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117 Angel Number Meaning: A Complete Guide For You

Are you seeing the 117 angel number everywhere you turn? It's a powerful number that may hold many significant meanings for you.

Are you constantly seeing the 117 angel number appearing everywhere? You’re definitely not the only one. The manifestations of angel numbers are said to be the answers to your questions related to life.

The 117 angel number asks you to practice positive affirmations as your inner realm drives your behaviors and actions. A new beginning may be impending, causing progress and fulfillment in your life. 

It is natural to be inquisitive about the origin of such meanings. It is a proven fact that numbers and modern mathematics reveal the most intriguing stories of nature. There are also various ancient and widely talked-about disciplines that find underlying implications in numbers. The number 117 is not an exception, bearing the significance of the numerical elements separately and collectively. 

Here we will discuss the implications of angel number 117 across many areas to have an in-depth understanding.

117 angel number guide

117 Angel Number Meaning

The 117 angel number tells you to use your life experiences and inner wisdom to bring elevation. It is you who has the power and knowledge to build your life and a great ability to make judgments. The number 117 also means yearning for the knowledge that brings refinement and awakens collective consciousness within you. 

Simply put, the number makes you realize that the core essence that drives the universe is also the foundation of your life. Thus, it reinforces your inner strength and makes you more determined to bring positive changes. You may also develop a philosophical or spiritual inclination that will place you ahead of time, guiding others about how life can be a process of transforming possibilities into reality.  

There are two numerical elements in the 117 angel number. The number 1 is present in it twice, magnifying the vibe of vitality and force. 117 ends with the number 7, indicating ascension and a connection between the entire creation and humankind. Let’s know what the numbers say individually. 

Meaning of 1 in the 117 Angel Number

The number 1 adds the vibe of independence to the 117 angel number. But what is this independence about? It means freedom from fear, confusion, and lack of convictions that do not let you realize your true potential. You have the authority over your life and try to know how you can place it through the process of knowledge-seeking, or learning from life experiences. 

1 also transmits the vibe of oneness, indicating the union between the macrocosm and the microcosm. It preaches that the soul inside you is nothing but the essence of universal life or responsiveness in a local body. This is the very essence of non-duality, where we can experience infinite power, joy, and bliss within us. 

If you do not get clarity about what it means, you can always refer to the words of Einstein or Nikola Tesla. Both of them asked us to perceive and understand the universe in terms of energy. Tesla even went on to say that the supreme energy is singular, and it becomes prominent in various forms in different beings. 

Now let us pay attention to the ancient study of Sacred Geometry. The number 1 emerges as the correspondent of a circle there. The circle means the never-ending flow of life or energy that builds everything in the universe. Even as a shape, the circle is seen as the foundation of all other shapes in Sacred Geometry. 

This attribute of oneness makes the number 1 related to its feature of infinite love. This love comes from the realization that the element that brings life to you is also present in every other being of the universe. You learn to love and honor yourself and, in the process, start respecting others as a part of the great universal force

Meaning of Number 7 in Angel Number 117

The number 7 is tied to thoughtfulness and diligence. The number inspires continuous evolution for attaining perfection in physical and spiritual realms. This association is possibly established on the Pythagorean inference of the number 7. In Pythagorean school, it is the number uniting the spiritual element three with the number 4, which represents the stable and physical world. 

7 as a number is attributed to the process of contemplation and tremendous pull to gain knowledge. There is a seven-lamp candelabra called Menorah that is made of six lamps looking inward with the seventh one looking up. Those six lamps imply several disciplines of human knowledge. However, they face the seventh lamp that establishes the connection with superior consciousness. 

It may mean that when you drive all your knowledge and thoughts inward, pure consciousness will be awakened, giving you a higher perspective on life. There is always an implicit reality behind everything that appears to us explicitly. The effect is important, but the cause is something of a greater priority

If we know the reason why something good or bad is happening to us, we can hold on to it or make necessary rectifications. An easy example of the same can be the root cause analysis practice followed in management and engineering.  It is possible that the number 7 is associated with inherent realities because it is the only single-digit number that will leave a remainder while dividing the 360 degrees of a circle. 

The number 7 is also a non-conformist. It is always looking to find a way of elevation on its own. In other words, the number has an association with the spiritual world, where the ideal blueprints for every being are etched. The number 7 further asks you to contemplate and connect to your inner spirit.

117 angel number meaning

What Does 11 Mean in Angel Number 117

Idealism, inspiration, and intuition are the main vibes exuded by the number 11 in the 117 angel number. 11 is made of two 1s, indicating an amplification in the pioneering willpower. This willpower will help you avoid temporary distractions and remain persistent in your life purpose. Thus, it will be smoother for you to fulfill your ambition. 

This willpower will also bring composure to you by developing a sound cognitive system. It means you will not react emotionally or in an impulsive manner. On the contrary, you will be more responsive and try to find out how you can change things when something desired is not happening to or around you. 

Along with willpower, there are two other things that are crucial if you want to accomplish the objectives in your life. You need to be motivated or driven that you want to improve, and you also need to be clear about what you really want. Motivation and conviction are also two major attributes of the number 1 or 11.

