A painting of St. Vincent Pallotti holding a cross.

Top 20 Quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti

We compiled some of the top quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti to help guide you on a path of spiritual faith, love, and trust.

We compiled some of the top quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti to help guide you on a path of spiritual faith, love, and trust.

St. Vincent Pallotti was a popular priest in his lifetime whose name emanates with soulful conviction up until today. He was known for his services and dedication to the poor and is the founder of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate.

Here is a guide for the Top 20 Quotes By St. Vincent Pallotti.

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A Brief History of St. Vincent Pallotti

Vincent Pallotti was born on the 21st of April, 1795 in Rome. He is the originator of the Catholic Apostolate Union, whose members now call themselves the Pallottines. He was a saint and an active pioneer of catholic action.

During his time, Saint Pallotti was known for his unending services to the poor and needy. He was known for seeking and showing concern to those who needed it. It was his mission to minister and teach the love of God.

Saint Pallotti started an apostolic mission in Rome which he did not live to complete. Some of his activities included ministration to prisoners and soldiers, developing orphanages, shelters, and much more.

You can say that his charitable mission never ended even after he died, as his partners in the missionary ensured for his work to go on.

On the 22nd of January, 1850, the Italian ecclesiastic died at the age of 55 years. Pope John XXIII beatified and canonized him in the year 1950 and 1963 respectively.

The legacy of St. Vincent Pallotti is one that has remained an inspiration and continues to live on since his death over a century ago.

Enjoy our list of the top 20 quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti.

Quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti on Priesthood

As an ordained priest, St. Vincent Pallotti had a lot to say and carried profound wisdom to pass on to priests that existed in his time and the ones that will come after him. However, these quotes can also be applied to anyone in life.

Here are quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti on priesthood:

  1. “God sent you as workers into his harvest that through your ministry, faith may be preserved and love may grow.”
st vincent pallotti preisthood quotes
  1. “Dear children, if you don’t try to become saints, you must be crazy.”
st vincent pallotti preisthood quote
  1. “How great is the dignity of the priesthood!” What a dignity, what a dignity! To be a priest! What does that mean? O God, my God, I do not understand it! What does it mean to present the holy, bloodless sacrifice and to administer the sacraments!

Quotes by St Vincent Pallotti on Inspiration

The life of St. Vincent Pallotti is one that should be an inspiration to everyone out there. This man spent his life ministering to people, helping the needy, and showing mercy to those who needed it.

His legacy still speaks of how great a man he is. During his life, he had a many sayings that can inspire and make you approach life differently. 

Here are a couple quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti on Inspiration:

  1. “God never sends you into a situation alone. He goes before you. He stands beside you. He walks behind you. Whatever situation you have right now, face it with confidence of Knowing… God is with you.”
  1. “God is saying to you today: Rest in me. I am already at work in your life. I will turn around every bas situation in your life. I will bless you and your family and I will heal what needs to be healed. Amen!”

Quotes by St Vincent Pallotti on Love

Loving your neighbor as yourself is Jesus’s greatest commandment in the bible. This means love is an integral part of the Christian life. You need to radiate the love of God and also show it to those around you.

Below are our favourite quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti on love:

  1. “Since God is perfect in loving man, man must be perfect in loving his neighbour.”
st vincent pallotti love quotes
  1. “If we are truly animated by the spirit of love, we shall always treat all with love, look on all with love, think of all with love and speak of all with love.”
  1. “Learn from the Lord to be merciful to your brethren. Trust you will receive from Him a loving and compassionate heart.”

Quotes by St Vincent Pallotti on God

The saint is one who lived his life ministering about God. All his time was dedicated to working and serving God. Pallotti was a saint that glorified God every day of his life.

Here are the best quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti on God:

  1. “You must be holy in the way that God asks you to be holy. God does not ask you to be a Trappist monk or a hermit. He wills that you sanctify the world in your everyday life.”
  1. “In every movement of my body and every act of my mind, I intend to give God infinite glory.”
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  1. “My God, in your infinite love you created me according to your image and likeness. You gave me free will. Help me to use your gifts and improve myself so as to become totally your living image, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, an image of your infinite qualities and perfections.”
  1. “Not the goods of the world, but God. Not riches, but God. Not honours, but God. Not distinction, but God. Not dignities, but God. Not advancement, but God. God always and in everything.” 
  1. “Our life is: To breathe God in and out. To find God in everything. To reveal God to all. To radiate the presence of God.”
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  1. ​“Seek God and you will find God. Seek God in all things and you will find God in all things. Seek God always and you will find God always.”
top st vincent pallotti god quotes
  1. “God will do everything when we do everything with the conviction that we can do nothing without God.”
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Quotes by St Vincent Pallotti on Christianity

The saint was a man who worked and ministered with humility and gentility. He ministered to people of all classes without any form of favoritism. Christianity constantly teaches humility and meekness and the Holy Bible supports it.

Below are some quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti on Christianity: 

  1. “Draw near to Jesus: learn from him how to obtain the power and grace to become meek and gentle of heart.”
st vincent pallotti christian quotes
  1. “Remember that the Christian life is one of action. Not of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and many deeds and let them be done well.
st vincent pallotti christianity quote
  1. Jesus Christ assures us: the more we hunger and thirst for holiness, the more we shall be filled.”
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Quotes by St Vincent Pallotti on Praying

Prayer is one of the tools of a great Christian. There are lots of verses in the bible on when, where, and how to pray. St. Pallotti being a person who prayed fervently shared a few sayings on the importance of prayers.

Below are his quotes on praying:

  1. “Pray to obtain the grace which will enable you to rid yourself of mistrust and fill you with spiritual confidence.”
st vincent pallotti quotes prayer
  1. “Immediately after rising and throughout the day, make the sign of the Cross and renew their trust in God: to be strengthened by the power of the Father, to be enlightened by the wisdom of the Son and to be sanctified by the live of the Holy Spirit. And as they bless themselves, they may say: Of myself I can do nothing; with God I can do everything; I want to do everything for love of God.”

Final Thoughts on St. Vincent Pallotti

Vincent Pallotti was a man of faith who spent his time ministering about love, humility, kindness, and more.

He truly captured the essence of Christianity through his teachings which is why his named is still being recognized today.

His words are inspirational and can be an amazing guide in life. Although he has been gone for quite a time, his words remain forever.

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