10:9 of the Old Testament.

Here, God says He will save and bring back his people from far-off exiles as they remember him.

One of the earliest voices of hope in the Holy Book is found in the Book of Numbers. Verse 10:9 states that God will be by the side of His chosen ones and help them be victorious.

19 as a function of 18 

19 is an interpretation of 109. It is one of the closest functions of 18. When one stands by 18, it becomes 19.

Since 18 is the 666 angel number, a lot of people are afraid of it. However, the 109 Angel number probably instructs you to have faith in the power of the God-number 1, and overcome this fear.

Why? Because God created all things and is ruler of everyone and everything, so you should only ever fear Him.

109 biblical meaning

109 Fun Facts and Other Meanings  

Do you know it takes about fifty-five seconds to count from one to one hundred and nine? It seems to be a befitting coincidence since the twin flame value of 109 is also 55. 

What happened in 109 AD? It was on this year that the Church proclaimed itself to be a Universal Entity.

Let’s note some of the key events on 9th October (10/9):

On this day in 1967, Ernesto “Che” Guevera died on the battlefield.

Businessman Jack Daniel also died on this day in 1911.

It is also the day of death of the liberator Oskar Schindler (1974). 

The beautiful jazz singer Lee Wiley was born on this day in 1908. One of her most famous compositions is the song, “Got the South in My Soul.”

In 1986, The Phantom of the Opera had its premiere at the Her Majesty’s theater in London.

It is also the day of birth for the great French composer Charles-Camille Saint-Saens. 

Final Thoughts on Angel Number 109 

109 Angel number is perhaps one of the most expressive of mystical numbers.

It can lead you to great wisdom if you follow any of its signs or meanings. Otherwise, know that your sense of awareness is growing and that’s what truly matters.

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