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Are Cats Spiritual Animals?

Learn about the history of cats and the key meanings people have inscribed on them over the centuries.

Throughout centuries, people have considered cats as mystical and were wondering about the spiritual meaning of cats.

In many ancient civilizations, cats were considered totems, deities, and downright worshipped. At the time, the cat was not a domestic animal which added an additional layer of mysticism.

The best example of cats’ position in history was Ancient Egypt, where cats were the ultimate symbol of wealth and wellbeing. So much so, they even had cat-like goddesses and wore makeup resembling a cat’s eye. 

But are cats spiritual animals? Keep reading to find out why these special creatures hold so much mystery, even today.

Are cats spiritual animals?

Cats Throughout History

The first time cats were starting to become domesticated was around 8000 B.C. in the Middle East, more specifically the Mesopotamia region (today’s countries of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine).

This was long before cats started to appear in Egypt, which means the significance of cats in history was known for thousands of years.

As cats grew more domesticated, so did the cat mythology and symbolism. Soon, cats spread all around the world as domestic animals and started living indoors. 

Cat Symbolism in Different Cultures

Egyptians were among the first cultures to assign cat symbolism and view cats as special, god-like creatures. Legends say there was an Egyptian goddess called Bastet who had the ability to turn into a cat.

She symbolized fertility and prosperity and if a family lost a cat, they’d enter a period of mourning.

egyptian spiritual cat
Ancient Egyptian cat carving

Bastet’s admirers also called her the “Eye of Ra,” or the sun god and they believed she watched over their home and protected their family.

In ancient Greece and Rome, cats were not domesticated as pets at first but they were still important and special. Both the Romans and the Greeks had their own cat-related goddesses.

Are cats spiritual animals? The Greeks and Romans certainly thought so. In ancient Greece, it was Artemis and in ancient Rome, it was Diana – both goddesses were based on Bastet.

Cats in Japan and China

Cats in Japan and China are a symbol of luck and good fortune. If you see a cat statue in front of someone’s house, the cat protects the home and brings happiness and prosperity.

In Japan, the cat statue is called Maneki-Neko (meaning Beckoning Cat) and it looks like it’s waving with its paw.

In both Japan and China, white cats represent positive things, good fortune, joy, and luck. Black cats are not considered bad or evil; but rather a way to keep evil away from someone’s home or energy.

In China, Golden Cats symbolize money, abundance, fortune, and good luck. Red Cats symbolize good health and wellbeing. Yellow Cats in China typically symbolize help with relationships.

If you are still wondering ‘Okay, but are cats spiritual animals?!’ we’ve got more coming for you.

spiritual yellow cat

Cat Superstitions

The most popular cat superstition is about black cats being omens of something bad. Even today, many people cross the stress when they see a black cat, throw a pebble behind their back if a black cat crosses their path, or even say prayers to keep evil spirits away.

Black cat superstitions are especially present in Christianity where the black cat is a symbol of evil, satan, bad luck, misery, and associated with witchcraft.

Witches were always connected to nature and used herbs to heal and this wasn’t in favor of Christianity which believed God was the only thing worth believing in.

Black cats are also associated with Halloween, which is considered a pagan holiday of the dead coming back as ghosts and apparitions.

Halloween is also associated with witches, so both black cats and witches were often seen as threats to Christianity and were either persecuted or murdered.

So, are cats spiritual animals? If these clues haven’t sunk in yet, read on mystic one.

spiritual black cat

Cat Dream Meanings

Cats appearing in your dreams can also hold symbolism to your waking life. The meaning of cats is usually as pets but seeing a cat in a dream can represent deceit and betrayal.

Dreaming about a grey cat can mean you’ve fallen for someone’s fake flattery and words; dreaming about white cats can mean innocent fantasies about someone; dreaming about a black cat can mean your friends are talking behind your back.

The dream interpretation can also depend on the emotions you felt in the dream. Were you calm and content petting a cat? Then the symbolism is positive. Were you scared, anxious, or angry? You probably need to express those emotions in real life as well.

And so we come back to the original question; are cats spiritual animals? Let’s do more digging.

Cats in Astrology

Cat symbolism is so strong even astrology has its own significance of cats. For example, in Celtic astrology, there’s a zodiac sign Cat for those born between January 21-February 17th.

These people are intuitive, observant, a little stubborn, and hard to lie to. They don’t trust others easily and are very wary when it comes to confiding in others or sharing personal details. Much like cats.

There is a lot of skepticism when it comes to astrology as many believe it to be made up. If you also don’t buy into the entire astrological spiritual universe, we’ve got one more source of evidence to answer your original question of ‘are cats spiritual animals‘. Let’s get right to it.

beautiful spirit cat

Ask A Cat Owner

If you are still skeptical and are questioning ‘are cats spiritual animals’, why don’t you ask someone personally on how their cats behave?

It sounds strange, but cat owners will always explain how their cats have mystical powers and behave in strange, erratic ways.

From their mysterious staring to their majestic purring, cat owners will always have a story to tell you about how their cats talk to ghosts – or that their cat is the reincarnated spirit of a warrior.

Here is a forum on Reddit dedicated to crazy cat stories.

Summary and Conclusion

Cats have such a special and mystical place in history and have been associated with deities, higher powers, and strong symbolism.

It’s wasn’t often that a domestic animal was such a fascinating topic of conversation and adoration which means cats had to have something special to be considered sacred.

So, based on cats’ presence and position in history, are cats spiritual animals?

It is safe to say that yes, cats are spiritual. Aside from having healing properties with their purring and being zen masters, cats may be able to see and sense supernatural things us humans can’t.

If you’re curious to learn more about all mystic things, check out our blog where we write about all things mystical, magical, and spiritual.

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