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What Does Itchy Feet Mean Spiritually? 7 Interesting Meanings

There are many different meanings and interpretations of what itchy feet mean spiritually and we are here to unpack it all.

Itchy feet have different spiritual meanings within different cultures. If you have recently thought, “What does itchy feet mean spiritually?”, then these findings will definitely relieve you.

We have all experienced that itch on our feet that won’t seem to go away. Considering your itchy feet from a different perspective instead of passing them off means you’re a true mystic. Welcome! You may discover something new about yourself today.

We know all of you are just itching to find out. Fortunately, there are so many different meanings and interpretations of what itchy feet mean spiritually and we are here to unpack it all.

itchy feet spiritual meanings

Meanings of itchy left and right feet

An itchy right foot usually represents an upcoming journey or adventure that will bring you good fortune. An itchy left foot means that you will experience some hurdles in specific areas of your life. These hurdles, or speed bumps, may be as significant as a break-up in a relationship or as small as losing your keys.

Let’s take a look at more specific spiritual meanings of having itchy feet.

Itchy right foot means a new journey awaits you

It is pretty common worldwide to believe that you will be traveling to a strange place soon if you have an itchy right foot, which is among several old wives’ tales.

Having an itchy right foot also carries positive meanings.

According to popular belief, the foot yearns to start a journey to a new place to be appreciated, welcomed, and admired.

Your journey to a new destination will soon be fruitful and meaningful.

Perhaps you are about to embark on a spiritual journey.

If that’s the case, read 5 Simple Ways On How To Start A Spiritual Journey.

Itchy right foot symbolizes a positive adventure

itchy feet adventure

The right foot represents a positive step in your journey. The left foot represents a road bump. In essence, your right foot is the reverse of your left foot.

As opposed to a bumpy ride, you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Although it may not be easy, you will gain mental and physical benefits from this experience.

There is an old belief that people who get itchy feet, especially the right foot, are looking for adventure.

It may be good luck to have your right foot itching, but you should still be proactive on your next steps.

Having your right foot itch may also indicate that you are itching to go on a trip or vacation.

Itchy left feet means difficulties are coming

The itchy right sole represents a joyful journey to a destination, whereas an itchy left foot indicates a difficult journey awaits you.

The superstition goes that if you have an itchy left foot, you will soon walk on a strange land to experience sorrow, pain, and sadness.

It indicates a bad omen and unfortunate outcome if your left leg itches when starting a new business, journey, study, job, or relationship.

You are likely to suffer the most in your career, studies, or business if you do not search for an alternative position, study, or business.

But don’t worry because wisdom and strength are built from adversity and trials in life.

Itchy left feet meanings and superstitions

There is a connection between your foot and your chakras. You have multiple chakras on your body, each associated with a different feeling or part of your body. 

In looking at the symbolism of your left foot, it is essential to remember that you use your feet to walk and travel. Grounding happens in the foot chakra. It helps create a connection with the earth and the physical world.

The right hand and right foot are the dominant body parts of most people. The left foot is related to negative emotions and irregular behaviors in cultures worldwide.

In the middle ages, it was believed that if you were left-handed, you were marked with the ‘hand of the devil.’

Left itchy feet can mean that you may run into unexpected obstacles that cause you to deviate from the original plan. It doesn’t need to be a long journey, however.

For example, your left foot may be itchy just before you enter a store. You may encounter some unpleasant situations inside the store and then leave feeling joyous and happy.

Remember that the term ‘journey’ is also metaphorical for both feet. You could embark on a journey within yourself to heal after a traumatic experience. Physically, you won’t be on a trip, but mentally you will.

Biblical meanings of itchy feet 

There is an ancient belief among Christians and Jews that if your right foot itches, it means you long for a better place than you are in right now.

You can embark on a new journey without a sole purpose other than starting something new. That sounds refreshing!

Alternatively, some Christians have a superstition that says they will be going on a lucrative trip if their right foot itches.

Hindu meanings of itchy feet

Hindus believe that when the bottom of your right foot is itchy, it’s a sign to keep moving and not stay stagnant.

Perhaps you need to move forward in your career, relationship, or whatever else comes up in your mind.

Be brave, and listen to your deep intuition. The one that feels good.

Turkish meanings of itchy feet

Itchy right feet have a distinct spiritual meaning for Muslims in Turkey. In their opinion, good fortune is on your way.

You are lucky and will be successful if you have started a new business, study, job, journey, or relationship.

As you move forward in your current career, study, or business, you will likely see significant advancements, as well as great achievements in everything you are doing.

Summary and conclusions

Despite a lack of scientific evidence, the superstitions or spiritual beliefs associated with itchy feet, which have prevailed for hundreds of years, aren’t necessarily bad or good things.

While some people find this topic annoying and useless, others believe such beliefs are important ways to get to know what is happening in the world and yourself.

Here at Mystic Meanings, we are certainly those people!

So if you’re feet are itchy, maybe it’s time to go on a new trip or adventure! Or a spiritual journey! Or to stop reading this article and go for a walk.

And next time you’re asked by someone ‘what does itchy feet mean spiritually’, we hope you know exactly how to answer them.

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