 You will get the conviction or clarity about how you can place your life from your inner soul that knows all, sees all, and illuminates. Once you reckon with it, it will also drive your mind and body toward thoughts and actions necessary to achieve your goal. 

The number 11 further sums up to 2, as 1+1 = 2. Two means a sound rationale that helps you pay attention to details and strike a balance in your life

What does 17 mean in Angel Number 117?

17 implies a new beginning toward advancement. The number also preaches the importance of assertive and affirmative thinking as that will help you shape your life according to your soul’s desire. It even says that the experiences you are encountering right now are because of the efforts you have put in. Keep control over your impulses and do not give in to temporary temptations, losing self-discipline. 

The number 17 resonates with 8 because 1+7 = 8. Eight means infinite power and consciousness that bring the evolution of the soul. It further implies the dissolution of ego so that your conscious and subconscious can be merged, and you make an attempt to transform your ideas and intuitions into actions. In other words, you start working for what your inner realm knows to be true. 

The number 8 also means the creation or achievement of something greater when the spiritual and physical worlds merge. The union of these realms is signified by the number 7, and the number 8 is a progression of the number 7 as 7+1 = 8.  If you want to get deeper, see this as a connection between the microcosm and macrocosm, bringing empowerment and visible manifestations

Eight also is the number of justice and judgment. It signifies an objective mind that is impartial and essential for bringing positive transformations. See it at a personal level, and you know what is right for you and what is not when you have an objective mind frame. Then you can decide what is holding you back, and find a way to get rid of the problem immediately. 

What is the Deeper Meaning of Angel Number 117? 

Number 117 throws light on the higher perspective of your life. It is representative of non-conformity, meaning you follow an unconventional path to expand your viewpoint. This non-conformist attitude can make you more creative, inclusive, and receptive. 

In terms of your day-to-day life, the number 117 is all about building connections: with your inner realm as well as the entire universe. Adding up to 9, (1+1+7 = 9) the number also means that you have gained enough life experience, and it’s time to begin a new journey where you will achieve love and enlightenment. 

The number 9 also symbolizes compassion and empathy toward everyone else brought by a sense of union or merger with the supreme oneness. You recognize how the absolutely true essence of life or consciousness is residing in you and everyone else. Therefore, for you, helping others becomes a method of serving your own spirit or self. 

There is a possibility that number 9’s relation with the absolute or universal truth comes from its one unique property. You can multiply the number 9 with any number, and the result can be always reduced to 9. 

To put it simply, the number possibly encourages you to be associated with some humanitarian or philanthropic activities at present. You can start the process by communicating your life experiences with others and sharing what you have learned throughout the process. 

Spiritual Meaning of the 117 Angel Number

The spiritual meaning of the 117 angel number is universal solidarity and collective consciousness. The number also signifies oneness with the supreme force that runs the entire universe and infuses life into us. 

The single-digit reduction of the 117 angel number is 9, which is believed to have the highest spiritual vibe. It is associated with attainment and enlightenment that brings infinite joy, bliss, and love. When you feel that love within you, you see that every being or matter in this world bears the same life and energy. 

This is a strong sense of fellow feeling where differentiating emotions like anger, envy, and hatred disappear. In a way, you create a bond with everyone and everything around you, restoring peace and harmony.  

Here it will not be irrelevant to mention that there is a well-talked-about nine-point diagram called Enneagram. This diagram shows nine types of personalities of people. However, the aim of the diagram is not to differentiate individuals based on their personality types. Rather, this tries to build successful connections and relations between each other. 

Number 117 also exudes the vibe of collective consciousness brought by the number 7. At its core, it is a sociological term introduced by sociologist Emile Durkheim. Collective consciousness is collective beliefs, values, or ideas that aim at creating organic harmony in society

The universe is a macrocosmic society where alive and inert beings exist. And many scientists believe that the universe is conscious, and it runs on some fundamental rules. In other words, every being and everything in the world is driven by those same fundamental rules, binding us in unity

This notion of collective consciousness also implies that the soul in you or anyone else is not exclusive. Each soul in a body is the phasing of the supreme consciousness that drives the universe. Therefore, we must be respectful and abide by those rules to maintain balance, love, and peace within and around.

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Scientific Explanation Behind 117’s Repeated Appearance 

The repeated occurrence of the 117 angel number or any number pattern may seem a little unusual for you. As human beings, we either ignore such encounters or be anxious thinking about the implications. Here, we will try to explain why these types of not-so-regular incidents are very much possible to occur in a person’s life. We can call these miracles, as Littlewood has termed unusual or one-in-a-million events. 

Littlewood says that a human mind, on average, is aware for eight hours a day. During this span, he experiences one event per second. So, it will take around one month, or 35 days, to be exact, for a person to witness a one-in-a-million incident or miracle. In other words, it will not be right to call the appearance of the 117 angel number frequently as assumptions. It is a possible experience of an aware mind

Even if you perceive these occurrences as coincidences, these can be explained in line with the concept of synchronicity, introduced by Carl Jung. As alert and aware human beings, we can encounter similar experiences simultaneously. They may not be related apparently, but they can have interlinks and bear some meanings.

Many modern scientists feel comfortable explaining these experiences as confirmation bias where we try to find information that agrees with our beliefs and ideas. In whichever way you approach, two things are clear. The incidents are meaningful and an outcome of your cognitive process

We can present another possible scientific explanation behind seeing a number pattern repeatedly. The human brain is prone to identifying patterns in terms of numbers and others for making important decisions in their day-to-day life. At the same time, when someone recognizes a pattern visually or logically, it can be a sign of his greater cognitive ability or intellect

117 Angel Number Twin Flame

The 117 angel number indicates a twin flame bond ideal for your materialistic and spiritual elevation. Your twin flame will make you realize the truest purpose of your life and keep you motivated toward accomplishing that. 

The number 117 has the number 11, which again bears the twinning presence of the number 1. The number 11 suggests that your twin flame and you enjoy the deepest spiritual energy, creating a pioneering force for advancement in life. Your cumulative optimism and enthusiasm may make new beginnings possible toward glory and attainment. 

The presence of the number 7 in 117 indicates that your twin flame bond will enhance your wisdom and give you more persistence of purpose. It can also bring out the hidden qualities in you. Most importantly, the number 7 says that your mirror soul will restore peace and tranquility in your life. 

Number 9 implies that your twin flame journey will prepare you to take charge of your own life. You can attain heightened wisdom, brilliance, or spirituality that will help you do so. We can also see the number 9 as 333 because 3+3+3 = 9. Thus, the 117 angel number also resonates with the number 333. 

The number 333 brings a positive message in terms of a twin flame bond. It means that the twin flame association will provide you with abundant positive energy. You will always feel optimistic and enthusiastic about achieving your ideals in the physical and spiritual realms. 

117 angel number love twin flame

117 Angel Number in Love and Relationship

The number 117 indicates that you and your partner share an intense bond. There is sincerity, truthfulness, and understanding in the relationship. This number also has an association with humanitarian love, where you give and receive adoration not only from your romantic partner but also from everyone around. 

117 resonates with the number 9, which has the attribute of universal love. This love takes birth from awakening self-love and the understanding that the life-giving essence in you and everyone else is the same. You may feel an urge to help or heal others propelled by kindness or benevolence thriving in you. 

The number 1 in the 117 angel number means individuality and love at the same time. It may mean that you will find a perfect partner in someone who appreciates your free will, and ambitious nature and enhances your self-confidence. The number 1 also means eternal unity, making a possible hint at a deep spiritual connection between you and your beloved

The number 7 adds the elements of patience and ability to overcome hardships to 117. You can see these qualities as beneficial for your relationship. Patience and the power to win over difficult situations will make the relationship sustainable. In other words, the number indicates a peaceful and long-lasting relationship between two loving souls.

117 Angel Number in the Bible

We will start finding the Biblical significance of the 117 angel number by referring to Psalm 117 chapter, the shortest one in the Bible. We will then divide the number as 11:7 to look for more meanings. 

Psalm 117 verse is an urge to praise the Lord because his love for the believers is great. The faithfulness of the Lord will last forever. The 117 angel number asks us to kindle the love, knowledge and power within us. This inner light is our Lord that will always guide us and help us sail through life. 

Job 11:7 says that the mysteries and limits of the almighty are beyond measures. Similarly, as the 117 angel number says, your soul is the essence of infinite consciousness and power. It has the ability to bring evolutions in your life. At the same time, you have great love within you, and you can share it with others to bring individual and collective good. 

Psalm 11:7 says that the Lord is just, and only righteous people get to see his face. The 117 angel number also exudes the vibes of justice, self-discipline, and integrity.

117 spiritual meaning

117: Fun Facts and Other Meanings

The atomic number of a synthetical chemical element called Tennessine is 117. The number is also special for people who love science fiction series. There is a popular science fiction series called Halo, and one of the protagonists there is known by the name of John-117. 

Another science fiction show has an association with the number 117. The protagonist Cade Foster in the Canadian Show First Wave was picked out as subject 117 by an alien race called Gua. 

Now, let’s find out the significance of this number in telecommunications. In Portugal, 117 is the fire emergency telephone number. Prior to 1st August, 2016, 1-1-7 used to be the national emergency telephone number in the Philipines. It is also the police emergency number for Swiss people. 

What To Do Next After Seeing the 117 Angel Number? 

The 117 angel number preaches the importance of self-confidence or assertiveness. It also asks you to remain affirmative in your thoughts as thoughts have the power to steer your life toward a particular direction. If your thoughts are positive and you are willing to see opportunities in challenges, you may get showered with endless possibilities. 

In your day-to-day life, you can perceive this as a pronouncement of your abilities. You may spend some time meditating or contemplating how you want to use your abilities to place your life better. Keep an optimistic mind that your endeavors will bring favorable results individually or collectively, and see how things start transforming in and around you.

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